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Denso spark plugs - reliable, time-tested

As is known, spark plugs used ininternal combustion engines, are designed to ignite the air-fuel mixture. Naturally, for the normal operation of the engine requires quality and serviceable spark plugs. And because the emergence of problems with the engine start, its unstable work at idle and increased fuel consumption say that it's time to change the candles.

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The starting points for choosing a candle are twoThe main points are the geometric parameters and the glow number. As for the first, a small candle simply can not be screwed into the engine, and if the length of the electrodes is longer than expected, this can lead to piston impacts on the electrodes and, consequently, to the engine failure. The caliber number of the candle determines the thermal mode of its operation. The higher it is (the "cold" candle), the higher temperatures it can work. A candle having a low value ("hot") will overheat much faster. Therefore, when choosing a candle, you should first carefully read the instructions to the car, which usually indicates interchangeable analogues.

One of the world's leading manufacturers in productionautomobile candles is the Japanese corporation Denso. Formed after the Second World War in 1949, this company specializes in the production of electrical equipment (ignition systems, generators, starters, magneto), as well as various components (compressors, oil filters, fuel pumps, radiators), not only for cars, but also for various household appliances. To the Russian consumer this manufacturer is known for producing its famous spark plugs Denso, reviews about which are simply full of positive assessments, which speak of their really high reliability.

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Denso produces three types of candles - standard, andalso Iridium and Platinum. Denso spark plugs are distinguished by their unique negative electrode, which has a u-shaped cutout at the base, which improves the quality of the engine, reduces the formation of carbon deposits, increases the economy. In addition, Denso spark plugs provide a softer and even engine start.

One of the latest developments is a candleignition Denso K20TT. Not containing precious metals, having thin (only 1.5 mm) lateral and central electrodes, it has characteristics similar to iridium candles, but at a much lower price. This candle provides a high incendiary ability, reliable starting of the engine in cold conditions, good acceleration and stable operation of the engine. The use of the Denso K20TT spark plug significantly reduces the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

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Despite the fact that modern spark plugshave not undergone significant changes in recent years, Denso is constantly working to improve the technology of production with the latest achievements of science and technology according to the standards established since 1959. And the main standard that distinguishes the Denso spark plugs is the complete absence of defects.