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Skoda Yeti: features and reviews

Many independent experts conducted reviewsSkoda Yeti, the results of which allowed to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the car. Crossover is a very nice and compact car, which will please not only men, but also the fair sex.

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What is the Yeti?

Skoda Yeti 1.8 is equipped with a huge amount of "smart" electronics and various modern technologies that will make the most advanced specialist jealous. The huge advantage of the crossover is its ability to survive in harsh operating conditions.

Separately it is worth noting that the Czech auto concerndecided to keep up with the times, stopping equipping the Yeti with only a manual gearbox. The new crossover model is now equipped with a robotic DSG transmission, which can be installed on all-wheel drive versions with a 1.8 TSI engine.

Despite the fact that not always motorists canchoose the version of the Skoda Yeti with a suitable transmission, the demand for a crossover remains high: almost half of sales falls on the front-wheel drive modification. However, one of the main requirements of consumers is the presence of an automatic transmission, without which neither the all-wheel drive nor powerful engines are tempted.

Skoda Yeti Features

The ground clearance of the new crossover is 180millimeters, which can not but rejoice. A little unusual is the too low position of the levers of the rear suspension, is not the best solution in the conditions of our off-road, but despite this, the Skoda Yeti 1.2 TSI shows itself well during test drives.

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The ergonomics of the Czech car matchcommon to the Volkswagen level. Insignificant inconvenience is caused only by the radial digitization of devices, and in respect of everything else, the experts who conducted test drives of the Skoda Yeti TSI did not have any complaints.

The interior trim of the interior is magnificent: the parts are tightly fitted to each other, there are no creaks and backlash, especially when overcoming obstacles and irregularities on the road. The only drawback can be considered a slight backlash of the controls of the climate control, but despite this, the system works perfectly and maintains a comfortable temperature in the cabin.

Switching gearbox from the first to the second speed andback is carried out very gently and neatly. Comfortable front seats with dense packing keep the driver and the passenger in place even when overturning turns at high speed. Properly executed vertical seating of the rear seats provides comfort during a long trip for other passengers.

Crossover Skoda Yeti Outdoor has a high body, the advantages of which are clearly evident: a large amount of free space allows you to comfortably accommodate people of high growth.


Czech autoconcern in advance thought out all the features and advantages of the new crossover, eliminating the weaknesses of previous models of Skoda.

Coupled with a turbo engine is a six-band robotwith wet clutches. To this engine is not suitable seven-speed automatic, which was installed on the Superb, and the reasons for this - the layout and high margin of safety (350 N instead of the standard 250).

The all-wheel drive transmission, equipped with a Haldex 4 coupling, will only have a six-band robot in its teeth, which will better cope with the circulation of the torque in it.

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Test Drive

Crossover Skoda Yeti 1.8 TSI - perfectThe sports car perfectly coping as with dynamics of high speeds, and with obstacles on a line. Separately it is worth mentioning the silent operation of the engine: up to 100 km / h. The presence of life outside the window gives only a quiet rustle, after exceeding this high-speed threshold, only the side mirrors give voice.

At maximum traction, someminuses: after the first transfer dips are fixed - jerks when switching to the second speed. The reason for this lies, most likely, in the hydraulics of a robotic transmission, which lacks speed.

Cars equipped with DSG accelerate to 100km / h noticeably faster than their "mechanical" counterparts. In the case of the Yeti, everything is different: the robot accelerates to 100 km / h for 3 seconds longer than the manual gearbox, in addition, the maximum speed of this version is lower - only 192 km / h against 200 km / h.

Other specifications of Skoda Yeticause a frenzied enthusiasm among motorists: a 152-strong turbo engine is equipped with a "preselective", which guarantees the car excellent dynamics. Automated transmission selects the necessary gears while driving and maintains speed even on steep turns.

Despite the fact that the Skoda Yeti has littleswaying and heeling, the vehicle trajectory adheres perfectly. Release the gas pedal, the driver will notice that the crossover dovorachivaetsya on the roll.

The steering mechanism is made very qualitatively: the steering wheel is light, it does not affect the speed increase. You can operate the car with one hand, without any special effort.

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Fuel consumption

Skoda Yeti shows excellent results: The fuel consumption for off-road driving is 9.5 liters per 100 kilometers. With this economy in mind, the cost of a car, which many experts consider too high, is fully justified.

The nature of the crossover after installationrobotic transmission has not changed: the car remained the same economical, despite the fact that it has excellent soundproofing and a balanced chassis. Installation of a robotic gearbox will cost the Russian motorist 40 thousand rubles, while on Octavia a similar "robot" is installed for 60 thousand.

Exterior Yeti

The appearance of the new Czech crossover has also changed radically: the front part has got a radiator grille, an updated bumper, a badge and headlights.

Changes in the interior affected mostly only the interior decoration. Yeti boasts the following features:

  • High quality finishing materials.
  • A successful multifunction steering wheel.
  • Elegant and aesthetic decorative covers on the front panel and other nuances.

All these changes in the interior can be safely attributed to the benefits of the updated crossover Skoda Yeti.

Potential buyers are also inviteda wide range of both petrol and diesel power units: the first include three options, the second - four. The power of the motors varies from 150 to 170 horsepower, the working volume - from 1.2 to 2 liters.

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The complete new Yeti crossover replenisheda rear-view camera that had not previously been installed on any Skoda model, including the flagship Superb, which limited itself to only branded parktronics. The central large display of the modern Skoda Yeti displays a clear picture from the rear view camera. The lines that correct the correct trajectory do not move together with the steering wheel.

The disadvantage of the rear end of the crossover can be called the fact that when precipitation falls, it gets very dirty very quickly, which reduces the visibility of the camera's eye.

Owner feedback

Having analyzed numerous reviews of owners of the Czech crossover Skoda Yeti, it is possible to note the following advantages of the car:

  • intelligent system of electronics;
  • excellent off-road ability;
  • the robotized gear box;
  • high quality interior trim;
  • aesthetic exterior and good ergonomics.

Despite the obvious advantages, the crossover has its own disadvantages:

  • In comparison with the mechanical gearbox of a similar model, the maximum speed of the automatic transmission is much lower.
  • Rapid pollution of the rear of the car in bad weather and deterioration of the visibility of the rear view camera.
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Mode of keyless access to the car

Another innovation of the Czech auto concernSkoda, which was first realized in the Yeti crossover, became a keyless access system to the interior, which allows the car engine to start by pressing a single button. Despite the fact that the manufacturer claims that this system was used for the first time, Skoda concern belongs to the Volkswagen family, the main market of which is European countries.

The new Yeti crossover is also supplemented with bi-xenon headlights, multimedia systems, passive safety system and convenient navigation system.

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Based on the results of the test drives and thoroughanalysis, we can say that the new Czech crossover Skoda Yeti is a very fast and ultra-reliable car, which proved to be the best in both off-road and asphalt conditions. Domestic car enthusiast will definitely be satisfied with the changes and innovations that the crossover has undergone.