/ / Specifications "Suzuki Jimni" - size is not an obstacle, and dignity

Technical characteristics of "Suzuki Jimni" - the size is not a hindrance, but the dignity

Specifications of Suzuki Jimni
The appearance of this car immediatelycauses a feeling of sympathy. A small, compact machine gives the impression of almost a toy, which is far from true. Despite its small size, there are few more famous rivals able to compete with it on a broken or watered road. If you look at the technical specifications, "Suzuki Jimni" will not give in to the larger cars, and its dimensions allow you to go where others do not need to dream about it.

Not touching the history of the appearance and development of the machine,which in itself is very curious and interesting, you can try to understand what its virtues are. It is positioned as an SUV, you just need to add that it is very compact, somewhat smaller than the domestic three-door "Niva". It was introduced to the general public in 1998, since then the jeep has been restyling several times and a small modernization. The technical characteristics of "Suzuki Jimni" remained practically unchanged.

Suzuki Jimni Technical Specifications
The basis of it is a classical frame, onlengthwise the engine and the spring dependent suspension are located. Such features of the design provide "Jimni" additional advantages when driving on a broken road, manifested in increased strength and resistance to all kinds of shocks, as well as increased grip on the ground. It is supplemented by a plug-in front-wheel drive and a demultiplier. Maneuverability inherent in the "Suzuki Jimni", technical characteristics, perfection and reliability of the construction peculiar to the Japanese car, make it desirable for fans of outdoor activities.

The dynamic characteristics of the car are far from beingoutstanding, which does not look strange. Speed ​​and freeway - not her element. Nevertheless, she feels confident in the city flow and can move along the highway at speeds up to one hundred and forty kilometers per hour. And when driving on lower gears in the dynamics of dispersal, the jeep will not yield to more powerful cars. So it's easy to get off the traffic light, although the gasoline engine "Suzuki Jimni" does not have a high power - eighty-six horsepower. at a volume of one and three tenths of a liter.

suzuki jimney engine
The engine can be completed with either mechanics,or automatic four-speed transmission. The car itself is light enough, its full weight does not exceed one and a half tons. However, because of the dimensions of the machine, it is inherent in certain inconveniences. Dimensions and technical characteristics of "Suzuki Jimni" provide for the possibility of accommodation in the cabin of four people. However, staying in the back seat is quite problematic, especially when traveling long distances. In fact, this car is designed for two in front, which, according to many, does not detract from its capabilities and merits.

Technical characteristics of "Suzuki Jimni", thoughallow enough free movement on bad roads, do not turn a jeep into a conqueror of impassability. Nevertheless, the car will perfectly serve lovers of outdoor activities and those who seek unity with nature. It is not designed for large companies, but is best suited for just a few people, allowing them to get to low-traffic places and visit secluded corners.