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Skoda Octavia 2013: specifications, reviews

"Skoda" - a very well-known brand of cars inRussia. One of the most popular models in the lineup is Octavia. It occupies a niche of a small family car, which belongs to the C-class. The target audience is not limited by any framework. This car is universal and can be used for any purpose. What is Skoda Octavia 2013? Reviews, features and technical specifications - later in this article.


Cars that were produced this year,belong to the third generation and have the A7 body marking. In comparison with the previous A5, Octavia received a more solid and presentable appearance. And if earlier the car looked like a modest family car, now "Skoda" looks no worse than D-class sedans.

skoda 2013 specifications

Czechs have significantly revised the front end. So, the machine got a new lensed optics. The radiator grille is black, with a chrome edging hood - flat and long, with a proprietary "beak" in the middle. At the bottom of the bumper are parktronics, headlight washers and halogen fog lights. True, such a set can only be found on luxury versions of Skoda. In the "base" there are only fog lights.

skoda octavia 2013 specifications

Also note that A7 a couple of years ago was exposedrestyling. Czechs again changed the configuration of optics. Now it has become a four-part, as on the "Mercedes" in the body of 212. This decision has given the car a solidity, but many owners scold developers for plagiarism. All the same it's a German "chip". Also after restyling the car began to go with a slightly different bumper. The lower air intake received large honeycombs, fog-sides on the sides and a wide chrome strip. In the rest, the appearance of the car remained the same.


The manufacturer gives a 10-year warranty on theprotection against through corrosion. The metal itself is processed by double-sided galvanizing, by immersing the body in a zinc electrolyte. It is also worth noting that some parts are made of aluminum. What do they say about the quality of anti-corrosion protection on Skoda Octavia 2013 reviews? Owners, it is worth noting, are satisfied with the quality of the metal. The body does not rot. However, this is possible while maintaining its integrity. If the car was in an accident and badly painted, you should expect rusty tracks and swelling of enamel.

Dimensions, clearance

Judging by the size, this car bordersbetween the C- and the D-class. So, the length of the car is 4.66 meters, width - 1.82, height - 1.46 meters. But the clearance is too small for our roads. Its value is only 15 centimeters. Along with a long base and low overhangs, it is difficult to overcome deep pits and make their way through the "broken" yards. However, this machine is not created for such conditions. And on the road the car keeps the course perfectly - they say feedback.


Inside the car is decorated beautifully, but without specialfrills. The owners are satisfied with ergonomics in the first place. The seats in the car are comfortable, with good lumbar support. All controls are at a convenient distance. The handlebars are three-spoke, with small notches for gripping. There is also a basic set of buttons. The instrument panel is simple and informative at the same time. On the central console there is a huge multimedia complex of 9.2 inches with navigation. True, as the reviews say, it does not work well in our region. Below there are convenient "twists" of the climate system. The handbrake is located next to the driver. Conveniently located and armrest.

skoda octavia 2013 specifications

But such equipment is not in every SkodaOctavia III 2013. Reviews say that for each option you have to pay extra. Therefore, in the secondary market, only minimal equipment is often found, with a simple radio tape recorder, black cloth upholstery and without multimedia (and some even without an air conditioner).

skoda octavia 2013 technical

Rear sofa can accommodate up to three peoplemiddle-height. However, they will not feel a lack of space in the area of ​​the knees. The back of the sofa is flat, but there is a folding armrest. Underneath it is a hatch for skis. The only complaint concerns a relatively high floor tunnel. He essentially sneaks out the place and when moving from one part of the passenger compartment to another, passengers will be dirtying the carpet.


This car has a backlash body. And this means that the trunk lid opens fully, together with the rear window. This allows unimpeded placement of non-standard and large-sized cargo. In the five-seater version, the volume of the luggage compartment in Skoda Octavia 2013 is 568 liters. If you fold the back of the back sofa, a flat floor is formed. And the volume itself will increase to 1559 liters.

octavia specifications

For those who do not have enough of this volume, it is worth consideringversion of the Skoda Octavia 2013 wagon. Here, in a five-seater version, the luggage compartment volume is 580 liters. And with the folded back of the sofa - 1620. Under the floor is a full-size spare wheel and a full set of tools.


Skoda Octavia 2013 can be completedseveral power plants. Among them, the basic is the atmospheric petrol four-cylinder unit MPI. With a volume of 1.6 liters, this motor develops a horsepower of 110 horsepower. The torque is 155 Nm at 3.8 thousand rpm. Coupled with this unit is a manual gearbox for five steps. As an option, you can order a six-band robot DSG.

octavia 2013 specifications

Intermediate in the lineup is turbochargedTSI unit. This is also a four-cylinder petrol engine, but with an aluminum block and a direct injection system. Thanks to the turbine and the modernized fuel delivery system, this unit is able to develop up to 150 horsepower of power. The torque of the 1.4-liter engine is 250 Nm. Reviews note that this engine is excellent traction from the "bottoms". The peak of the torque is realized in the range from one and a half to three and a half thousand revolutions. This motor is aggregated by a robotic DSG box for six or seven stages with a double clutch.

The flagship in the lineup is the TSI motor at 1.8liter. This motor has phase shifter, turbine and direct fuel injection. The unit is aluminum, with an integrated intake manifold. This gasoline engine develops quite good power - they say feedback. Skoda Octavia 2013 1.8 develops up to 180 forces with five to six thousand turns. The twisting moment - 250 Nanometers. It is available in the range from one and a half to five thousand revolutions. As for the transmission, the ŠKODA 1.8 is completed only by seven or six stages.

Dynamics, consumption

Skoda Octavia 2013 characteristics of the dynamics of thegood level. However, this does not apply to the base motor. With him, the car accelerates to a hundred in 12.2 seconds. But with a top-end 180-horsepower engine, the car picks up a hundred in 7.3 seconds. But as for fuel consumption, all power units are quite economical. So, the average flow is from 5.3 to 7.3 liters per hundred. From the passport data, these figures can differ only by 0.3-0.4 liters.


The car is built on a front-wheel-drive modularplatform MQB. The front uses an independent suspension with McPherson struts and triangular levers. Rear suspension scheme may be different. So, if the engine power is less than 150 forces, then a semi-independent torsion beam will be installed here.

skoda octavia

In the case of more powerful motors, the manufacturerprovides a multi-lever. Brake system - disk, with floating calipers and auxiliary electronics. The steering system is a rake with an electromechanical amplifier.

Is there a four-wheel drive here?

It should be noted that in the luxury versions of "SkodaOctavia "can go with all-wheel drive, where the torque to the rear axle is transmitted via the" Haldex "coupling. In addition, an electronic imitation of the inter-wheel differential is installed here. This option helps in the winter, but on the roads in the "Skoda" is better not to pop.


So, we found out what "SkodaOctavia "of the third generation in the body of A7. The car is quite comfortable and economical. However, owners advise to take cars on classical mechanics. Modern robotic transmission has a complex device and a small resource. Also, judging by the reviews, it's expensive to repair. Therefore, from such a checkpoint should be abandoned.