/ / "Kia Rio" or "Skoda Rapid": what is better and what to choose?

"Kia Rio" or "Skoda Rapid": what is better and what to choose?

In the local market, class B sedans arethe most popular models. In connection with the crisis of 2014 there was a sharp rise in price of cars. Therefore, the previous leaders of class C, such as the Ford Focus, costing an average of 500 thousand rubles earlier, have so far risen to at least 800 thousand. In these conditions, the popularity of more compact sedans has increased, although their cost has increased, reaching the previous level of prices for models of class C And yet now such machines are sold in the greatest quantities. One of the leaders of the local market is Kia Rio. Many other models are also very popular. Among them, Skoda Rapid. Further, "Kia Rio" or "Skoda Rapid" is considered: what is better and how to choose correctly.


Kia Rio is a Korean modelsmall class, produced since 2000. The first two generations of the car were identical for different markets, but the third, which appeared in 2011, decided to divide. Therefore, the model sold in the local market differs significantly from the machines presented in Europe and North America. This is explained by the fact that as a basis for the Russian Rio was adopted a modification for the Chinese market, called K2. In fact, this is the same machine with small changes for local conditions. The model is based on the updated platform Hyundai Accent. In 2015, she underwent restyling.

"Skoda Rapid" or "Kia Rio": what is better

Skoda Rapid is a relatively new CzechThe model, which appeared in 2012. Since Skoda is a division of Volkswagen Audi Group, Rapid is created on the basis of one of the variants of the general platform of A0 - PQ25. Therefore, many units and assemblies are borrowed from other models.

"Kia Rio" or "Skoda Rapid": what is better

If one chooses from this point of view "Kia Rio" or"Skoda Rapid" (which is better), the Czech car is more preferable, as it is not a simplified version for developing countries, but a single model for all markets, albeit budgetary.


Kia Rio is presented in two bodies: 5-door hatchback (c 2012) and a 4-door sedan (from 2011). Traditionally in the local market the sedan is much more popular. Its length is 4.38, the wheelbase is 2.57 m, the width is 1.7, the height is 1.47. The hatchback is 0.25 m shorter, the remaining dimensions are identical. The sedan has a luggage capacity of 500 liters, a hatchback has 389 liters.

"Kia Rio" or "Skoda Rapid": what is better, a review

Skoda Rapid has a body elevatorback. In form, it resembles a sedan, but the trunk lid is integrated with the rear window. The length of the car is 4.48, the wheelbase is 2.6 m, the width is 1.7, the height is 1.47. The volume of the trunk is 550 liters.

"Kia Rio" or "Skoda Rapid": what is better to choose

Determine on the basis of this, "Kia Rio" or "SkodaRapid ": the best is difficult, as you can see, the sizes of these models are very close, especially if we consider the Rio sedan, although the Rapid body is more practical, since it combines the qualities of a sedan and a hatchback.

According to the design of "Kia Rio" or "Skoda Rapid": what is better, the photo will help determine. In general, Kia has a more youth style, and Skoda is traditionally designed for the manufacturer's models.


Since Rio is based on the Accent platform, the suspensionthe same as for this model. That is, the front is represented by McPherson struts, the rear one is semi-independent design. The car is set for good behavior on asphalt roads. The ground clearance is 16 cm, which is provided by modification for local conditions. Rio is equipped with 15-inch wheels. Brakes on the front wheels are ventilated discs, the rear wheels are for modification 1.4 l drum, for 1.6 l - disc.

The elements of the Rapid undercarriage are borrowed fromother models of the manufacturer. So, Fabia takes the front suspension McPherson, and the rear semi-independent beam is borrowed from the Octavia first generation. The ground clearance is 17 cm. Wheels are available in diameters from 14 to 16 inches. The rear brakes of the simplest version are also drum. For other options, all disk.

On the chassis determine whether "Kia Rio" or "Skoda Rapid": which is better, is also difficult. As you can see, the design of the suspension is identical. The differences are in the settings.


Rio for the local market is equipped with two power units.

The G4FA is the initial four-cylinder 1.4 liter engine. Its power is 107 liters. with., the twisting moment - 135 Nanometers.

G4FD has the same design, but larger by 0.2 liters volume. Due to this power is higher by 16 liters. with., the twisting moment - on 20 Nanometers.

Both engines are designed for gasoline AI-92.

For the local version of Rapid three power units are available.

CJZC - four-cylinder engine with distributed injection has a volume of 1.6 liters. Its capacity is 90 liters. with., the twisting moment - 155 Nanometers.

CJZD - engine of the same design and volume, but more powerful by 20 liters. from. The torque is the same.

CZEA is a four-cylinder engine with a smaller volume (1.4 liters), but equipped with a turbocharger and a direct injection system. This allows him to develop 125 liters. from. and 200 Nm.

Power units Rapid are designed for a minimum of 95 gasoline.

"Kia Rio" or "Skoda Rapid": that it is better on a gamma of motors - it is difficult to say unequivocally. The power units of the Korean model are simpler in design, so they are less demanding on the quality of the fuel, which provides lower costs. The range of Rapid engines is slightly wider, which allows customers to more accurately choose a car based on the needs. In addition, this contributes to the expansion of their audience, since the engines cover a wider range of characteristics.

