/ / Fills the candles on the injector, what should I do? Fills the candles VAZ-2110, 2109 (injector)

Fills the candles on the injector, what should I do? Fills the candles VAZ-2110, 2109 (injector)

Probably, every motorist faced such aproblem, when after a short idle the car suddenly refused to start. And there can be a dozen reasons for this. The most likely one is a discharged battery. However, something else may happen - for example, the car stopped running because of fuel ingress on candles. And not only on carburettor cars it is flooded with candles. VAZ-2110 (injector), "Priora" and many other machines are also not insured against this trouble.

floods the candles on the injector
Exception is not even foreign cars. That is why in today's article we will look at why it fills the candles on the injector and how to fix this problem.


The most common of these is incorrectthe operation of the electronic unit of the car. What is most interesting - floods the candles on the injector more often in winter at negative temperatures than in summer. And this is not an anomaly. For that there are objective reasons. With a decrease in temperature, the mixing of the fuel-air mixture is complicated by the fact that a large amount of oxygen requires a large volume of gasoline in cold air. In this regard, the electronic control unit gives a signal to the fuel injectors, thereby increasing the amount of fluid supply. This is the main reason why the candle is flooded.

floods the spark plugs VAZ 2110 injector

And what happens at that moment in the engine? The nozzles feed gasoline into the combustion chamber of the motor, the starter at this time tries to create the necessary compression in the cylinders, while trying to produce a spark to generate a flash. In this case, do not forget about the quality of our fuel - a lot of impurities and dirt significantly exacerbates the work of the injectors, hence the corresponding trouble.

With perfect compression, candles canto launch even with a minimum momentum, but this happens only on new cars. Therefore, it fills the candles on the injector more often on machines older than 3-5 years.

What happens?

As a result, we get a weak spark,compression in the cold does not correspond to normal parameters. And the jets at this time continue to feed gasoline into the combustion chamber, which also floods the candles, and they, in turn, cease to generate a spark to ignite the mixture. Thus, the car stops normally starting, and when you unscrew candles you can visually see the accumulation of foreign liquids on their surface.

Problem solving

How to fix this problem? In the manual for modern cars, the following is written: "If you fill in the candles on the injector, you need to unscrew them and carefully dry them." Thus the starter needs to be scrolled within 10-15 seconds after removal of the given elements. Next, the dried candles are back inserted into their original place, and then the engine starts. In this way, we are offered to eliminate the problem of the automaker.

why does it fill the candles on the injector

But there is one more, folk, way to eliminateof this misfortune. If you fill the candles with a cold one (injector), before you unscrew and dry them, start the engine as follows. For the injector engine, the gas pedal is squeezed to the floor until it stops, the starter scrolls the motor for about 10-15 seconds, then the pedal is released. In most cases it helps to start the car. The essence of these manipulations is to purge the air with "wet" candles (at the same time, the fuel supply is completely blocked).

What can I do if the engine does not start after that?

In this case, it is necessary to dry these elements. In general, the candles that go to the injector motors are no different from those that are installed on the carburetor, so the below described method can be considered universally applicable.

floods the candles on a cold injector

The method is as follows. After unscrewing the candles are cleaned with a special metal brush from the accumulated deposit, then dried with a conventional hair dryer. Alternatively, you can hold them over the burners of the gas stove. Then the gap is checked, and the dried candles are screwed back into place. In this case, the engine will start at exactly the right temperature.

What if I fill in the candles on the injector every day?

It happens that gasoline gets there every timemorning. Of course, every day to carry out similar work on drying quickly bored even the most patient motorist, so in this situation, we send the machine for diagnosis. You can order this service on the SRT, and you can do it yourself. In the latter version, you should diagnose the spark plugs for the quality of the spark generation, its output from the ignition coil, check the cleanliness of the injectors and the operation of the Hall sensor. Perhaps the problem lies in one of these details.

Under what conditions will the candle not be filled with gasoline?

In order to suddenly not face thea similar problem in the garage, you should keep your car always in a technically sound condition. Conditions that exclude the occurrence of this problem are:

  1. A good starter.
  2. Well-charged battery.
  3. Availability of high-quality candles and high voltage wires.
  4. Timely cleaning and adjustment of fuelinjector injectors. It is not recommended to use special additives in the tank for this. It is best to clean the nozzles using the equipment intended for this purpose (in which case you can make such tools yourself). Fills the candles (VAZ-2110 - injector - including) often for this reason.
  5. Presence of high-quality gasoline. At our gas stations it is very difficult to find it, however, in order to avoid trouble, find one gas station network on which really high-quality gasoline is sold, and refuel there. Be sure - the risks of premature contamination of the fuel system will be reduced tens of times.
    why does it fill the candle

Finally, we note another popular wayprevention. According to him, you should regularly (3-4 times a week) for 10 seconds to increase engine speed to a red scale (4.5-5 thousand revolutions), so that self-cleaning of the deposit in the combustion chamber of the internal combustion engine takes place.

Thus, we examined the factors of fuel generation in candles and learned how to solve this problem.