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Passing bulbs VAZ-2110: types, choice, replacement

In the SDA of any country now there is a clause obligingdrivers even ride in the day with the dipped headlights on or with daytime running lights. There are no DRLs on VAZ-2110. And the factory lights do not work very well. Poor low beam - this is an inconvenience for drivers and one of the causes of accidents involving pedestrians. Factory fluorescent bulbs VAZ-2110 shine so that pedestrians are not always noticeable on dark roads. Drivers try to replace the regular light bulbs with alternatives. Let's consider, what should be a good passing light for the VAZ-2110 and what kinds of these products exist.

Established optics

The passing beam VAZ-2110 is one of theThe main links in the block-headlight on this model. In addition to it, the car is equipped with an element for the main beam. Also, the domestic "ten" is equipped with fog lights and various lights. But their quality of light is also far from ideal.

Lamps that are installed,are manufactured at the Avtosvet plant in the city of Kirzhach. These are halogen products. They are not distinguished by high luminous efficiency, are sold at reasonable prices, are not too durable.

Now there is a large selection of different lamps, andregular elements can be replaced by any options. The modern market offers more technological halogen lamps Philips, LED products in the dipped beam, as well as xenon models. The latter will be discussed in more detail.

Xenon light

These lamps for the last 10 years, and so muchthey are in operation, they managed to win the hearts of the majority of owners of foreign cars and domestic cars. There is a wide range of light bulbs on the market. Xenon products differ significantly higher brightness than traditional halogen light. Among the shortcomings are difficulties in the installation process, the need to purchase and install a ignition unit. The price of the kit starts from one and a half thousand rubles without installation.

Dipped Beam Lamp VAZ 2110
Xenon lamp provides significantly bettervisibility for the driver of the car, which means it increases the level of safety. The intensity of the light flux of such optics will be 2.8 times higher than that of the halogen lamp. At the same time, the power consumption is one and a half times less. The light of xenon is as close as possible to natural light (it is without visible yellow). The service life of such gas-filled products is 5 times greater than that of an ordinary lamp. This light not only increases safety, but also attracts the attention of other participants in the movement. And one more advantage - the headlamp shines purely white, and not a yellow beam. This highlights the car from the stream.

Halogen lamps

They are also widespread.The products are ideal for operation in fog conditions. A low price makes them available to everyone. A significant disadvantage of this light is the poor lighting of the road. But there are manufacturers who make high-quality and bright bulbs for cars. The bulb is a quartz glass flask. Inside it is an inert gas. These are halogen pairs. The lamp can become very hot during operation, and quartz glass is best suited to work in such conditions. The market presents a huge number of types of these bulbs.

dipped headlight bulbs what better
Distinguish them on the base.Dipped beam VAZ-2110 should be equipped with a H1 socket. Also on sale there are products of type H4. They are also used in the dipped beam. The halogen lamp is powered from 12V, and the rated power is 55W. As for the clarity and brightness of the light flux, these characteristics depend on the color temperature of a particular light bulb. The maximum values ​​are 5000 K.

Incandescent lamps

These products are unremarkable and specialadvantages do not have. Such bulbs for auto installed earlier in the process of assembling the car in the factory. According to technical characteristics, the product of the filament type is much inferior even to halogen, but this is quite enough to ensure minimum safety for the driver and his passengers. It is not recommended to drive with these bulbs at high speed.

LED Light

Along with xenon and halogen, on salethere are LED lamps on the VAZ-2110 (low beam H1 including). The main advantage is that they are bright. They shine better than xenon. Also motorists mark their high service life - it makes from 5 to 10 thousand hours. For example, a good halogen lamp will burn no more than 500, and a xenon lamp will be able to work up to 2500 hours.

