/ / Mercedes 221 is a German car for true connoisseurs of quality and beauty

"Mercedes 221" - a German car for true connoisseurs of quality and beauty

"Mercedes 221" is a car that isrepresentative of the fifth generation, produced by the world famous Stuttgart concern. The model came out from 2005 to 2013, and during this time it managed to win the love of millions of true connoisseurs of reliable and beautiful cars.

Mercedes 221

About the history

"Mercedes 221" was first introduced inFrankfurt, in 2005. In the same year, this car was awarded the honorary prize "Golden Steering Wheel". And this, by the way, is one of the most significant awards, which are awarded to new, really impressive models.

The machine has gained popularity.It began to be produced not only in the sedan, but also in the "limousine" and "coupe" versions. By the way, it is worth noting one interesting nuance. Limousine Mercedes - version is special, because this car manufacturers have equipped armor in the level of B6 / B7.

This car for all years of production is practicallyhas not changed externally. But, in fact, cosmetic restyling in this case is not necessary. Because the 221th Mercedes in terms of exterior and design can be considered one of the most attractive machines in principle.


"Mercedes 221" is a car with a verypowerful engine. And when it was updated, it became even more perfect. After restyling works, Mercedes was equipped with a 231-horsepower engine with a petrol V6 engine. In addition, diesel versions - 8 and 6 cylinder - became available to buyers. As for the external changes, it should be noted LED lights, as well as the exhaust system pipes.

Mercedes 221 reviews

Options and electronics

In addition to the listed brand-new "Mercedes 221"received an upgraded display equipped with a technology called "Split View". Due to it, the front passenger along with the driver sees more than one picture - for each of them it has its own. In addition, the new S-model took over something from the E-class representatives. And these are security systems. To be more precise, the car received a tracking system for the so-called "dead zones", as well as for road markings. There is also a built-in function that allows you to recognize road signs. In addition, the car is equipped with smart headlights. They represent a special system that "sees" the car coming towards, and automatically corrects the beam of light, so as not to blind the driver. What was not in other versions is a special function that warns a motorist of fatigue. Smart system that is able to recognize even this factor. And one more nuance - the car is equipped with a new version of adaptive cruise control, which is equipped with an emergency braking function.

Mercedes 221 bodywork

Special versions

It's worth talking about a modification such as ESFThe 2009 Mercedes 221. The body of this car is very special. Because this is an experimental model, the concept of which consisted initially in the creation of such a machine, which could differ with a maximum level of safety. Manufacturers made every effort to translate the plan into reality. This model was based on the S 400 HYBRID. A new, modernized, safe car was presented in 2009 at a conference devoted to a very thematic area. Namely - to improve the safety of machines.

What "Mercedes 221" reviews gets the mostimpressive? This, unequivocally, S63 and S65 AMG. The very abbreviation, which stands at the end of the titles, speaks for itself. The "Mercedes" division, sounding like AMG, always created powerful cars with an incredibly beautiful body kit. These models differ from their standard lengths. Plus 13 centimeters - a good improvement! But this is not the only thing that impresses. Engines - 6.2-liter, powerful, 525-strong, running a 7-speed automatic transmission ... these engines were installed under the hood of the S63. Other versions, the S65, had 12-cylinder units at 612 hp, which accelerated the car to 200 km / h in 13 seconds.

The 221st Mercedes is a special car. It is created for those people who appreciate exquisite, reliable, powerful and expensive models, demonstrating their status and impeccable taste.