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Skoda-Octavia: specifications and reviews

The question of reliability always stood in the first placeamong automakers. But to improve this indicator you need to sacrifice something. This problem was perfectly handled by the Czech company Skoda, releasing its model Octavia in 1959. The car turned out to be reliable and safe, while not possessing any high-speed or dynamic features. Consider the technical characteristics of "Skoda-Octavia" more.


The Czech automaker began selling itsproduction since 1996. At the moment there are already three generations of Skoda Octavia. Models are produced with various types of bodies: hatchback, elevator, wagon. Also, cars are equipped with engines with different volumes.

shtoda octavia tour

The assembly of "Skoda Octavia" occurs in a variety ofcountries, including Russia, Ukraine, India, the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Slovakia. In 2012, the appearance of the model and the technical characteristics of Skoda Octavia changed significantly. Classic family cars have got comfortable salons and have become even more practical. Let's look at the most popular models in more detail.

The car with the engine of 1,4 liters

This model was produced before 2010inclusive. The classic elevator was installed engine capacity of 75 horsepower. Speed ​​indicators are not particularly impressive. Up to 100 km / h, this Czech was dispersed in 15 seconds, and the maximum speed indicator was a mark of 170 kilometers per hour. As a result, the technical characteristics of "Skoda Octavia" 1.4 did not differ much from its competitors. The average fuel consumption in the mixed cycle is 9 liters.

SKODA Octavia 1.4

"Skoda" has a good trunk size, which, according toreviews of owners is a significant advantage. The interior is not distinguished by its luxury and modernity. It is simple, practical and very convenient. Discomfort when landing the driver and passengers do not experience.

Reliable Octavia

Technical characteristics of "Skoda-Octavia" 1.6 is slightly better in comparison with the previous bundle. The power of the first generation is 102 horsepower with a torque of 148 Nm. The limiting speed is limited to 190 Km / h, and acceleration to 100 Km / h takes about 13 seconds. The gasoline consumption makes the car owner happy with the indicator of 8.5-9.0 liters.

SKODA Octavia 1.6

The body is liftback. Manufacturers use this layout, as it is most practical for a family car, which is "Octavia". Interior decoration is not much different from the version with the engine 1.4. Everything is still convenient and meets the requirements of the average motorist.

Excellent car with engine capacity of 1.8

Five-seater model with such a volume of the beginningissued in 2012. The proposed version of the body is a hatchback. The weight of the car is almost 1400 kg. The turbocharged engine accelerates to a maximum of 223 km / h. Some of the technical characteristics of the Skoda Octavia 1.8 are similar to the 1.6 liter model. The 16-valve engine with 160 horsepower accelerates to 100 km / h in 8 seconds. The car is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission. There is also a version with a 7-speed automatic transmission.

SKODA Octavia 1.8

The interior has become more modern and comfortable. Passengers during the trip feel comfortable. The trunk is still big and roomy. In general, the car was very worthy and proved to be its unpretentiousness. The Russian consumer is very satisfied with Skoda. According to car owners, the price of consumables for maintenance is not high.

Replacing the Russian car industry

"Skoda-Octavia Tour" - the most affordable and reliable model of Czechmanufacturers. It has gained great popularity in the CIS countries. The car is presented in two forms: a liftback and a station wagon. In Russia, the most popular is the first option. The body of this model is resistant to corrosion due to the use of zinc-plated metal by the developers.

"Skoda-Tour" - one of the safest modelsCzech production. Special amplifiers are mounted in the car door, which are fixed in the transverse direction. With this design, during the lateral impact, the deformation of the body becomes minimal. Additional elements of the carcass reinforcement are the tubes in the thresholds of the car. This model is the only in its segment, which received an excellent rating for the version of EuroNCAP, having one driver's airbag. When crash tests during a frontal collision, the forms of the front pillars of the body actually remain unchanged.

SkodaTour performance

As the car owners say, the trunk of the model hashuge capacity. Its volume in the body of liftback is 530 liters, and in the universal - 1330 liters. The manufacturer equipped this version of "Skoda" as a front drive, and complete - it all depended on the desire of buyers. The ground clearance of the "combi" is 177 mm. According to this indicator, the developers have brought the car closer to the class of parkets. Skoda has become an excellent means of transportation on the Russian roads due to the use of a strengthened suspension.

foot of octavia inside

Let's consider technical characteristics"Skoda-Octavia Tour" more. As a "workhorse" the manufacturer installed both gasoline and diesel engines. The transmission is presented in various designs. This is a mechanical 5 and 6-speed units, and automatic transmission with four gears.

