/ How is the adjustment of the VAZ 2109 valves carried out?

How is the adjustment of the VAZ 2109 valves carried out?

In many respects the serviceability of the car depends onthe state of the engine, the fuel system and the exhaust of the exhaust gases. And if your VAZ suddenly began to lose power, and from its exhaust pipe "shots" are heard, it means that the machine needs adjustment of the valves. VAZ 2109 is designed in such a way that its design is similar to the 99th Lada and G8, so the owners of these cars will also be interested in this article.

Valve adjustment VAZ 2109

Manual adjustment instructions

First of all, we need to prepare allappropriate tools. For work we will need a feeler gauge, as well as 2 keys for 13 and 17 millimeters. With these tools, you can safely get down to work.

In what order do you work?

So, first you need to crank the crankshaftin the BMT position. To do this, turn the mechanism until all the marks on the asterisk and on the casing of the camshaft box coincide on it. Next, the adjustment of the valves is performed. VAZ 2109 ("nine") is repaired as follows. For the beginning, the sixth and eighth valves are regulated. Then proceed to the fourth and seventh. But, before adjusting the last pair of valves, it is necessary to turn the crankshaft by 180 °. Rotate only clockwise. Then again, rotate the crankshaft to the same 180 °. But now the valve clearances of VAZ 2109 number I and III are regulated. After this, repeat the previous step and go to the details under the numbers 5 and 2.

valve clearances VAZ 2109

How is the gap adjusted?

And now more in detail about how theValve adjustment VAZ 2109. First insert the probe into the gap between the cam and the camshaft lever. If it passes without a lot of effort, it means that it is not necessary to adjust the part. If the stylus is stuck in the gap or, conversely, has gone too freely, the adjustment of the VAZ 2109 valves is mandatory. In this case, take two carabiners for keys 13 and 17, and with them release the lock nut of the adjusting bolt. Now the gap must be rotated to the desired angle. Everything, at this stage, the adjustment of the valves is complete.

What is the value of the gap on the "nine"?

In general, on all domestic cars giventhe value is the same, regardless of how the timing is arranged there. The size of the gap should be exactly 0.15 millimeters. If this value is less than or greater than the norm, then you need to make adjustments.


Of course, the work of the engine after these works willmore stable, but it is not worth hoping for an increase in power above the norm. To do this, the owners often make tuning carburetor VAZ 2109. How to do this, we will tell you in detail in a separate article.

tuning carburetor VAZ 2109

And finally, on how oftenthe valve VAZ 2109 is adjusted. As the car wears constantly, this process should be performed at least 20-30 thousand kilometers. Also, the adjustment is made during the analysis of the cylinder head, and without fail. These were all recommendations for the successful adjustment of valves.