/ / General description and specifications of Nissan-Tiida

General description and specifications of Nissan-Tiida

In a few words about the latest modificationcar "Nissan-Tiida", the technical characteristics of which are discussed below, we can say that this is the case when economy is combined with power. In addition, the car provides a high level of comfort to the driver and passengers. In comparison with the previous version of the car, new comfortable seats appeared in the cabin. In addition, the convenience of traveling is also provided by other additional devices.

Characteristics of Nissan Tiida

Technical characteristics of Nissan-Tiida depend onfrom modification of the used engine. For the latest modification of cars are two of their varieties. The first of them is a gasoline engine, the volume of which is 1.8 liters, and the power - 126 horsepower. The unit operates in combination with a mechanical box in six stages and is able to reach speeds of up to 195 km / h. To disperse to "hundred" from the spot it takes ten seconds. The second option is a 110-strong unit with a volume of 1.6 liters. This Nissan-Tiida engine is equipped with an automatic transmission for four stages and develops 100 km / h in 13 seconds. As for the maximum speed, for this modification it is 170 km / h. It should be noted that both installations fully comply with modern requirements in terms of environmental safety.

Nissan Tida specifications

Separate words are not only technicalcharacteristics of Nissan-Tiida, but also the dynamics of the car. As shown by the numerous test drives, the car boasts a very rapid acceleration and rapid braking. In addition, both the rear and front suspension models very effectively smooth out all kinds of irregularities and potholes on the road surface. Thanks to the installation of an improved exhaust system, additional comfort is provided. At the same time, due to the double layer of insulation in the cabin, almost no extraneous noise can be heard. The confirmation of this is that the car in its class is recognized as one of the quietest.

It is necessary to note technical characteristics"Nissan-Tiida" in terms of handling. The car obediently and instantly responds to all commands of the driver and smoothly enters into sharp turns even at high speeds. This is achieved in many ways and due to the use of springs with increased diameter. As for the turning radius, for this model it is just over five meters.

nisan thiid engine

Of the additional options, we note the use ofchip key systems. It is a device that makes it possible to close and open the doors of the machine, as well as to start it without a key. This allows you to significantly save time, most importantly, that he was at a distance of not more than 0.8 meters from the car. In addition, the novelty is equipped with light and rain sensors, which automatically regulate the operation of light devices and wipers, respectively.

To summarize, it should be emphasized that, in the opinion ofJapanese designers, excellent technical characteristics of Nissan-Tiida - in combination with a high level of comfort and economy of the car - in the near future will allow it to gain a leading position in its segment of the market.