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Yamaha T-Max 500: specifications, tuning and reviews. Japanese scooters

Recently, scooters are getting biggerpopularity, because they are a cheaper and more convenient alternative to motorcycles, which are not so accessible to the average consumer. Especially worth noting is such a thing as a maxi scooter. Unlike conventional models, these have larger size, higher performance, and apparently not so much different from motorcycles. That's why such a version is gaining worldwide success, and many manufacturers are starting to release their analogues and improve previous vehicles in order to be able to promote their products to the masses. This article is about one of the most popular maxi scooter called Yamaha T-Max 500, which was first released more than fifteen years ago, but is still being improved and updated. Why is he so good? What are its technical characteristics? Meet the maxi scooter Yamaha T-Max 500 in all its glory.


Yamaha t max 500

"Yamaha T-Max 500" is one of the very firstmaxi scooters that appeared on the market. The Japanese company announced that it is going to release an unusual model in 2000, but only a year later it was put into production and put on the market. And even then this scooter began to gain admirers. People appreciated the unusual combination - a vehicle that represents something between the scooter and a full-fledged motorcycle. Since then, many manufacturers have started producing maxi-scooters, some of them are not even embarrassed and directly copy what they created in Yamaha. But it can be said with certainty that it was the products of this enterprise that turned out to be the most impressive. Fifteen years have passed, and Yamaha T-Max 500 is still in production. Several generations of this scooter have changed, and the latest versions look incredibly attractive.

Maxi-scooters in Japan and the world

Japanese scooters

Japanese scooters are considered one of the mostpopular and successful all over the world, and the leader in their production is precisely Yamaha. However, it should be noted that the maxi-skaters appeared relatively recently compared to motorcycles. More precisely, their debut took place in 1994. It was then that the first model of "Yamaha T" appeared, from which the scooter developed in this article developed. What is it different from the others? The fact is that the letter in the title - "T" - is an abbreviation for twin, that is, "double". This indicates first of all that this scooter, unlike conventional scooters, uses a two-cylinder engine, and secondly, this letter demonstrates that this model has a dual purpose, that is, it can be used both as a scooter and as a motorcycle . Since then, there have appeared a variety of Japanese scooters and models from other manufacturers, which combined both functions, but this one has become a landmark in history.

Specifications: engine

yamaha t max 500

Since we are talking about the engine that is suppliedthis scooter, it is worth a closer look at this heart of the model Yamaha T-Max 500. First of all you should know that this motor is four-stroke, has liquid cooling, and is equipped with four valves for each of the two cylinders. Its volume makes 499 centimeters cubic, and capacity - 44 horsepowers. Also worth noting is a good torque, which is 45 Nm. These are the basic parameters, but if you talk about more specific features, then you should know that this engine has an injector fuel delivery system, and the clutch has a multi-disk automatic. And, of course, it is worth noting that the volume of the fuel tank of this model is fifteen liters. However, the engine is not all that the Yamaha T-Max 500 scooter has.

Scooter frame

new scooters

As mentioned earlier, this model comes outfor a long time, so do not be surprised that the frame of each of them will be a little different. The new scooters get a more modern look, so the frame also changes accordingly. This article will describe the latest generation of these scooters, which was launched on sale relatively recently - in 2012. So, the front suspension in this model is made in the form of a telescopic fork, and the rear one is a pendulum arm. The front wheel has two brake discs with diameters of 267 millimeters, and on the rear wheel there is exactly the same one. The size of the front tire is 120 to 70, while the rear is slightly different parameters - 160 to 60. And, of course, it is worth noting that the new scooters do not look like the representatives of the previous generation, and even more noticeable difference, if we compare the last generation with the first.


Yamaha t max 500 specifications

Since we are talking about the appearance of a scooter"Yamaha T-Max 500", the technical specifications of this model also include its overall dimensions. The length of this scooter is about 2.2 meters, width - 77 centimeters, and in height - 1.4 meters. The length of the wheelbase is one and a half meters, and the height, measured not in general, but on the seat, is 80 centimeters. In addition to the basic parameters, there is also a minimum ground clearance, which this scooter is 12 and a half centimeters. As for the mass, then, compared to previous generations, the new model has improved - now it weighs 208 kilograms, which is a very good indicator for such a vehicle. At the same time, all scooter instruments remained in place, that is, the loss in mass occurred not due to the rejection of important elements.

