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Renault Traffic - a stylish minibus for all occasions

Renault Traffic is considered to be one of the bestamong cars of its class. And if from the point of view of reliability and safety of competitors at a minibus suffices, on practicality it obviously keeps a yellow jersey of the leader, and keeps strongly enough.

Renault traffic
So, for example, the buyer is available severalModifications with different versions of the side and rear doors, as well as the seats of the second and third rows. By the way, the last row can easily be folded, thus increasing the volume of an already impressive trunk. In total, the car can carry up to 9 people, or deliver up to 1200 kg. cargo. In this respect, Renault Traffic has an advantage over its competitors - the technical characteristics of the car allow it even at full load to keep the dynamics of acceleration and maneuverability.

Traffic, like all the great family of modernRenault wagons, has distinctive features. Teardrop headlamps, impressive glass area, exquisite grille - all this creates a magnificent style of Renault Traffic - the fruit of the hard work of French automakers. The roof of the cabin is slightly elevated, which only gives the car originality.

Renault traffic reviews

The positive impression left and the interior of RenaultTraffic. Perhaps the designers decided to save a little on the finishing materials, however, all the details are fixed firmly and reliably, no loopholes or creaks were found. The ergonomics of the cabin is quite convenient and thought out - all the necessary functions are at a distance, no more than an elongated hand, the instruments are read well even in bright sunlight. Sound insulation level. Despite the size of the cabin, during the movement you can talk with a familiar timbre. But the lack of cleaners of the rear window can be safely attributed to the shortcomings. Individual climate control system is designed for each row of seats. The same goes for lighting, armrests, pockets and other useful devices in Renault Traffic. Reviews of car owners show that in terms of comfort the minibus is almost perfect.

Renault traffic specifications
It's time to look at the car in motion. Dimensions are felt quite well, maneuvers (including parking) are carried out easily and at ease. As the engine for the car is installed a 2-liter diesel engine with 120 hp, gearbox - 6-speed mechanics. The motor is noiseless and quite economical - for a mixed cycle fuel consumption does not exceed 9 liters per 100 km. For urban driving mode, this figure is at around 11 liters, for suburban - less than 8 liters. The full tank of Renault Traffic is enough to cover a distance of more than 1000 km.

Stylish, practical, comfortable, but how aboutsecurity? As in other matters, the designers did not blunder here. For each seat there are individual seat belts and headrests, the car is equipped with ABS and other modern means of protection that meet the requirements for modern cars.