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Self cleaning injector

The most common problem of injection engines -pollution during operation. Therefore, every fifteen to twenty thousand kilometers of the car requires cleaning of the injector and injectors. Due to the high temperature in the engine, after its stopping, gasoline does not completely erode, and is partially deposited on the walls of internal parts. This can severely damage the motor. Is it possible to flush the injector yourself?

cleaning injector
To clean it from dirt, there are two ways: liquid washing and cleaning nozzles ultrasonic.

The most simple method is liquid washing.True, this method is very doubtful in its functionality. It consists in the fact that a special cleaning fluid is poured into the fuel tank. However, there are doubts: will all the details of the fuel-motor system withstand the action of these fluids and what is the effectiveness of this entire procedure. Ultrasonic washing is the best option, but you can not do without special equipment. Such cleaning of the injectors is carried out only in specialized services.

Cleaning the injector yourself

You will need electrical tape, a 12V bulb, a half meter hose, a button from the door bell, a pair of carburetor spray guns (sprayable).

  • First you need to remove the injectors themselves. First of all we detach

    self injector flushing
    battery terminals and wiring. Before removing it is better to record or somehow mark which wire is connected to.

  • Then we throw off the pressure in the fuel rail.This is very simple: on the ramp there is a special bolt, under which you need to put some small cloth, and after a little unscrew the bolt so that the fuel begins to ooze. When it stops flowing, you need to tighten the bolt back - the pressure is relieved. After this procedure, unscrew the screws securing the fuel rail and the nozzles to the manifold, and extract our entire structure.

  • Disconnect the injectors from the ramp.

  • The nozzles are arranged in this way: on one side there is a supply channel, and on the other hand there is a nebulizer that can

    cleaning of injectors
    covered with an oily coating of brown color. On some of these parts, a grid filter is located on the channel side, which must also be cleaned.

After this, it is necessary to assemble the structure,which will clean our injectors. For this, we reliably connect the tube of the can with the nozzle feed channel. Sometimes here you have to use electrical tape or even make an adapter from a hose.

Cleaning the injector:

  • Next, an electric circuit should be assembled, withby which we will clean the nozzles. So, with one wire connect the "+" battery and the prepared light bulb and "+" on the nozzle. The second wire is a "-" battery with a door bell and a "-" nozzle. After that, we press briefly on our balloon connected to the nozzle and create some pressure, press the bell button - the nozzle opens and a small uneven flame emits from it. Continue the procedure until the flame becomes uniform.

  • After cleaning all the nozzles, we collect them in the reverse order.

This completes the cleaning of the injector. After the procedure, by turning on the ignition to raise the pressure, check all connection points for leaks. If necessary, tighten everything. If this does not help, then you have to change the sealing materials to new ones.

When the leak tests were successful, and the engine works evenly, you can be happy, as you correctly cleaned the injector.