Variants of gasoline engines

  • The volume of 1.4 liters with a motor power of 75 horsepower. This car is the most fuel-efficient. The average consumption of gasoline was about 7.5 liters in a mixed cycle.
  • Unit 1.6 has at its disposal 102 "horses" with acceleration to 100 km / h in 14 seconds. The average fuel consumption is 8.5 liters. Due to its technical characteristics, "Skoda-Octavia Tour" 1.6 became the most popular car in Russia.
  • The 1.8 engine is considered the golden mean of the presented versions. The power is 125 horsepower.
  • Turbocharged 1.8 T engine with acceleration up to 100 km / h in 9 seconds. In the bowels of its laid 150 "horses."

Consider also models with diesel units. They are presented in two forms:

  • The 1.9 TDI engine has a top speed of 178 km / h thanks to 90 "horses". The version is very unpretentious to the quality of fuel and is distinguished by the great long life of the turbocharger.
  • 1.9 TDI c with a capacity of 101 horsepower. The version of the car with this engine is very popular among the owners of dachas because of excellent traction indicators.

Technical characteristics of "Skoda-Octavia"station wagon and liftback are not very different from each other. These are practical, reliable and affordable cars. Machines with gasoline engines on the secondary market can be found at a price of up to 500,000 rubles, diesel engines up to 600,000 rubles. This cost is applicable to the 2007 model year.

Restrained and simple A5

In the list of reliable European cars Czechthe representative does not take the last place. Say in two words: reliable and unpretentious. Let's talk a little about the technical characteristics of "Skoda Octavia" A5. Skoda Octavia A5 installed both gasoline and diesel units. The most popular in Europe was cars with gasoline engines. But at the same time, diesel engines gained their fame due to their unpretentiousness to diesel fuel.

Petrol "Octavia" A5

  • Motor 1.4 TSI - the most economical among all the units "Skoda". Despite this, he is not the weakest. The turbine gives 122 horsepower with an average fuel consumption of 9 liters.
  • 1.6 TSI - the most affordable version of the model, has 102 horsepower. The engine is paired with an automatic six-speed transmission. In this case, the acceleration of the car leaves much to be desired.
  • The 1.8 TSI unit is the most balanced engine in terms of dynamics. The power is 160 "horses". The average fuel consumption in the city is 9.5 liters, which is a good indicator.
SKODA Octavia A5

Diesel engines:

  • 1.9 TDI-PD - the most economical among all installations from the manufacturer. Just imagine, the consumption of a car equipped with such an aggregate is only 6 liters, while the power is 105 horsepower.
  • Engine 2.0 TDI-CR. It is a powerful turbodiesel, installed on the Skoda Oktavia A5. The minimum fuel consumption is 6.5 liters in the urban cycle. A car with such an engine has good dynamics both on the highway and among the city streets.

As a brake system the manufacturer did notinvent something new, and applied the classical arrangement. Front and rear disc brakes are installed. Taking into account all the technical characteristics of the "Skoda-Octavia" A5 is an excellent offer on the market among European developers.

Exterior of the car

Restraint is a symbol of Czech automakers. Appearance of "Skoda Octavia" A5 is not very prominent. Like the rest of the Skoda brand, this model is made in the strict Czech style. Attention to yourself draws only the front bumper with installed fog lights. Lines of the body with smooth curves indicate the beauty of the car. Looking at the exterior, I want to look inside this modest man.

Interior Octavia A5

In many respects, the Skoda Oktavia A5cars of the German concern Volkswagen. Calmness and lightness - that's what every "visitor" of the cabin of this model feels. Finishing of all the details is carried out at a high level. All elements of ergonomics are located with maximum convenience. The driver of such a car is always at hand. It's a pleasure to drive a car. Landing - soft, review - excellent.

shtoda octaviya salon

Separately, we need to address the issue of capacity"Skoda." On this indicator, it has no equal among the cars thanks to the elevatorback body. With this arrangement, the trunk lid opens with the rear window, which allows you to place more bulky items.

Security "Skoda Octavia" A5

In the EuroNCAP tests, the model received the highestscores - 5 stars and 27 points for the protection of the driver and passengers. This is achieved through the use of electronic security systems and excellent rigidity of the body structure.

Consider the electronic security options:

  • anti-lock system (ABS - Antilock Brake System);
  • Brake force distribution system (EBD - Electronic Brake Force Distribution);
  • system of stability of movement (ESP - Electronic Stability Program);
  • Traction Control System (ASR - Automatic Slip Regulation);
  • control of engine braking (MSR - Motor Schleppmoment Regelung).

In their reviews, buyers say that,"Skoda Octavia" A5 - a great car. It is economical and reliable, and also easy to maintain. No wonder he is popular in Russia. The quality of the suspension is at a high level, and together with a high ground clearance it can be concluded that the model is really created for our roads.

Czech developers coped with the taskcreating a practical and safe car. The technical characteristics of "Skoda Octavia" are not distinguished from many machines of this class. But the main thing is that the model became very popular among the consumer due to its practicality and relatively low cost.