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"Gazelle business." Reviews of the happy owners of the car!

Every entrepreneur who opens his ownbusiness, needs a good transport, on which he will subsequently transport his goods. One of these fairly common modes of transport is the Gazelle.

gazelle business reviews
This car quickly acquiredpopularity both in Russia, and in the countries of near and far abroad. "Gazel business" is issued since 2010 and is an improved model for all the beloved brand "Gazelle". The characteristics of this car also underwent changes: the corrosion resistance increased, the pre-heater pre-heater, which is relevant for the winter period, which is intended for a diesel engine, the engine protection system against overheating. All accessories are purchased only from global brands (BOSCH, Sachs, Anvis). The improvement of these characteristics makes it possible to put Gazel-business on a new level of reliability and comfort. "Gazelle" has an improved dashboard, a larger bumper and a modified grille. And all this is "Gazelle business." The feedback from the owners once again underlines the level of comfort and safety of the car. Among the "Gazelle" business-class there are models from three-seater to seven-seater. Eight and twelve-seat models are classified as a minivan. In the onboard truck of the business class, the seats are installed in one or two rows. This variety is different "Gazelle business." The reviews of the lucky owners of these cars reflect not only the variety in the choice of seats, but also in the drive of the car. Everyone can choose for themselves a full- or rear-wheel drive model.

gazelle specifications

"Gazelle" is produced with two types of engines. Gasoline produced in Russia, and diesel - in America. The improved modification significantly improves the "Gazel-business" patency. The owners' feedback also confirmed this advantage. It became available due to the engine of high power and a large ride height. The total carrying capacity of the car is 1.5 tons. Almost all business-class models have large dimensions, but despite this, "Gazelle-business" is considered a small truck. Therefore, for driving enough driver's license category "B". The owners of Gazel Business noted this advantage. Because for many it is quite problematic to get a driver's license of another category.

Moreover, the car has quite affordablespare parts, which distinguishes it from foreign cars. This configuration makes the "Gazelle-business" itself more accessible. The owners' comments noted that the ease of replacing parts is the reason for such a spread of the car.

gazelle business specifications

"Gazel business" will cost you 550 000 rubles. In some regions, the cost increases to 700,000 rubles. And the cost of a car with a diesel engine is about 115 000 rubles. higher than a car with a petrol engine.

The improved form "Gazelle-business",technical characteristics and level of security, certainly, will not leave any businessman without transport and will relieve you of unpleasant situations connected with car breakage.