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Minivan "Chevrolet Lumina": specifications, photos and reviews

Under the name "Chevrolet Lumina" in the 90s waswidely known American minivan, manufactured by the automobile company General Motors. Production lasted from 1990 to 1996, after which it was replaced by a more modern model, which was Chevrolet Venture. But in these six years, Lumina APV has become very popular.

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Briefly about the model

Prior to the release of Chevrolet Lumina, GeneralMotors twice attempted to create a minivan that could compete with such popular cars as Plymouth Voyager and Dodge Caravan. Those models were known as Chevrolet Astro and GMC Safari. They were almost identical to each other. And both attempts ended in failure, but the concern decided not to give up.

As a result, Lumina APV was released.Auto for all possibilities - this is how the abbreviation of three letters is translated into Russian. And the car with an unusual design and innovative features has gained popularity. It was a real success for General Motors.


A characteristic external feature of the minivan"Chevrolet-Lumina" are coincident angles of inclination and windshield. This is not only an interesting design element, but also a practical nuance. Indeed, due to this design, the counterflow is distributed most optimally when the vehicle moves. Another highlight is the narrow front headlights, neat oval bumper and a radiator grill with a logo printed with a horizontal bar. By the way, if you look at this machine, you can see that it does not have right angles. Its image is dominated by soft, smooth forms, due to which the body looks even streamlined.

In the rest - everything, as well as at typical minivans.A short front end, wide doorways and a durable body made of solid metal. Sliding door leading to the passenger compartment is located only on one side. By the way, one more feature can be considered oriented in the vertical position of the parking lights. And the swinging luggage compartment door.

What about dimensions? In length this car reaches 4933 mm. Its width is 1877 mm, and the height is 1656 mm.

chevrolet lumina minivan specification

Interior decoration

Inside the Chevrolet Lumina it looks simple, but cozy.The design of the interior used a soft velvet fabric, and the floor designers decided to lined with carpet. Also, the developers took care of the soundproofing by inserting in the door elements that absorb noise.

This car is designed for 7 people.In the minivan there are 7 convenient adjustable seats. And the middle seat of the second row is equipped with a transformation function. With a light movement of his hand, you can turn it into a wide table. On it for this, even there are grooves under the glasses. If they are not needed, they can be closed with plugs. By the way, and between the front seats there is a plastic stand, designed for glasses.

It is also worth noting that the steering column of thisThe minivan can be adjusted both by the angle of inclination and by the flight. The instrument panel is covered with a wide rectangular visor, and on the console you can see the elements of climate control, a radio and ventilating deflectors. It is also important to mention that the driver's seat is also equipped with a variety of settings, so that a person of any complexity can easily find a job.

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Technical features

They also need to be mentioned when talking aboutsuch a minivan as Chevrolet Lumina. Minivan specifications are not bad. Under the hood of this model was installed 3.1-liter 2-valve engine, which produced 120 "horses". Such an aggregate car was enough to accelerate to a maximum of 160 km / h. And the "hundred" he exchanged, by the way, after 13 seconds after the start of the movement.

The motor of this front-wheel drive van worked in tandem with a 3-speed automatic. And he also had excellent disc and drum brakes.

By the way, this minivan had a 76-liter fuelThe tank, which at full refueling was enough for 650 kilometers of run in a mixed mode. Quite a modest "appetite" had a "Chevrolet Lumina" (minivan). The fuel consumption was only 11.7 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers in a combined cycle.

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So, proceeding from the aforesaid, it is possible to understand,which is the Chevrolet Lumina (minivan) characteristic. Now it is worth looking at the comments that the people who own this model leave about this minivan.

Many people call the Chevrolet Lumina APV a ship. And not only because of its appearance and dimensions. "The ship" is because it literally floats on the way. Manage this - a complete pleasure. Especially at high speed, when the car is pressed to the ground due to its aerodynamics.

But along with the pluses there are disadvantages. Negative moment in terms of controllability is one, and it is in the suspension. People who own Lumina APV say that this is the weak point of the minivan. Because of the suspension, the entire mass of the car falls on the front. In this situation, as the owners assure, the most important thing is to get used to perceive steering and ball tips as an expendable material. Which, by the way, is not very expensive.

chevrolet lumina minivan reviews


A lot of interesting things can be told by people,owning a car "Chevrolet Lumina." Minivan reviews get very different. But mostly positive. People pay attention to the excellent visibility and soft work of the "machine". The transmissions are very smoothly switched. Those who have something to compare, they say that it's even better than on newer cars in the middle of 2000. Even more attention is paid to the engine. Even in the most severe frosts, the engine starts at the first time.

And of course, everyone is delighted with the internalfree space. In this respect, the Chevrolet Lumina (minivan) owner's feedback is extremely positive. Rear seats very much. You can just lie down and sleep in comfort. Especially if the front seats maximally move forward.

But people abuse the passability of this car. The clearance is 17.5 centimeters, but at full loading it decreases. On a bad canvas on this car it is better to drive carefully, and off-road and at all should be avoided.

Chevrolet Lumina minivan technical characteristics


This is the last thing I'd like to talk about. Chevrolet Lumina APV is a solid, reliable and comfortable minivan. Many people, choosing themselves a budget and capacious car, come to the conclusion that they need this particular model. And find now this machine on sale can be quite.

For a well-maintained car in good conditionwill have to pay only 150 000 rubles. There are, of course, versions and cheaper, up to 100 000 rubles. But with such machines, as a rule, there are problems in the form of corrosion, broken suspension, etc.

So if a person needs an economical minivan, Lumina APV will be an excellent option. Numerous positive reviews are the best evidence of this.