Two options

scooter devices

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact thatthe Yamaha T-Max 500 is available in two versions - conventional and special. What is the difference between them? In fact, the difference is rather small and weak, but it is still there. Manufacturers have designated a special version, designed for long trips - in other words, a tourist one. This tourist modification has some differences, such as a less massive fairing, a modified optics, a more impressive windscreen, and an additional tuning of the suspension so that on the road you can go more conveniently. Thus, you can independently make tuning "Yamaha T-Max 500", while not needing any additional tools. But if you want, you can get an ordinary model and protyuning it with your own hands, as will be discussed later.

Improved braking system

yaks maxi

The Yamaha T-Max 500 scooter also has oneA feature that you can get for a small extra fee. The fact is that the manufacturer allows the buyer to choose a brake system, and if you want to pay a little more, you can get an ABS system that is much more reliable and efficient, electrically-controlled and the most progressive to date. But, as in the case with the tourist version, no one obliges you to make such a choice, so you can stop at the standard brakes. In the case of the Yamaha T-Max 500 scooter, the feedback on the basic brake system is good, so you can opt for ABS only with a strong desire - there is definitely no need for it. However, user reviews will be discussed in more detail later.

High competitiveness

Many people may ask: but why buy such a maxi-scooter, if you can buy a motorcycle-turer and with pleasure to travel on it? But in practice, practice shows that already a huge number of people have opted for this model for a variety of reasons. And if you think that the scooter can not be as comfortable as a motorcycle, then you should pay attention to the fact that this model has absolutely all the necessary accessories that can be found on any turret of the latest generation - including even heated ones Handles and seats for those who like to travel at night or during the cold season. As it was said earlier, in recent years maxi-scooters are not much inferior to high-grade motorcycles.

Speed ​​indicators

Particular attention should be given to what kind ofspeed is able to develop this scooter. People are used to the fact that such a vehicle is a kind of toy that can drive no more than sixty kilometers per hour. Of course, there are scooters that even teenagers can ride, but this model, like many modern highly specialized scooters, can demonstrate incredible performance. For example, this scooter can accelerate to 187 kilometers per hour, which is very good. Naturally, this can not be compared with the latest generation of motorcycles, which can be accelerated to more than 300 kilometers per hour, but it should be understood that the maxi scooter does not set itself the task of overtaking the motorcycle in the speed race. And in the race of sales this vehicle adds every year.


As for tuning, many usersThis scooter is reported that if you want it can be very good "pumping", and you can start with the engine and brakes and finish even the hull itself. Naturally, many people concentrate on pumping the suspension, because with her this model has some difficulties. And it's not even in the quality of performance, because here it is at the highest level. More about the drawbacks of the suspension you will find out later, when reviews on this scooter will be considered. Now it's time to figure out how much it will cost to buy such a scooter of the last generation. After all, not everyone is willing to spend a round sum to buy a scooter, when you can add a little and buy a motorcycle already.


If you are looking for used scooters, then,it is likely to be able to find more profitable offers. However, if we consider just the new models that are bought immediately after their production, then the prices may vary depending on the equipment that you choose for your scooter. The most basic version costs about 830 thousand Russian rubles, but, as you remember, you can supply it with a modern brake system, heated accessories - or even choose a tourist version of the model. All this can gradually increase the cost until it reaches its maximum level. A fully staffed maxi-scooter of this model will cost you a hundred thousand rubles more, so you will need to wisely choose which components you want to see in your vehicle.

Positive reviews

First of all it is necessary to consider the positivereviews of those people who own this scooter or had the opportunity to spend behind his wheel so much time to form any clear and reasoned opinion. So, most people are celebrating the outstanding design of this vehicle - especially compared to how the scooter started in 2001. Also people like the speed of this model, and in addition to it the sound of the motor with a lot of overclocking. Virtually everyone notes the high quality of the assembly and reliability in use. Some particularly highlight the fact that the maxi scooter at its large size does not require a huge amount of fuel, and is also extremely easy to manage. At the same time, the advantages are also recorded impressive protection from the wind - of course, especially in the case of the tourist model.

Negative feedback

Specifically negative reviews for this scooteralmost no - most people simply note some of its shortcomings in their positive reviews. And this can be easily understood by the fact that they allocate only two shortcomings, both of which are repeated from the review to the review. The first is a suspension, this deficiency has already been mentioned in the article. The fact is that the suspension of this scooter was developed for Europe and, accordingly, for European roads, such as the German Autobahn. Therefore, the suspension here is extremely sensitive, and if you go on a rough road, you will feel every bump on which you ride. The second drawback is the high cost of repair and maintenance. Indeed, this scooter itself is not so cheap, but at the same time repair it - it's a real nightmare. Therefore, it is much easier not to break it, that is, ride carefully and wisely.