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European competitiveness and technical characteristics Skoda Octavia

The company "Skoda", as is known, since 1991.In fact, it is a division of the German concern Volkswagen. Skoda Automobilova is well known in the world. We must give credit, today it is the only automotive brand of the former country of the socialist camp, which continues to develop its own style of car design that is competitive in the world car market, using aggregation from the Volkswagen concern. The modular platform "Volkswagen-Golf", served as the basis for the production of liftback and combi Skoda Octavia 2013. The photo below shows this to some extent.

Skoda Octavia specifications

Somehow, in working order, without loud advertising,In the spring of 2013 a presentation of the renewed car was held in Geneva, and starting from June, serial production began in Nizhny Novgorod. It is noteworthy - an increase in overall dimensions, in comparison with the predecessor model. In length, width, height they are 465.9 cm (+99 mm); 181.4 cm (+45 mm); 146.1 cm (unchanged). The wheelbase has increased (268.6 cm), the ground clearance is 13.9 cm. Now the technical characteristics of Skoda Octavia come close to the "flagship" for the Czech company model Skoda Superb. The new elevator is presented as a premium class for small cities. The company plans to set up production of 400 thousand units. in year.

Skoda Octavia specifications
The domestic market comes complete withThis car with three types of turbocharged petrol engines with a displacement of 1.2 (105-hp, TSI), 1.4 (with 140 hp, TSI), and the most "charged" 1.8 (179 l) ., TSI, gasoline) and a turbocharged diesel engine with a displacement of 2.0 (150 hp). In addition to increasing the power and economy of Skoda Octavia engines, its technical characteristics are consistent with the recommended European community.

CO2 emissions per 100 km are 4.1 liters fora mechanical Volkswagen transmission and 4,5 l - for automatic. All motors by default work harmoniously and harmoniously with a five- and six-speed tested manual transmission. Also provided for gasoline engines is a complete set with an automatic variator DSG, which assumes a double clutch. In this case, with a certain loss of dynamic characteristics, a high maximum power of the car is achieved. Technical characteristics of "Skoda Octavia" have grown in comparison with the previous model.

Skoda Octavia 2013 photo
When equipped with a 1.2 engine(105 hp, TSI) the maximum speed of Octavia is 196 km / h, the "hundred" is done in 10.3 seconds. For the "iron heart" 1.8 TSI (179 hp) - the dynamic characteristics are increased: the maximum speed is 231 km / h, we get "hundred" - for 7.3 seconds.

In Russia, three car configurations are realized:Economy - Active (589.9 thousand rubles), classic - Ambition (689.9 thousand rubles) and VIP - Elegance (749.9 thousand rubles.) If the front suspension - the traditional McPherson, then the rear suspension with the most powerful engines 1 , 8 (179 hp, TSI) and 2.0 (150 hp, diesel) - multi-link, and the remaining equipment is equipped with a semi-independent beam.

Skoda Octavia specifications
Changing its specifications, SkodaOctavia has also changed the design. The harmonious combination of aerodynamically embossed bonnet, increased tilt of windshield racks, bumper, narrowed head LED block optics, strict on-board design creates the impression of a business class.

By the way, in Germany, "Octavia" is bought more often,than other imported cars. After all, with remarkable competitive qualities, its price, on average, is 15% lower than that of the analogues of well-known European brands.

Salon increased by 11 cm in length. The size of the trunk increased to 590 liters from the elevator and 610 liters in the combi. Skoda Octavia technical specifications and comfort provided by the brand have significantly improved thanks to cruise control, anti-lock system, parking assistant, multimedia complex, 10-speaker audio system Canton.