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City car "Skoda Citigo" (Skoda Citigo): description, technical characteristics, reviews

In large cities, problems withparking. The smaller the car, the easier it is to find a place. Skoda Citigo is one of such specimens. The car is presented in autumn 2011 and belongs to the class of subcompact hatchbacks. Skoda Citigo is available with a three- or five-door body. The main competitors are Citroen C1, Fiat 500 and Peugeot 107. What is "Skoda Citigo"? Description, photos and technical specifications - later in this article.


The exterior of this car is devoid of anyexpressive forms and lines that would catch the eye. The front of the car has a simple bumper, almond-shaped optics and a compact hood, smoothly turning into the windshield.

sitigo shoda
Nevertheless, the machine looks nice, andugly to call it difficult. Wheel arches in Skoda Citigo can accommodate 15-inch wheels. They look pretty impressive. Also note that in 2016, the model was restyled. Now "Skoda City" looks like the photo below.
skoda citigo
The design was slightly refined, but the general linesremained the same. So, changes have touched a lattice of a radiator which remotely reminds "Rapidovskuju", and a cowl. He became more embossed. In the bumper there was a wide cavity of the air intake. The fog lamps became rectangular and located slightly lower than on the pre-styling version.

In general, motorists positively speak about appearance. The machine does not stand out from the flow, but does not cause disgust. "Skoda Citigo" - the ideal car for the female half of humanity.


"Skoda Citigo" refers to the A-class, whichis the most compact. The length of the car is 3.56 meters, width - 1.65, height - 1.48 meters. As noted by the reviews, "Skoda Citigo" is great for large cities. With it you will not encounter the problem of finding a parking space. After all, the car occupies less than half of the space that a classic four-door sedan needs. The ground clearance of the "Shkoda Sitigo" is 14 centimeters. Due to the short wheelbase the machine seems quite high. With this layout, the hatchback can easily move through large, recumbent policemen.


If outwardly "Skoda" seems to be some kind of toy,interior design - almost like a full-size sedan. Remotely, the interior design reminds us of "Octavia" or "Rapid". The front panel has a combined finish. On the central console is a large unit with a radio and climate control. Instrument panel - as on the "Mini Cooper" - a huge scale of the speedometer and a pair of arrows on the sides. The steering wheel resembles the rest of the line "Skoda" - the same was used on "Octavia", "Fabia" and other models.

shoda character specifications
The seats in the Citigo are close to each other. But sitting inside is quite convenient - ergonomics at a high level. The salon is collected qualitatively, although the materials of the finishes are sometimes frankly budgetary. The rear row can accommodate two adult passengers. And they will not be constrained in free space. And all thanks to the almost square roof, the angle of the bevel which begins already in the trunk area.


The luggage compartment is designed for 250 liters. But "Skoda Citygo" is equipped with a transformable backrest. This allows to expand the useful volume if necessary to 959 liters. Under the floor is a "dock" and a minimal set of tools. The luggage compartment is narrow, but very deep.

What are the technical characteristics of the Skoda Citigo?

Further. The company "Skoda" has always provided a choice of power plants for buyers. And even such a car did not become that exception. So, the range of power units consists of two petrol engines. The first with a volume of 998 cubic centimeters develops a capacity of 60 horsepower. The torque of this "baby" is 95 Nm at three thousand revolutions.

In more expensive trim levels, an engine is availablefor 75 horsepower. What is most interesting, the working volume of it remained the same - 998 cubic centimeters. The torque of this unit is 95 Nm in the range of three to four thousand revolutions.

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Both power units are equipped with phase shifters at the inlet, individual ignition coils, and also have multi-point injection. "Skoda Citygo" meets the ecological standard "Euro-5".

Transmission, dynamics, consumption

Depending on the configuration, the Skoda Citigo is equipped with a five-speed manual gearbox. Or "robot" (not DSG) with the same number of steps and single-disk clutch.

Acceleration to the hundred with the weakest motor takes15.3 seconds. On the "robot" and with a 75-horsepower motor this parameter is reduced to 13.2 seconds. The maximum speed is limited to 170 kilometers per hour. But to go to the "Skoda Citigo" over 80 is scary. The car does not keep the road and is poorly controlled at high speeds - note the reviews. What really pleases is fuel consumption. It does not exceed 4.7 liters in the city cycle. And it's on a gasoline engine.


The car has a simple suspension design. An independent system with telescopic racks and coil springs is used from the front, a semi-independent "beam" at the rear. Steering - rake, supplemented with an electromechanical amplifier. Front are disc brake mechanisms, rear - the drums. Suspension on the "Skoda Citigo" is very harsh. The reason for this is not only its simplified scheme, but also a short base. Due to this, the machine literally jumps on bumps. Riding on it outside the city is simply uncomfortable.

Packages and prices

Unfortunately, the city car "Skoda Citigo"not officially delivered to Russia. At home (in the Czech Republic), this hatchback is available at a price of 200 thousand kroons. In translation into rubles is 530 thousand. The basic equipment of the car includes:

shoedo sitigo description

  • Four airbags.
  • Electric windows.
  • Power steering.
  • 14-inch stamped wheels.
  • ABS system.
  • On-board computer and multimedia.


So, we found out what "Škoda Citigo" hastechnical characteristics, design and price. As the manufacturer himself notes, the car does not enjoy high popularity even in Europe. And from 2018 the company plans to complete the serial production of the model. The car is of high cost - at a similar price (about 600 thousand), you can buy a four-door sedan B-class with an equally good level of equipment.