/ / "Chevrolet-Niva", salon filter: replacement. Chevrolet Niva produced by GM-AvtoVAZ

"Chevrolet-Niva", salon filter: replacement. Chevrolet Niva produced by GM-AvtoVAZ

The car "Niva Chevrolet" - one of the first modelsproduction AvtoVAZ, on which the factory put a salon filter. This element plays an important role. About its device, varieties and replacement - later in this article.


During operation, even when the stove is offand air conditioning, a lot of harmful substances enter the car's interior. This is not only the exhaust fumes of the vehicles ahead, but also the soot, road dust. All this is captured by the air intake and falls into the cabin. To ensure clean air, between the engine compartment and the deflectors is on the car "Chevrolet Niva" salon filter. Replacement of this element strictly by the resource is the guarantee of the health of the driver and passengers. After all, this element performs an essential function - prevents the penetration of carbon monoxide and other harmful substances into the lungs during movement. It is also called an air conditioner filter.

Niva Chevrolet car
In general, this element is set tocars from the early 90's. But in connection with the restructuring, the refinement of domestic cars touched only after the cooperation with the company GM. AvtoVAZ together with the Americans released a new model of SUV, which advised all technical and environmental standards. On simple "Nivas" of that time, installation of the salon filter was not envisaged.


There are several types of air purification in the system:

  • Mechanical. In this case, air is purified through the paper thin-fiber material. We will consider its device below.
  • Adsorption. Such filters clean morequalitatively, due to the use of activated carbon. It perfectly eliminates all the bacteria and odors that enter the salon. In production, the adsorption element is applied to a synthetic or textile substrate. Compared with the mechanical, this element produces air purification 5-10 times better. Charcoal is used as a basis.


This element consists of a paper base andincludes several layers. The upper serves to trap large particles - up to 15 microns. Under it is an electrostatic layer. He copes already with small specks.

Chevrolet Niva Salon Filter Replacement
Further, if it is an adsorption filter,A layer based on activated carbon is provided. And the last, the fourth layer, serves for the final filtration of elements that the previous three failed to hold.


Where is the cabin filter on Chevrolet Niva cars? It is located in the intersection of the cabin and the engine compartment. It is located in the center and is placed in a plastic case.

gm car care


How often do I change the Chevrolet Niva car?cabin filter? Replacement of a multilayered element should be made every 35 thousand kilometers. But you need to take into account the operating conditions. If the car often drives off-road (for which, in fact, it is bought), this period can be divided into two. After all, on a rough terrain the concentration of dust is several times greater than the one that is usually in the city and on the highway.


How to understand what is polluted by car"Chevrolet-Niva" salon filter? Replacement of this element is necessary in the event that the air flow from the stove suddenly decreased. If the car is equipped with air conditioning, a characteristic smell of mold will be released along with the air flow. If the element is not replaced in time, the radiator of the air conditioner will need to be cleaned. In rare cases, the weakening of the air flow is due to a broken motor of the stove. But first you need to check on the car "Chevrolet-Niva" salon filter. Replacement of this element in 80 percent of cases eliminates this malfunction. With the above symptoms, always check the element for soiling.


You can perform this procedure yourself withthe car "Chevrolet-Niva". Car service for this work will take about 500 rubles. To replace your own hands we will need a new filter, a minus screwdriver and a sealant. Open the hood of the car and find the body of the element. It is closed with a lid. Using a screwdriver, we pick the element and clean it from the old sealant. Also, it should be cleaned on the body itself. On some modifications, the lid is additionally fixed on the self-tapping screw. Here you need a Phillips screwdriver. If the sealant is severely withered and the lid is not removed, no effort is needed - so you will damage the element. Gently pull the edges along the entire perimeter. In extreme cases, heat it with a hairdryer. After that, remove the dirty filter element from the outside and install a new one.

where there is a salon filter
In view of the rectangular shape, confuse itthe location is very difficult. It is located with a foam rubber lip to the top of the bonnet. After this, along the entire perimeter of the cover, we spread the sealant and install the element in its place. To further dismantle, there is no problem, you should use a silicone sealant. It provides reliable protection against external factors, while it is easily removed on the plastic surface. Dries about a day. At this, the replacement of GM-AvtoVAZ car filter is completed. As you can see, everyone can cope with this. The interior will again get clean and fresh air. By the way, the photo below shows what the old and new element looks like.

Chevrolet Niva Salon Filter Replacement
As you can see, the degree of pollution is significant. Especially often it becomes contaminated during the May period, during poplar fluff.
chevrolet niva car service station
Therefore, some car owners install an additional mosquito net on its surface.

Is it possible to restore the old one?

It should be noted that the cabin filter, whether itmechanical or adsorption cleaning, is not subject to recovery. Purge and rinse the element with water will not help. You may be able to remove some of the dust, but there will be no effect from the work - dirty air will still enter the car. Also, any mechanical interference damages the layer and the internal structure of the filter. Costs it is inexpensive - about 300 rubles. Therefore, it does not make sense to restore it.

So, we found out where the salon filter on the Chevrolet-Niva car is and how to replace it.