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Design and technical specifications of the second generation Renault Simball

At the end of 2012 the French concern RenaultHe introduced his new - the second generation of the legendary sedan "Simbol", and this premiere took place within the framework of the Istanbul auto show. And finally the car has changed for the better: now it no longer looks like an absurd hatchback with a converted luggage compartment. The technical characteristics of the Renault Symbol, especially the running characteristics, amazed many car enthusiasts, moreover, the novelty acquired a very attractive appearance. In this article we will consider all the features of the second generation of French sedans.

technical characteristics of reno symball


The design of the new sedan, despite the multiplerefinement, still looks like the appearance of "Logan". And all because the original "Frenchman" was designed on the basis of this particular car. The technical characteristics of Renault Simbol had a lot of similar to this car, but in the second generation we'll figure it out a bit later. In the meantime, let's return to the design. The new generation of "Renault Simbol" (in comparison with its predecessors) has found a more attractive grille, as well as beautiful brake lights from the rear. The front lighting equipment was also slightly redesigned. Also, changes were made to the shock bumper and hood stamping. As for the dimensions, the manufacturer does not inform about the adjustment of the dimensions, so the body remains the same in its length.


The interior of the novelty is practicallya copy of the "donor". There is absolutely nothing to add here, but it is worth noting the high level of equipment in the basic complete sets. The manufacturer reports that in a new generation of sedans (or rather, in the cabin) there will be a multifunction steering wheel, a cruise control system, a multimedia system with a large seven-inch touch screen. As for navigation, it will be available only in more expensive trim levels or optionally (at the request of the customer for an additional fee).

reno simbol technical characteristics

Renault Symball-14: specifications

As it turned out, the novelty has less extensiveline of engines, rather than the last updated Logan. The buyer has to make a choice between three engines: two diesel and one petrol. Among the engines of the latter type, it is worth noting a small-displacement volume of only 900 "cubes" and three cylinders (not enough for the "Renault Simbol" sedan). The technical characteristics of this engine assume that it is capable of developing power in 90 "horses". Its 1.4-liter diesel "brothers" develop a capacity of 75 or 90 "horses". As you can see, the novelty has very modest technical characteristics.

reno symbol 14 specifications

"Renault Simbol", despite the low-powered engines,has a very economical fuel consumption: in urban mode, the machine spends no more than five liters per 100 km. All 3 power units can be equipped with a single mechanical gearbox in five steps. With the development of automatic transmission, the manufacturer is not in a hurry, and, probably, it will not appear even in the third generation of the sedan. But all the same technical characteristics of the Renault Simbol are simply ideal for urban conditions, because not every budget sedan can boast such an acceptable expense. And there is a sedan of the order of 16 thousand US dollars.