So, CJZC is the most economical andapproximately corresponds to a 1.4 liter Rio engine. CJZD for performance is located between the Kia engines, but closer to the 1.6L version. The most powerful motor Rapid, CZEA, exceeds the 1.6 liter Korean power unit.


For the initial Rio engine, a 4- and 5-speed automatic and manual gearbox are offered, respectively.

Variants with a 1.6-liter engine are equipped with more modern 6-speed automatic and manual gearbox.

The simplest version of the Rapid is equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

For a more powerful 1.6 liter engine offer the same mechanical transmission, as well as a 6-speed automatic.

The most powerful engine is equipped exclusively with a 7-speed robotic gearbox DSG.

"Skoda Rapid" or "Kia Rio": that it is better on a scale of transmissions - also ambiguously. In general, the range of variants of gearboxes is more extensive at Rio. It is represented by four gearboxes: 5- and 6-speed automatic and mechanical. For Rapid, three gearboxes are available: a 6-speed automatic, a 5-speed manual and a 7-speed robotic. At the same time for two engines (the simplest and most powerful) there is no choice of gearbox.

At Rio each engine is equipped with two boxestransmissions, although they are still fixed for different bundles. The main advantage of Rapid is the availability of complex robotic DSG, but for Rio there is a more advanced 6-speed mechanics than Skoda.


If we consider the interiors of such machines as "Kia Rio" or "Skoda Rapid", which is better? The survey of cars by journalists gives the most information.

In their opinion, according to ergonomics Skoda outperformsKia, as, unlike him, has adjusting the seat height and the rudder on the fly. In addition, Rapid has niches in the back of the cabin for various items.

"Kia Rio" or "Skoda Rapid": what is better, a review of cars

By the comfort of "Kia Rio" or "Skoda Rapid": what's better? The survey also shows in favor of Skoda. More adjustments Rapid provides convenience in the front seat. In the back row, with similar dimensions, there is more room for height and width. The rear seat backrest of Skoda also has a greater slope, which increases convenience.

For the quality of the salons "Kia Rio" or "Skoda Rapid": what's better? Reviews of owners and the opinion of journalists indicate that the salon of a Korean car is more qualitative. They mark the best plastics and self-cleaning seat fabric.

"Kia Rio" or "Skoda Rapid": what is better, photo


The simplest modifications of both carsalmost identical in dynamics. Rio with a manual gearbox accelerates to 100 km / h in 11.6 seconds and can accelerate to 185 km / h. Skoda achieves the same maximum speed, but accelerates by 0.2 s faster. The second modification of the Skoda with a 1.6 liter engine accelerates to 100 km / h in 10.3 seconds and reaches 195 km / h. On overclocking it is equal to the most powerful Rio, and even 5 km / h faster than it.

To accelerate the fastest turbocharged Skoda to 100 km / h takes 9 seconds, the maximum speed is 208 km / h.

"Kia Rio" or "Skoda Rapid": what is better, reviews

The Rio's 4-speed transmission is soft and slow, andThe Skoda machine is slower than the 6-speed Korean gearbox. The DSG is mostly negative feedback, both in terms of smooth operation and reliability. The manual gearbox Rapid does not have 6 gears, which affects the economy.

To the question: "Kia Rio" or "Skoda Rapid": which is better to choose by the dynamics? "- You can answer: Skoda with a 1.4 liter engine. The simplest versions are approximately equal, and the Rapid with an average motor actually lags behind 1.6 liters of Rio, although a bit faster according to the data.

Manageability of "Kia Rio" or "Skoda Rapid": what's better? The reviews are evidence in favor of Skoda. It has more informative controls, accuracy of responses and stability. Rio is less accurate and more heeling.


Good controllability Rapid achieved due toincreased rigidity of the suspension. Rio's settings are softer, so it more smoothly passes unevenness. However, under certain conditions, there is a buildup. Also, due to a lack of energy capacity on large irregularities, breakdowns are possible.

"Kia Rio" or "Skoda Rapid": what is better, owner feedback

According to the acoustic comfort, the cars are approximately equal.


On fuel consumption, cars are very close. A 1.4 liter Skoda engine is allocated, which, according to the data, is slightly more economical. However, Rapid can only be filled with 95 gasoline, while Rio has enough AI-92.


For the price of cars are also close. Rapid in the initial version is cheaper (574 thousand rubles, while Rio costs 611.9 thousand). The base cost of more powerful versions differs significantly less (only about 2000). Turbine Skoda can be bought at a price of 886 thousand. At the same time, the Rio configuration is richer, and on Rapid you have to buy a lot of equipment.


Rapid outperforms Rio on handling,ergonomics, practicality, space in the back row and dynamics due to the presence of 1.4 liters of motor. Rio is more comfortable, has better quality and economy, thanks to the possibility of using 92 gasoline.

In this case, by the number of machines sold Rapidlags behind Rio about 3 times. Over 9 months of this year, more than 62 thousand Rio and more than 19 thousand of Rapid were sold. Thus, Rio occupies the third place in the market, and Skoda - the fourteenth.