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Irbis GS 150: features, equipment and costs

Choosing the appropriate motorcycle for urbantrips or walks in nature causes confusion. After all, the range of bikes and the spread of prices in this segment is so significant that the acquisition of reliable two-wheeled transport turns into a hard-to-fulfill quest. Therefore at the first stage it is necessary to consider budgetary models of motorcycles, and if their consumer qualities do not meet expectations, then gradually increase the cost. Because of these conditions, and consider one of the popular Chinese-made bikes - Irbis GS 150, whose reviews mark its universality and practicality.


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This motorcycle is a worthy exampleadvantageous combination of quality and price. Its simple design is reliable, and a small 4-stroke engine consumes a small amount of fuel and boasts an enviable economy. Coupled with the power unit, which is mounted on the Irbis GS 150 motorcycle, a 5-speed gearbox operates. Its structure is standard - the first speed is included with the toe of the foot, while the next four - the fifth. The effective braking system of the motorcycle is equipped with pads and a steel disc, which can provide a rapid reduction in speed characteristics on any basis. LED "turn signals" and headlight optics shine brightly, they are clearly visible even on a sunny day. The panel of devices also does not cause censures - values ​​of a speedometer and a tachometre conveniently to read during movement in dense road traffic. Therefore, the Irbis GS 150 can be used for a variety of purposes - it can go on a long trip or will be limited to everyday use or regular walks. After all, ergonomics and comfort of the seat are harmoniously combined with modern design and exterior details that adorn its appearance.

Features of use

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150-cc engine power pack will changerepresentations of many about this technique. After all, despite the modest size of the installation, it provides the bike with a decent dynamics - acceleration to the first hundred takes no more than 14 seconds. Universal qualities Irbis GS 150, user reviews only confirm such statements, are able to surprise even those who have long been familiar with small-displacement two-wheeled transport. After all, in comparison with its predecessor GS 110, the bike underwent cardinal changes that secured the driver and gave him freedom of movement in megacities, where often there are troubles in the form of many hours of traffic jams or congestion. Now you can enjoy only the maneuverability and swiftness of your motorcycle, which will leave far behind all the cars. Irbis GS 150 really changes the life of its owner, but for the trip in the winter season it is necessary to prepare more carefully - to buy protective ammunition, a helmet, gloves and change tires.


  • irbis gs 150 reviews
    The model justifies the funds invested in it in full, because its price is only 35,000 rubles.
  • Motorcycle is classified as a road class.
  • The volume of the petrol 4-stroke engine is 150 cu. see The unit gives out 11.3 hp. (8.3 kW) / 8500 rpm and is equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission.
  • The Irbis GS 150 includes:

- LED direction indicators;
- disc brakes in the front;
- strong shock absorbers, reinforced in the place of their fastening;
- functional instrument panel with a tachometer and a speedometer.

  • A fuel tank of 14 liters is enough for long trips.
  • Dimensions: length 1885 mm, width 715 mm, height 1015 mm.
  • Net weight: 115 kg


As can be seen from these characteristics,this motorcycle will be appropriate for everyone. Maintenance of the Irbis GS 150 will also not cause any problems. Dealership centers of the Chinese company are found in all corners of the Russian Federation, therefore maintenance of equipment is carried out without difficulties.