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Screeds for cargo: types and features of operation

Ties for cargo arespecialized devices used on railway, automobile platforms, on the decks of water transport for securing cargo of various types. They provide reliable fixation by pressing against the platform, preventing displacement when driving on poor-quality road surface, slopes and sharp turns. In addition, they prevent the spillage of prefabricated goods such as logs, blocks or boxes. The use of this element is regulated by the rules of transportation, so it must be equipped with any transport intended for cargo transportation.

screed for cargo


Screeds for cargo vehicles for functional purposes and execution are divided into two types:

  • compound has two belts of different lengths, one is connected with a ratchet device, the other has a free end and a hook;
  • The ring ties for the load are connected by a ratchet mechanism and look like a looped belt.

The first option became the most widespread due to the possibility of using with platforms of any kind and fixing of loose cargo.


Ring ties for cargo consist of onebelt, connected by one side with a ratchet mechanism, with no fasteners and hooks. Both belts of the composite version are connected to the ratchet and have fasteners on the other end in the form of a carbine or a hook. Ratchet is a simple version of the ratchet mechanism, equipped with a lever drive, with which it is possible to fix and select the length of the belt. The basis is a metal frame on which a short belt and a drum with a hole for the free part of the long belt are fixed. On both sides of the drum there are gears, to which the handle is pressed. The mechanism is locked by means of a bolt. It is also used to loosen the system to unhinderedly pull the belt, it is enough to pull the latch and raise the lever.

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For the fabrication of screeds, polymericsynthetic fibers, for example, kapron, nylon and polyester. Materials are resistant to the effects of exhaust gas, alkali, gasoline, lubricants, dirt and humidity, are capable of withstanding heavy loads and have high strength. The quality of polymer belts is invariable under a wide temperature range, so they can be used in any latitudes.

Ties for cargo


Before selecting the screed for the loadautomobile photos of which are presented above, it is necessary to make sure that they correspond to the characteristics of the transport and the type of cargo. Of particular importance are the dimensions and mass of goods transported. There are two main ways of fixing: anchor and mantle. In the first variant, at least four belts are used for fastening, which are connected both on the platform and on the load. The folding method requires the use of two belts connected on a platform.

Transportation of any goods must be carried out incompliance with safety rules. Particular attention should be paid to the condition of the screeds, in particular the integrity of the latches and belts, the functioning of the ratchet. Replacement of elements should be made at the appearance of the slightest damage. It is not always necessary to purchase the entire structure, it may be sufficient to install a new mechanism or belt. Screeds for cargo should not have mechanical damages and ruptures, it is necessary for qualitative fastening of subjects and providing of safety of both the driver and other participants of movement.