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The biggest bulldozer in the world: rating, review, characteristics

The biggest bulldozer, sadly enough,and has not been involved for its intended purpose. It was manufactured in Italy by the Umberto Acco corporation in the early eighties of the last century. The tractor's weight is 183 tons, and its individual parts were produced exclusively to order. The unit is equipped with a pair of Caterpillar engines, aggregate capacity of 1 350 horsepower. The car was made by order of the Libyan leader, Colonel Gaddafi. However, due to the embargo and a number of other reasons, the giant remained as a museum exhibit. Below is the rating and brief characteristics of several super-bulldozers.

the largest bulldozer

Fields of application

The presented technique is designed to work inhard conditions. Thanks to a powerful power unit, the largest bulldozer can easily cope with any rocks of mountain formations and permafrost soils. This makes the technician an excellent assistant in the development of quarries open-pit mining and extraction of all kinds of natural resources.

Giant tractors are in demand in the following areas:

  • In the mining and processing industry.
  • When laying pipelines in permafrost.
  • For the development of particularly dense quarry soils.
  • When mining gold and diamonds.

Many of the units considered areserial machines, which are still manufactured. The championship here is for the two largest companies producing special equipment - Caterpillar and Komatsu.

Main technical indicators

The largest bulldozer, the characteristics of which are indicated below, is produced by special orders in limited quantities. Basic data of the Komatsu D-575A (Super Dozer):

  • Total weight with hinged special equipment (t) - 153.
  • Power plant power (HP) - 1 150.
  • The volume of the dump (cu.m.) is 69.
  • The capacity of fuel tanks (l) is 2100.
  • The length of the machine (m) is 11.7.

the biggest bulldozer features

The largest bulldozer is equipped with hydro-mechanical transmission type, liquid cooling system. The power plant is equipped with 12 cylinders and turbocharged.

The second and third places among the giants

The second largest bulldozer in size isa mass produced machine from Japanese designers called KOMATSU D475A-5 SD. The weight of this giant is not so impressive, only 108 tons. The power of the engine installation is 890 horsepower with the indicator of the dump more than 34 cubic meters. Despite the conditionally compact dimensions, power and performance are affecting profile specialists and fans of overall technology.

At the third stage among the huge bulldozersthe modification is the CATERPILLAR D11R / D11R CD. Power characteristics of the power unit of this massive transport reach 850 "horses", and the total loaded weight - 113 tons. The dump volume is 43.6 cubic meters.

Competitors on wheels

In the world, a lot of giant machines have been createdcaterpillar, and rubber. As the book of records says, the largest wheel bulldozer Big Bud has impressive dimensions, but is inferior to some caterpillar monsters in height and power. This technique is designed for agrarian work.

book of records the largest wheeled bulldozer

Main technical indicators:

  • Length / width / height (m) - 8,8 / 5,5 / 4,2.
  • Weight (t) - 45.
  • The power unit: capacity - 1 MW, volume - 24 liters.
  • The capacity of the fuel tank (l) is 3 800.
  • Number of wheels (pcs) - eight.

Such a machine can drag a thirty-meterplow and produce plowing to a depth of up to three meters. The largest wheeled bulldozer in the world, whose name sounds like "Big Boy", can turn hundreds of tons of land in 60 minutes of work.

A few more representatives

In the domestic market, the largest bulldozer inthe world T-800 was enlisted in the Guinness Book of Records (1990). The weight of this tractor is 106 tons, and the power rating of the engine reaches 820 horsepower, with the number of dump 26 cubic meters. The presented technique is designed to work in harsh conditions, its serial production was established in 1983. Initially, the power of the machine was tested during the construction of nuclear power plants in the South Urals, and the modernization of the "Magnitka" Soviet monster managed to bypass the Japanese analog production, having processed a 14-day rate of its functionality. The largest bulldozer from Chelyabinsk designers has a spacious cabin. In it, no problem can simultaneously accommodate two people. Its useful volume is three and a half cubic meters. The main workplace is isolated from vibration and noise effects, equipped with thermal insulation.

The biggest bulldozer in the world is 800

The mass of the next monster Komatsu D375A-6, whichserially produced to this day, - 71.64 tons. Power turbo diesel SAA6D170E-5 includes 636 horsepower, with a 23-liter volume. It also moves not very fast - up to 15 km / h. Areas of application are standard, as for similar models.

Caterpillar D10T2 is the second in sizeserial modification in the production range of this company, has a mass of 70.17 tons. It is equipped with a power plant for 27 liters and a capacity of 766 "horses". To fully meet the needs of a voracious motor, a fuel tank holds 1190 liters. The maximum speed is from 12.6 (forward) to 15.7 km / h (reverse). The unit is used in quarry mining and in carrying out major works on land management and construction of roads.


The biggest wheeled bulldozer in the world

Despite the fact that the production of huge bulldozersis associated with colossal costs, such models are still popular in the domestic market and abroad. Such success is due to the reliability of technology, the ability to overcome the resistance of any species and permafrost, where explosives and other equipment can not cope. Due to their exceptional properties, power and huge dimensions, giant tractors are in demand and sometimes irreplaceable.