/ / "Skoda Fabia": ground clearance, specifications, test drive and photos

"Skoda Fabia": ground clearance, specifications, test drive and photos

Many people, even those who are notthe main car lovers, before buying a car are interested in absolutely everything, as to its technical characteristics, practicality and everything else that should be interesting to a potential buyer of a new iron horse. Of course, you can go to the nearest car dealership and find out everything there from the sales consultant, but where are the guarantees that this person will tell the purest truth? He gets a certain income, so he obviously can not say anything bad, and somewhere he even exaggerates or understates (in the case of fuel consumption). Proceeding from this case, of course, it is better to sit down at home and check once again the presence of certain defects of the car, which has sunk into the soul. This review will be based on a review of the Czech car Skoda Fabia, which is presented in three body styles: Skoda Fabia Combi (universal), Skoda Fabia Hatchback, Skoda Fabia Scout. The review will not be saturated with boring digital indicators, but will more describe the advantages and disadvantages of the machine. The article will describe the safety of the car, its interior, as well as the dimensions of "Skoda Fabia" are specified in a comparative description. From this moment, you need to fully immerse yourself in the article and try to understand everything described.

"Skoda Fabia", technical characteristics - ground clearance

It's worth starting with the fact that Skoda is Czechcar industry, which is very similar to German (parts for this car are often put from such cars as Volkswagen). The main advantage of "Skoda Fabia" is the ground clearance. 149 mm - this is pretty good for roads even in the CIS countries (but still do not feel all the holes on yourself). With this car, a lot of crash tests were made, although there was no special need for it, because the car itself is family-friendly and is not designed for any fast ride or transportation of something heavy. The most interesting thing is that when changing the body type, only its length changes, but the former remains the height, clearance. "Skoda Fabia" station wagon - the most common type of bodywork among all the others.

Skoda Fabia Clearance

"Skoda Fabia" Combi

Now we will talk about more detailed analysiscar with this type of body (station wagon). Its length is about 4250 mm, which is very compact, and the width is 1640 mm. As it was already written earlier, 149 mm is what the "Skoda Fabia" notes, the clearance, which is inherent in absolutely all models of cars. It is this version of the body model that will provide the most comfort, especially considering the fact of a large family or the regular need to do the transportation of something big. For example, to transport a large number of things to the same dacha (for its owners, the station wagon is the best option of all that you can think of). The comfort of the car, of course, leaves much to be desired, pulling the legs in the back seat certainly will not work. If you compare Skoda Fabia, for example, with Oktavia or Superb, then it's just the most uncomfortable car in the space of the rear seat, which can only be imagined. Although again, if the trips are mainly with children, then for them it will not be a colossal problem, and they will fit there without difficulty, having spent the entire trip in comfort. As for the advantages of the car, it is an unvarnished body kit "Skoda Fabia". Clearance is great, but there is no guarantee that there will not be any scratches at the bottom, and just on the unpainted rim these micro-memories and scratches will not be noticeable. If we sum up the results concerning the Skoda Fabia Combi, then it's just worth noting that the car is designed for regular family trips and a quick ride around the city.

Skoda Fabia Combi

Car Security

On the safety of the car just can not notto say, after all, as it is commonly believed, the automotive industry leader in this context is Germany's automotive concern, but the Skoda Auto plant in the Czech Republic has very much advanced in this aspect over the last few years of the productive work of the whole team of the industrial enterprise. In the new version of the car, many new options have been added, which clearly increase its safety. To begin with it is necessary to tell about the most banal - airbags for a back row of sitting have been added, therefore there to sit henceforth too it is quite safe. For children, a special seat was installed in the car, where it is possible to fasten a child seat, and according to statistics, mothers who are very concerned about the safety of their children, began to actively buy this model of Skoda.

Dimensions of Skoda Fabia

Fabia's Manageability

Of all the technical characteristics thatpresented in this machine, it is worth noting its manageability - one of the main, if not the main advantage. The car perfectly obeys the steering wheel and very simply fits into all corners. But in this "over-control" of the Czech there is also a huge minus, which very much hits the comfort of passengers. Driving through some unfavorable section of the road, the car completely transmits all the irregularities that fell under its wheels.

sobada fabia technical characteristics of clearance

Car Interior

Attention also deserves and the interior of SkodaFabia, which is available to the buyer in 3 basic trim levels - Elgance, Ambition, Active. Looking at the salon, everyone can choose what he likes, especially not bothering the head with global flaws of the species. Chrome-plated inserts fit harmoniously and give sophistication, and the lighting of the devices from the inherent green for Skoda became light blue, which added interesting notes to the design. In general, the interiors of Skoda Fabia are very elegant and beautiful, but at the same time quite simple. This combination allows you to drive in a chic environment for not very large fees.

Clearance Skoda Fabia wagon


Skoda is a Czech carmaker who lovesall update and is ready to develop at a very high pace. Skoda Fabia - a model of the car, which has repeatedly been subjected to various modifications and improvements, so it is pretty close to the ideal car of its class. The article described several advantages of "Skoda Fabia": clearance, dimensions, safety, interior other. This information can serve when choosing a car before buying a kind of guide to the world of the car market. In an extreme case, if the article did not provide enough information or was incomprehensible, you can refer to the help of video reviews, where the car has repeatedly passed the test drive, receiving very good marks. In general, it remains only to wish the readers of this article not to make a mistake in choosing and, of course, good luck on the roads, be careful! Have a good trip.