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Octavia Scout - a real smart car company Skoda

"Octavia Scout is a real smart carconcern Skoda. This definition deserves only the best models, - says a member of the board of directors of the company Frank Welch, responsible for technical development. "Our car offers customers a combination of off-road design, excellent performance, a large interior space, a high level of safety. The novelty will become the founder of new standards in the segment of crossovers. "

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The word "scout" is associated with Americanpioneers, although the literal translation of the word scout - "scout". The name itself hints at the buyer of the outstanding features of a car. There is a deal of truth in it.


In our time, a car with four-wheel drive is unlikelysomeone will surprise. This applies not only to SUVs, but also to passenger cars, which are abundant in our market. It should be noted that the Skoda range includes the all-wheel drive Octavia Combi, on the basis of which the Skoda Octavia Scout was built. 2014 was marked for the domestic buyer by the appearance of this model in our market. The first sales start in late spring or early summer.


The Scout, in comparison with its base, hasmore serious parameters. Acknowledgment to it - a road gleam: it on 40 mm more, than at model Combi, and on 16 mm more, than at the all-wheel drive version. The car is equipped with powerful bumpers, moldings, 17-inch wheels with cast wheels Proteus. In addition to this, as is the case with the SUV, the model has additional protection of the bottom behind and in front.

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But the all-wheel drive with all the "gadgets" does not mean that the car is able to overcome obstacles of any complexity.

New Skoda Octavia Scout is available exclusivelywith two engine options: a 150-horsepower 2-liter FCI power unit or a 140-horsepower TDI PD diesel engine with a particulate filter. They both work together with a 6-speed manual gearbox. The basis of the all-wheel drive is a multi-plate clutch from Haldex, installed in front of the rear axle.


Once in the salon Octavia Scout, immediately applyattention to the typical German "roof", like the models Golf or Leon. Therefore, most of the devices and their placement are familiar. Also, you can not miss the "wet asphalt" chair and the nubuck insert of the same color. It looks very impressive.

But nevertheless there are small problems with ergonomicsseats. They are narrow and long, and for passengers of large physique the edges of the cushion can considerably press on the lower part of the thighs. This will have to get used to. With regard to adjusting the position of the chair, the backrest inclination, lumbar support, everything here is like that of the Leon model, that is, there is no electric adjustment - everything needs to be done manually. Skoda electric package is poorer, for example, mirrors are not folded by pressing a button. But there is a hatch, control which delight will not cause.

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The steering wheel looks like a Seat: the layout of the multimedia system control buttons and on the center console is similar. But the "steering wheel" has a good margin of adjustment. It can be lowered practically to the knees or raised to the chest. As for the climate control unit and the display of the media system - they are more interesting than the Seat, but poorer than the German cars. The dashboard is not impressive. The same fuel level sensors and cooling system temperatures are not entirely understandable, and one has to look at first. Pleased trip computer display, which shows the average daily mileage, fuel consumption, recalls the need to refuel or undergo maintenance.

In the doors of the Octavia Scout, there are many pockets for small itemsand 0.5-liter bottles or aluminum cans. Under the armrest is hidden a box of decent size. On the wide back of the second row, too, there is an armrest, also used as a table or as a hatch for lengthometers.

Front and rear seats - with electric heating,which is important in winter, taking into account the materials from which they are made. On the second row with comfort, people of medium height and high will be able to settle.

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Behind the backs of passengers of the second row is locatedspacious luggage compartment. Its volume can be increased to 1600 liters. For the transportation of bulky goods this is quite enough. A small disadvantage is the lack of an opportunity to open the trunk from the cabin. No doubt there is a multi-key, but still it's not very convenient.

To the note: the hatch of the gas tank opens if you press it on the left side in the middle.

Octavia Scout: Features

"Scout" is not among the fast-movingcars, but the car manufacturer guarantees that up to "hundreds" it will be dispersed in less than 10 seconds. Even with the gas pedal pressed into the floor and the accompanying powerful roar of the engine, there is no quick start - the car slowly and slowly accelerates. The arrow of the speedometer should reach a mark of 60 km / h in the first gear, but the speed limiter is triggered. From the second transfer there is noticeable pick-up, but it can not be called a serious overclocking.


A small fuel consumption is a serious plus OctaviaScout. With quiet suburban driving, the on-board computer shows a consumption in the vicinity of 6 liters, in urban - 10-11 liters. This is a very good indicator, corresponding to the "passport" data.