/ / Fashionable Chinese pickup Great Wall Wingle 5: reviews of owners, advantages and disadvantages of the model

Fashionable Chinese pickup Great Wall Wingle 5: reviews of owners, advantages and disadvantages of the model

The mid-size pickup Great Wall Wingle 5 waswas presented to the public in 2009. After some time, in 2011, he entered the conveyor production. Then the sales started in Russia. Many people were interested in a stylish and neat car, differing enviable practicality and low price. So he gained popularity quickly. Now it is not difficult to find 5 reviews of owners about the Great Wall Wingle pickup truck, as many are happy to share their impressions of their "iron horse". And many comments really help to understand what exactly is an actively advertised pickup truck.

great wall wingle 5 reviews by owners


Start a review Great Wall Wingle 5 stands with hispluses. One of the main advantages of this model people consider its price. The car was even initially inexpensive, but now the car with a service life of 3-4 years and a small mileage can be purchased for 400-500 thousand rubles.

Another advantage of the pickup truck is itsspacious and comfortable lounge. On the second row with comfort can accommodate two people (three will have to make room). Despite the fact that this is a pick-up truck, there is plenty of space behind. Even tall people will not rest on their knees in the backs of the front seats.

More people note the universalitypickup Great Wall Wingle II. Wingle 5 reviews in this regard are getting really good. But this is the main quality, which should be different pick-up. Especially happy with the owners of models with a kung. Even in a hurricane, accompanied by rain, you can transport the goods and be calm for its safety. The transverse trunk is also useful - long-lengths of 4-5 meters are placed. However, when driving then you will hear the whistling of the wind.

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Also to the pluses is the presence of a goodoptics, large rear-view mirrors, convenient niches in the door of the pickup and a compartment under the armrest. In addition to the cigarette lighter socket, which is useful. The climate system is very powerful, in summer it quickly cools the interior, and in the winter it immediately warms. Her work, by the way, does not affect the dynamics of the car.


They are almost every machine. Great Wall Wingle 5 is no exception, and the owners' feedback allows us to make sure of this.

Leaving for a better assembly of the cabin. The owners discovered a lot of cracks in the plating. The plastic is tough and cheap, although it looks nice and is easy to clean. There is also no analog clock inside. Trifle, but many believe the presence of this option is important. There is also no heated seat and side mirrors. In addition, there is no navigating light in front and the speakers in the front doors. Savings on these elements allowed the manufacturer to reduce the price of the car.

The salon in general is very brandy, with active use at least once a week it is necessary to clean it with a vacuum cleaner. And dirt flies into the body, so it must be handled.

Behavior on the road

In this respect, there is a discrepancy betweenpickup Great Wall Wingle 5. Reviews of owners indicate a very rigid suspension. They assure that she feels even the slightest unevenness. And the back part constantly "wags". To eliminate this flaw, you need to either travel with a couple of passengers, or load a few bags of sand in the trunk for gravity.

Other people believe that this deficiency is easyIt is eliminated by the connected all-wheel drive and the inclusion of the reduced gear. And many really successfully operated the pickup on average off-road, letting it through fords and dirt. They also say that the suspension can be "healed" by installing quality shock absorbers.

But otherwise the behavior of the car is not bad. The pickup is equipped with a rack-and-pinion steering with power steering and brake ventilated discs equipped with EBD and ABS.

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As for the power units Great Wall Wingle5, the owners' feedback points to several variants of their execution, and each of them is distinguished by an engine. However, they are all weak. The power is clearly not enough.

However, as many people assure, the power of the unityou can use it. Over time, it turns out to have the ability to overtake passing cars and "squeeze" from the engine to the maximum. But the most comfortable speed for this car is in the range of 110-120 km / h - it is necessary to remember this. Although, in reality, the maximum limit of the pickup is limited to 157 km / h. Many of the interest on the track were accelerated to 140 km / h. On a smooth road surface at this speed, the pickup goes normally, but with any unevenness it will be "carried away" in different directions, so it becomes difficult to control it. It seems that the car "does not obey" the driver.

But the clear advantage of this caris the expense. For 100 "urban" kilometers, only 10 liters of gasoline goes. And in terms of fuel consumption pickups Great Wall Wingle 5 are very unpretentious, so that they can be refueled both 92-m and 95-m.

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Who is this machine for?

Summarizing, it should be concluded that thisThe car is an ideal option for people who need a budget but practical pick-up. Of course, it has drawbacks, but many of them can be closed, if you recall the price of the car. Besides, his appearance can not but rejoice. After all, Great Wall Wingle - not a utilitarian truck. This pickup, which looks like a stylish, stylish SUV, in its visual characteristics is not inferior to European and Japanese counterparts.