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The choice and purchase of Mitsubishi in Izhevsk.

Buying a new car is not an easy tasktroublesome. You will have to travel all dealer centers of your city, in search of a decent means of transportation. After all, on the right choice depends on such an important fact as the life of the machine. Today we will tell you where and by what criteria in the city of Izhevsk to buy a car, such a popular brand as Mitsubishi.

Of course, you first need to open the page on the Internet "Mitsubishi official site "and see which model you areinterested in: sports and cars or crossovers and SUVs. In Izhevsk, there are two official dealers of this brand, it is the company "KOMOS-Auto" and "Garant Mitsubishi".

The model range of the first showroom you canTo look, having approached to the address: Izhevsk, street Karl Marx d.55а. This company has been operating since 2008. Their goal is to sell cars, as well as warranty and post-warranty high-quality servicing of machines during their entire service life. The company has qualified specialists, both in the field of sales and service. If desired, you can make a test drive ride on the cars of this brand. The calculation for the purchase of the Mitsubishi car can be either cash or non-cash. Possibility of registration on credit or leasing for a period of up to five years.

"KOMOS-Auto" has the same capabilities asand "Guarantor Mitsubishi". And this center is located at the address: Izhevsk, Bumashevskaya street 3A. Experts and consultants will tell you about all the new Mitsubishi brand and help you decide on the purchase. Everyone, as you know, has different selection criteria, but we will talk about the most important.

In the beginning, you need to decide:for which purposes the car is purchased. If you plan to travel only around the city, then we recommend to stop on a small car. For example, one of the Mitsubishi Lancer. If you are going on a weekend at the nature, then it is better to take the station wagon. In heavy road conditions, an excellent SUV-Mitsubishi Pajero becomes indispensable. Another criterion of choice is the maintainability, reliability and availability of spare parts for a future car. This should not be a problem, since there are two dealer centers of this brand in Izhevsk. The next thing you need to pay attention to is the power and type of the engine, and, of course, the type of transmission. Their choice also depends on the terrain where the car will be operated. Do not forget about the advanced features, options for the machine and its color.

That's basically all the criteria for choosing a car, including the brand Mitsubishi. Determine and hurry to buy at any of the dealer centers in Izhevsk.