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Skoda Rapid Spaceback: technical specifications (photo)

Skoda Rapid Spaceback - a car subcompactclass - was first shown at the 2011 Motor Show in Frankfurt as a concept car called Mission L. In the spring of next year, the conceptual model became an exhibit of the automotive exhibition in Beijing. And fully ready for mass production Skoda Rapid Spaceback was presented at the motor show in Paris in September 2012.

skoda rapid spaceback

The emergence of a new model

Two months later the first shipment of Skoda RapidSpaceback came at the disposal of European dealers. And in early 2013, a new car was offered to buyers in China and Kazakhstan. Supplies to the Russian market will begin in 2014, when the car will be adapted in the light of Russian specifics. First of all, the ground clearance will be increased and the front suspension will be strengthened, long springs and more smooth shock absorbers will be delivered. The car's carrying capacity for the Russian buyer will be increased from 535 to 585 kg, which will also add stability to the car on bad roads. At present, Skoda Rapid for Russia is produced at the plant in Mlada Boleslavl, Czech Republic.In the future, the car will be produced in Nizhny Novgorod using the capacities of the former GAZ.

Design features

In the model line of Skoda cars SkodaRapid takes its place right after Skoda Fabia, taking into account the dimensions and general technical characteristics. In addition, some minor nodes and mechanisms from Fabia are used in the assembly of Skoda Rapid. According to certain parameters, "Rapid" is identical to the model Skoda Octavia of the first generation, although the new car wheelbase is more by 90 mm. These extra centimeters were used to increase the space between the front and rear seats. Insufficiency of the zone in which the legs of passengers sitting in the back seat are the weak point of all models of the Skoda family, so designers try to use every opportunity to solve this problem.

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Skoda Rapid Spaceback design, specifications It is possible to foresee the furtherdevelopment, has become more rigorous, it no longer has the frivolity inherent in the Fabia model, or the imposing nature of the latest Octavia modification. The Skoda Rapid exterior is an example of the collected and restrained elegance of the forms. On the example of the Rapid model, it is planned to apply the new logo of the company "Skoda", placing it on the wheel disks, bonnet and tailgate. Currently, the models of the brand "Skoda" carry only the name of the car and the emblem.

On the question of the ownership of Skoda Rapid Spaceback toa certain type of bodywork continues to be controversial. Strictly speaking, the model can be classified as hatchback or elevatorback in equal measure, because the slope of the tailgate is not expressed, the rear overhang is not extended, and these are the main signs of the elevator.

For the hatchback model Skoda Rapid Spaceback contoursThe classic hatchback is also indistinctly marked, as the angle of inclination of the rear part of the roof and the rear door of the car is excessive for the hatchback. It turns out that the profile of the body does not fully answer either the hatchback or the elevator, but is somewhere in the middle. The muddle is also brought by Rapid in the Indian version, which was created on the basis of the Indian Voltwagen Vento and the sedan with the front face of Fabia, and the Toledo sedan also claims its own exterior, which is produced side by side with Rapid The Czech factory Mlada Boleslav and in many respects repeats its outlines.

skoda rapid spaceback technical specifications

Security level

The safety of Skoda Rapid Spaceback is onproper level: the car is equipped with ABS, there is anti-lock brakes, ESP, driving stability, TRC (anti-slip system). Established airbags are located throughout the perimeter of the cabin in special niches. Some of the devices installed in the Skoda Rapid Spaceback are unique, they are not found in the safety kit of other cars. For example, the model is equipped with a scraper to remove ice from the panes, and at the other end it has a four-fold magnifier. Under the front seats are bags with vests, similar to the uniform of road workers, embroidered with retroreflective gimmicks. They can be worn in the event of a minor car repair in road conditions.


Skoda Rapid Spaceback, technical specifications whom constantly improving, equipped with fog lightsheadlights that are able to change their position and illuminate the abrupt turn in which the car should enter. A special system will help the driver when driving uphill, when the car should move from the spot after stopping on a steep slope. Many drivers remember how difficult it is to do this: you have to manipulate the manual brake and speed up the engine, and the engine stalls again and again.

A very useful option is constant monitoringpressure in the tires, and immediately in all the wheels, including the spare, because of the optimal uniform pressure in the tires depends on both economic movement and safety. Constant pressure monitoring allows you to take timely measures and pump the wheels.

skoda rapid spaceback characteristics

Power point

The Skoda Rapid Spaceback power plant is onchoice of 6 engine options: gasoline atmospheric volume of 1.2 liters capacity of 75 liters. from. There are three more gasoline turbines with a capacity of 86, 105, 122 liters. from. and two turbodiesel 1.6 TDI capacity of 90 and 105 liters. from. In all versions, a five- and six-speed manual gearbox is available. In the future it is possible to install DSG. All engines are environmentally friendly and standardized for Euro-5. Skoda Rapid cars, which are expected to operate in urban conditions, can be equipped with the "Stop & Start" system.

Chassis and wheels

Wheels are also offered in several versions: disks 17, 15 and 14 inches. Rubber - 215/40, 195/55, 185/60, 175/70. The buyer can choose one set of wheels or purchase several if necessary. The Skoda Rapid Spaceback braking system is quite effective, rear drum brakes, self-adjusting, front disc brakes, also with automatic clearance adjustment. Suspension front independent, lever, type Pherson, on springs with hydraulic shock absorbers. The rear suspension is semi-independent, spring-loaded, with shock absorbers. The steering mechanism is a rack-and-pinion gear equipped with an electric booster. The radius of the full turn of the car is 10.2 meters.

skoda rapid spaceback style plus

The most advanced modification of the entire line"Skoda" is Skoda Rapid Spaceback Style Plus. The car represents the top of elegance, the interior is flooded with light thanks to a panoramic transparent roof, and the dark tinted glass, including the rear, creates an atmosphere of mystery. The interior is decorated according to the latest design art. The steering wheel is made in the style of racing traditions and is covered with leather.