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Design and specifications of the Toyota Venza

A few months ago, Russian dealers beganofficially accept applications for the purchase of a new premium crossover called "Toyota-Venza-2013". The technical characteristics of this car are known to many drivers in America and Europe. As for the official show, it took place in the framework of the last New York motorcycle show, where the novelty successfully debuted. Also it is necessary to say that the assembly of Russian series of crossovers will be dealt with by Americans at one of the factories in Kentucky, and already at the moment a new car can be purchased by all wishing motorists. In this article we will talk about the new design of the SUV, interior, and also consider its technical characteristics.

technical characteristics of a Toyota Viose

"Toyota-Venza". Appearance

If you look more closely to the bodynovelties, you can see the inconsistency of the classification to which it belongs. In appearance, it is, rather, a passenger wagon of cross-country capability, however, according to the developers themselves, the Toyota-Venza is positioned as a full-fledged crossover. We will not delve into these disputes, but better consider in more detail the design of the restyled SUV. New compared to its predecessors found new headlights, the grille, and a modified power bumper. Added more repeaters of turns in the mirror. In general, it can be said that these are the usual changes for all Japanese restyled cars.


The interior of the car is literally riddled with elegance.And it's not strange, because the novelty does not belong to the budget, but to a serious premium class. As a decoration, the Japanese use inserts for carbon and wood, the steering wheel and seats are lined with leather, and the dashboard now has a more pleasant backlight. Space in the cabin is quite enough, and thanks to the ability of the rear row of seats to fold the SUV turns into a full-fledged station wagon. For the comfort of the rear passengers, there is an installation of armrests, coasters, various boxes and glove boxes for storing small parts, as well as the installation of anatomical seats with heating and adjustment of the backrest.

characteristics of a Toyota Virosa


"Toyota-VENZA" for American buyers will beto be supplied with two motors to choose from, while the domestic consumer can enjoy only one gasoline unit. This unit is a four-cylinder engine with a working volume of 2699 cubic centimeters and a maximum capacity of 185 horsepower. By the way, the developers specially modified the motor for Russian operating conditions, adding to it an additional 3 horsepower. Looking at such design and technical characteristics, Toyota-Venza-2013 will definitely be the conqueror of Russian off-road (although its clearance is a little too small).

Toyota technical specifications 2013
Packages and prices

The new SUV will have three complete sets("Elegance", "Elegance-Plus" and "Prestige"), the cost of which varies from a half million to 1 million 180 thousand rubles. At the same time, the technical characteristics of the Toyota Venza in terms of gearbox and engines can vary depending on the customer's wishes.