/ / KamAZ-65222: technical characteristics and price of the domestic truck

KAMAZ-65222: technical characteristics and price of the domestic dump truck

Technical characteristics of KamAZ-65222impressive. This dump truck is a true all-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle that feels confident on the road with any coating. This model is most in demand in the construction industry, because the technical characteristics of the KamAZ-65222 dump truck, namely its carrying capacity, allow transporting all kinds of materials along those sections of the road where other machinery will not pass.

Engine and gearbox

камаз 65222 specifications

Describing the KamAZ-65222, specificationstruck, it is impossible to ignore the engine, a new version of which meets the requirements of the Euro-5 standard. The diesel engine 740.63-400 is equipped with a turbocharger with an efficient charge-air cooling system. The engine is able to give vent to 294 "horses", gaining only 1900 rpm. Its volume is 11.7 liters. The "mechanical heart" has eight cylinders that allow the torque to reach the mark of 1766 H / m. The maximum speed is 90 km / h.

The amount of fuel consumed depends directlyfrom the climatic conditions and the manner of driving the driver. In the vehicle's passport it is indicated that the average fuel consumption in summer should not exceed 35 liters per hundred kilometers, and in winter - 39. The model is equipped with one fuel tank, and its volume is 350 liters.

MKPP - German production (ZF), 16-speed, with a divider and a demultiplier.

Load capacity and dimensions

Technical characteristics (KamAZ-65222)allow the transport of goods, the total mass of which does not exceed 19.5 tons. With a maximum load, the truck weighs 34 tons, of which 26 tons of weight is assumed by the rear axle, the rest of the load (6.35 tons) lies on the front axle. Load on the rear wheels - 8 tons, on the front - 5.85 tons.

kamaz 65222 dump truck specifications

Dimensions of the vehicle are as follows:

  • The length is 7.8 m.
  • The height is 3.2 m.
  • The width is 2.5 m.
  • Useful body volume - 12 cm3.

Unloading does not take much time, since the platform rises in 30 seconds, and the return to the starting position is carried out in 40 seconds. The maximum angle of inclination is 50 degrees.

Design features

Given the technical characteristicsKamAZ-65222-43, the designers decided to equip the model with huge R20 wheels. They are perfectly suitable for the operation of the truck on an absolute impassable road, since they have a special protector with impressive tractors. The truck is equipped with Bulgarian bridges supplied by Madara.

kamaz 65222 43 specifications

Manage the domestic dumper on the crossterrain is quite difficult. The driver needs to have sufficient driving experience and knowledge of technology to correctly switch on and off inter-wheel and interaxle locks, which are many on the car.

Most owners of this multitoneall-terrain vehicles leave positive feedback about the model. However, the quality of assembly sometimes raises some questions, for example, the reliability of fasteners. Frequent cases are when, due to strong vibration, the fasteners of the dispenser and the main gearbox are loosened.

Despite the small flaws on the part ofdesigners, KamAZ-65222, whose technical characteristics are above all praise, has a relatively low cost. A new dumper can be bought for 3.3 million rubles.