/ / VAZ-2103: specifications and design features

VAZ-2103: technical characteristics and design features

In the 60's between the Italian automotivethe company "Fiat" and representatives of the Ministry of Automotive Industry of the USSR signed an agreement on mutual cooperation. The contract provided for the design and construction of the plant, as well as the transfer of documentation for cars in standard and luxury equipment options.

Initially, the role of the luxury model was proposed"Fiat-125", which was structurally different from the cars of the standard version. However, this option complicated production and did not suit the Soviet side. A compromise solution was Fiat 124 Special, which served as a prototype for the third model of the plant VAZ, released in production in 1972.

The third model of VAZ

The new car received the designation VAZ-2103.Technical characteristics and appearance of the Italian and Soviet machines were quite close. But there were differences in the design, conditioned by the conditions of operation of cars in the USSR.

VAZ 2103 specifications

"Three" received a rich external design.In the car, the number of elements with chromium-plated sputtering increased. Front set two lights for the near and for the driving beam. Rear lights increased in size. The novelty were parking lights in the door ends. At night, they well defined the boundaries of the open door of the body.

The decoration of the salon once again emphasized morehigh technical characteristics of VAZ-2103. The instrument panel received a completely different configuration and was equipped with a tachometer. The external elements of the instrument panel were pasted with a film simulating a tree. The heating and ventilation system had a deflector for supplying warm air to the rear row of seats. The floor of the car was covered with a fleecy carpet, which improved the acoustic comfort inside the cabin. The rear seat was equipped with a folding armrest.

VAZ 2103 technical specifications

In general, the technical characteristics of VAZ-2103 made it possible to make the car much more comfortable and prestigious, which was reflected in the price, which amounted to 7500 rubles.

Power unit

The novelty was the engine on VAZ-2103, technicalthe characteristics of which have improved noticeably. He received a new block of cylinders and a crankshaft, which increased the volume of the cylinders to 1.45 liters. Motor capacity of 75 liters. from. dispersed the car to a speed of 150 km / h.

VAZ 2103 engine specifications

The gearbox remained four-speed, but withslightly modified gear ratios. Increased the number of teeth in the rear axle gearbox. These changes allowed to more fully implement the high technical characteristics of the engine in the VAZ-2103.

Brake system

The increased dynamics of the car required moreeffective braking characteristics. VAZ-2103 equipped with a brake booster and a device for automatic control of clearance in the rear brakes. This solution has reduced the amount of routine maintenance of the car. The "troika" was used for the first time in the USSR radial tires, more adapted for high speeds of movement.