/ / "Ford Galaxy" - specifications of the ideal minivan

"Ford Galaxy" - specifications of the ideal minivan

The car "Ford Galaxy" is one of thefew cars that combine such qualities as a powerful engine, room capacity and the possibility of transporting almost 2.5 cubic meters of cargo. At the same time this minivan has excellent maneuverability and reasonable price. "Ford Galaxy," the technical characteristics of this American miracle, can rightly be considered the current standard for all minivans. In this article, we'll look at all the features of this car and find out its exact price.

«Ford Galaxy» - photo and review of design

If you look more attentively to today'sline minivans (no matter what they are produced), really beautiful cars among them very, very little. But in our history the minivan "Galaxy" refers to those cars that really have a spectacular, elegant and attractive design.

ford galaxy technical specifications
Headlamp block with sharp corners, windscreen withoutbreaks, impetuous body and protruding wheel arches give the car individuality. "Ford Galaxy" is not just a gray family car, it's something more. Side of the exterior of the novelty is decorated with stylish moldings, which adds confidence to the minivan. By the way, the windscreen of huge dimensions does not spoil the appearance of the car, even, on the contrary - it complements it. At the same time, the driver has an excellent view inside, and this is a significant plus for each car.


It should be noted that the interior of the noveltylooks much more expensive than its value. Such a marketing course will be appreciated by many motorists. In addition, the engineers took care of installing various electronic systems in the salon "Ford Galaxy." The technical characteristics of the steering wheel allow you to adjust it not only in height, but also on the fly, allowing the driver to adjust the interior of the car for its own characteristics. The chair (and not only the driver's) also has a lot of adjustments, moreover - each seat has a supporting roller in the lumbar region. About side support, the developers are also not forgotten. One of the main features of the American minivan is its large capacity - the car can comfortably accommodate up to seven passengers. In addition, each of them will feel very comfortable and comfortable.

Ford Galaxy Engine

Ford Galaxy - specifications

The minivan is equipped with a single gasoline unitvolume in 1999 cubic centimeters. It will be available to both European and Russian buyers. "Ford Galaxy", whose engine has a capacity of 145 horsepower, is characterized by good traction and quite adequate fuel consumption. In the urban cycle minivan consumes no more than 13 liters of gasoline per "hundred".

Speed ​​abilities

Excellent dynamics - this is another "trump card" of the new"Ford Galaxy." Technical specifications allow the 145-horsepower engine to accelerate the minivan to 195 kilometers per hour. Well and speed of 100 km / hour, on passport data, the car types for 11.1 seconds.

ford galaxy photo

About the cost

As already noted above, the minibus has quite an adequate price. This is really so, because in the basic configuration of "Ford Galaxy" is only 28 thousand 800 dollars.