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Lifan 820: specifications and reviews of experts about the Chinese novelty

Lifan 820 is the next car from alreadywhich became a famous Chinese manufacturer. This concern has recently become very popular to release various new products, and most of them are exported to Russia. In this model, new design features and improved technology are clearly traced.

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The first thing to note is the appearancemodel. Designers, designing the Lifan 820, did their best to add to its image similarity with the famous cars from BMW, Audi and Lexus. People like beautiful cars, because the designers decided to try, so that the Chinese novelty attracted attention. Well, let something clearly copied - the concern does not hide it. And we must admit - frank plagiarism "Lifan" never did. Everything is reasonable and reasonable.

The silhouette was very expressive. If you pay attention to the front, you can see how it looks like the cult "Audi R8". The shape of the optics is almost identical. True, Lifan has more ground clearance, because of what it loses the unique sportiness that is inherent in Audi. And in general the car is already a German sports car. The radiator grill was also tried to be repeated, but it did not look very much like - what, what kind of individuality. True, it looks good anyway, very even harmoniously.

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Lifan 820 can please smalla variety of engines. In general, a wide range of various technical proposals is already a classic, so to speak, if it is a question of a Chinese concern. And it can not but rejoice.

What, what can surprise Lifan 820? Technical characteristics of it are not bad - take, for example, the basic 1.8-liter 133-horsepower motor. He already knows a lot about the car, known as the X60. And on some other machines of the concern it was installed.

Still potential buyers are offered 2.4-liter power unit, producing 160 horsepower. There is a turbocharged two-liter engine in the line. He produces as many as 210 horses - not bad for China!

What about the gearbox? It is offered either to all the usual standard in the form of a 5-speed mechanics, or a 6-speed automatic transmission.

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The manufacturer created this car with the purpose ofto please potential buyers with a high level of security. Strictly speaking, he managed to do it - on the C-NCAP test the car got five stars. So a certain step forward the manufacturer made. The body is made of high-strength steel - it also pleases. The cabin equipment is not bad - the steering column is trauma-safe, there are also side and front cushions and active headrests. Top models can boast of curtain airbags. Plus, it was decided to add a set of electronic assistants.

In the basic configuration, the car wasan extended electrical package and, in addition, an entertainment multimedia system, cruise control, air conditioning and adjustable front seats. The top model is characterized by a parrot, a sunroof (panoramic), two-zone climate control and a rear-view camera. So in terms of bundling the car is not bad - in any case, the basic options for creating comfort are available.

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What do experts say?

Of course, the sedan Lifan 820 received a lotconflicting reviews. In particular, from Russian critics. And despite the fact that the company "Lifan" involved in the work of professional specialists in the field of mechanical engineering, they could not do an ideal transport.

The cost of the car is 18 thousand dollars. At the current rate this is 1 285 000 rubles. And all Russians fairly believe that the price is clearly overstated. Our people are not ready to pay such a sum for a Chinese car with the proposed characteristics. For the sake of comparison: for the same money you can buy in excellent condition Mercedes E-Class 2009 with a 170-horsepower engine or BMW X5 with a motor for 235 horses and the maximum configuration.

So this price is indecently high. In the car Lifan 820 too many flaws - this is the first. Materials used in the finish, do not shine with quality (also savings from the manufacturer). In the layout and assembly are also visible shortcomings, judging by the test drive. And there is no uniqueness in this car. So the price should be lowered - and then, maybe, there will be a demand. Such here leave the critics and experts about the car Lifan 820 reviews.