LED lamps on the VAZ 2110 low beam
Also, LEDs are characterized by low consumptionenergy. The indicator does not exceed 3.5 watts, while a halogen lamp requires 55 watts. Consumption of xenon - 35. With the help of light-emitting diodes the craftsmen create so-called adaptive headlights, which in principle is impossible with halogen lamps, and when using xenon it will be very difficult and expensive. Another plus of LEDs is radiation, which is close to natural light.

There are disadvantages, but there are not many of them. Quality VAZ-2110 low-beam dipped-beam lamps are quite expensive, and those that are inexpensive are not of high quality and durability. There are a lot of Chinese products on the market that are not very high quality. LEDs can not be serviced. If they are out of order, then it is necessary to change the lamp as a whole. The design of the product is quite complex, and in the process of work it becomes very hot.

But experts say that the sense ofLED lamp is small. Do not be flattered by advertising, which refers to the super-brightness. Laboratory tests show that the VAZ-2110 passing lamp (H1 or H4 cap) installed in a headlight that does not have an adaptive system illuminates even worse than the halogen lamp.

passing beam h4
The power of the diode product is 30 W. The luminous flux is 3600 K, and the resource averages five years. The price starts at four thousand rubles per pair. The lower the power of the product, the worse the quality of lighting. Experts do not recommend installing inexpensive products (the Chinese passing lamp H4 and H1). The light of the diodes is bright, but it does not illuminate as qualitatively as the analogs.

Overview of popular halogen products among owners of VAZ-2110

Owners of these models of cars communicate in profile forums, where they make different ratings of the best lamps. It is worth considering the most popular options.

Philips Vision

These products provide 30% more light,than standard halogen models. In addition, these Philips bulbs are many times better than standard in quality and resistance to wear. Often, these products are installed on cars during assembly, which is an indicator of quality. For VAZ-2110 cars, this lamp has the best price-quality ratio, the motorists note.

Philips VisionPlus

This is the company's customary "Vision". The lamp is much better illuminates the road surface by as much as 60%. The product in the technical characteristics has a higher luminous efficiency.

Philips X-treme Vision lamps

This is the most powerful component in this series.

light bulbs for cars
The luminous flux here is increased by 100% compared to an ordinary halogen lamp. The light beam is really bright and even the fog breaks through.

Osram Night Breaker Plus

The lamp "Osram" illuminates the roadway for 90% brighter than standard. In addition, the product has light, which is 10% whiter than in the standard model. Due to this, the visibility of the roadway increases to 35 meters. The lifetime of such a product is 50 percent higher than usual.

Philips Diamond Vision 5000K

This product is 20% brighter than the standard lamp in the optics system of VAZ-2110 cars.

bulbs philips
Middle light with this lamp is maximallycomes close to the natural day. At a price higher than all other solutions, the technical characteristics of this brand are also several times higher. The product has an excellent build quality and a high service life.

Osram CoolBlue

This "Osram" light bulb features a high colortemperature, which is 5000 K. Motorists say that the light beam is very white and bright. At the same time, the driver's eyes are not at all exhausted, and the roadway lighting is at altitude. Counter-drivers do not blind the lamp, which is also very important.

On the choice of LED products

The choice of really high-quality LED lamps in the current market is small. These are all the same brands that produce halogen lamps:

  • Philips.
  • Osram.
  • Narva.

There are also domestic producers, for example, "Mayak".

light bulb
Experts conducted a series of independent tests, during whichwho managed to create a certain rating. During the tests, all parameters were checked. So, the best indicators for products "Osram" and "Philips". This is quite an expected result. In second place - the products of the domestic company "Mayak". But when installing LED lamps, you need to consider whether optics is designed for such a product. If the headlight is made for working with halogen species, then all the pluses that the lamp has will come to naught. It makes sense to buy the same "halogen", but with higher performance.


So, we reviewed theautomotive market of the VAZ-2110 passing beam lamp. Which are better? Only branded. It is worth giving preference to halogen. Xenon with an illiterate installation will blind drivers, and LEDs will not be able to show everything they can, because of the characteristics of the optics (on the "dozens" the glass is corrugated).