/ How to identify and fix a malfunction of light dimensions?

How to identify and eliminate a malfunction of light dimensions?

Malfunction of light dimensions
All available in the base carlight devices are designed to simplify management, as well as improve the safety of the driver and other road users on the route. Of particular importance are the light dimensions of the machine. It is they in the dark give an introduction to other car owners and pedestrians about the size of the car. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain these devices in a working and clean state. Traffic regulations stipulate this case. If these devices have any problems, then the car has no right to move. However, now we will consider in more detail some of the causes that led to a malfunction of light dimensions.

One of the first and most commonbreakages can be called the breakage of any connecting wire in the system. This can be checked by connecting special signal or control lamps to the part of the wiring where the damage could have been suspected. Thus, the location of the fault is detected, and you can take the necessary measures to eliminate it, for example, install a new wire to replace the old one.

Diode dimensions

Widespread is also a malfunctionlight dimensions, associated with the burning of filaments in lamps lamps and headlights. In this case, everything is quite simple: you just need to remove the protective cap and change the element. Of course, many modern motorists prefer to traditional incandescent lamps more economical and efficient LED. They are combined for convenience in so-called "tapes", which effectively designate your car on the road. Diode dimensions are economical and have a sufficiently long life. In addition, the lighting characteristics, which are inherent in this type of light devices, have higher indicators than similar and traditional incandescent lamps. Another undoubted advantage is their small size, as well as a relatively low cost. Buy new light bulbs in the dimensions of both the first and second type can be found in almost any auto parts store. In the same place you can always consult and choose the most suitable option for you to designate a car on the road.

Light bulbs in size

A serious enough type of failure is a short oneshort circuit in the wiring. This malfunction of light dimensions can be eliminated only at a specialized maintenance station, since there are all kinds of devices for detecting "burnt out" elements. After passing the diagnosis you will be given a detailed report on the condition of your car and will carry out all the required work.

The following failure of light dimensions -failure of switching devices in the electric wiring of the machine. It can be a switch, a fuse, a relay-interrupter and many other elements of the electrical network. This type of malfunction can be eliminated in most cases by timely replacement of these parts.

In order to be sure of the serviceability of your car, you should stop by STO not only with a breakdown, but also for passing the diagnosis. This will protect you and your loved ones.