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Motor show "Astoria Motors", SPb: reviews, address, special offers

A car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation.This phrase became really winged. Without own transport it is very difficult to be in time everywhere. It is no coincidence that practically every family has at least one car. The machine is acquired by young people only when they reach adulthood. On your vehicle, you can get to the university much quicker. Excellent cars at attractive prices offer a car dealership "Astoria Motors" (St. Petersburg). Reviews about him can be heard at most positive.

Basic information

Salon Astoria Motors (St. Petersburg) has wontrust of many thanks to an individual approach, attractive prices, loyal terms of cooperation. If the money to buy a car is not enough, the manager will offer to draw up a loan agreement. You can always agree! Concluding a deal with a car dealership, you do not have to be afraid of buying a cat in a bag. Before selling all cars are tested. Each customer has the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of the selected vehicle.

The motor show is located at: Sofia Street, 4A.You can find out the information of interest by the number of the free hotline 8 (800) 555-74-70. The institution has a convenient location with excellent transport interchange. The nearest metro station is Bucharest. You can get to the car dealership by bus number 344, 401, route taxi No. K344, K170.

What kind of cars are offered?

Motor show "Astoria Motors" (Peter)specializes in new cars. However, on the sale there are also vehicles that have already been in use. There is a Trade-in program that allows you to change the old machine to a new one. At the same time, customers who do not have sufficient financial resources can buy a used car at an attractive price.

Offers a truly wide range of productsmotor show "Astoria Motors" (St. Petersburg). The reviews show that cars from 30 brands are offered here. The most popular models are Chevrolet, Kia, Lada, Chery, GAZ. Everyone can choose a vehicle to their liking. Family variants are offered, as well as machines for business. The manager of the showroom will help to choose the model in accordance with the requirements of the client.

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If you believe the reviews, the most in demandtoday there are vehicles from the category "station wagon". The name speaks for itself. Salon Astoria Motors (St. Petersburg) offers such cars in a wide range. Machines with a large luggage compartment and several variants of salon transformation are suitable for both family use and long trips. You can use universal for business. The cost of cars in this category will be from 700 thousand rubles. Sufficiently in demand is the Chevrolet Cruze SW model with an excellent package. In the salon "Astoria Motors" (Sofia Street), this car can be purchased for 707 thousand rubles.

Popularity is also used by transportmeans of the brand "Renault". The Logan model can be purchased at the salon for only 340 thousand rubles. Astoria Motors is the official dealer of Renault, so buying cars from this brand, everyone can save a lot. "Renault Logan" is an economical car that is adapted to the harsh domestic conditions. On it you can travel not only along the flat roads of the megalopolis, but also along the country trails of the provinces. The reviews show that the car has a high level of reliability.

"Astriya Motors" is also an official dealerChevrolet. In this category, the most important model remains Aveo. The popularity of cars with a body type hatchback. Such machines are roomy and perfectly suitable for family use.

Installment and credit

Not everyone today can affordpurchase a new vehicle. It takes several years to save money. The Astoria Motors dealer offers two options for solving the problem. You can buy a car with a mileage, which came under the exchange program, or arrange installments. In this case, you can not completely overpay. The contract is concluded for a period of one year. Provided that the vehicle costs less than 600 thousand rubles, you can not make an advance. If the installment amount is up to 800 thousand rubles, you will have to pay an advance of 20% of the cost of the car. Such an agreement is convenient because the annual rate is 0%. It should be taken into account that in 12 months it is necessary to pay off the debt.

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For a longer period of time,credit agreement. At the same time the car "Astoria Motors" offers a discount of 40 thousand rubles. The salon cooperates with 20 popular domestic banks. Therefore, it will not be difficult to find convenient credit conditions. All that a client needs to do is provide a passport, an identification code, and a certificate of income. The only negative - to formalize the contract will not be able to people who can not officially confirm their income.

Offers loyal credit conditionsmotor show "Astoria Motors" (St. Petersburg). Reviews show that overpayment is minimal, if you repay the debt for 2-3 years. The maximum period is 7 years. Early repayment of the loan is carried out without additional commissions and fines. Many are attracted by the special offer "Astoria Motors" - the opportunity to use the old car under the Trade-in program as a down payment on a loan for a new vehicle.

Auto Insurance

Situations on the road are very different. To guess when it is necessary to face an accident is impossible. At the same time, a new car with an excellent braking system, good steering control can not guarantee safety. To avoid unpredictable costs, right after the purchase of the car, Astoria Motors Salon proposes to issue an insurance contract. The institution employs specialists who, in accordance with the requirements of the client, will be able to select a suitable obligatory (OSAGO) or voluntary (CASCO) insurance policy.

Sofiyskaya Street
The partners of the show are companies thatwork in the insurance market for a long time and have time to prove themselves on the good side. These are such organizations as "Reso Guaranty", "Renaissance Insurance", "Ingosstrakh", etc. The partnership allows us to offer our services to the clients of the car dealership on more favorable terms - those who draw up the insurance contract on the spot significantly reduce the level of expenses.

Delivery and accompaniment of cars

Why do many choose today for cooperationmotor show "Astoria Motors" (St. Petersburg)? The reviews show that the company offers a truly complete customer service cycle. The selected vehicle can be delivered to the buyer directly at home. This means that to buy a car you do not need to go directly to the salon in St. Petersburg. It is enough to choose a model through the official website, contact the manager and clarify the availability. After agreeing details, it remains only to pay for the chosen model and expect its delivery.

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The transfer of the car can be carried out by twoways. More demanded and safe is the delivery of a special vehicle - an evacuator or an autocart. For those who want to save money, but can not independently come to the showroom, you can use the services of a ferryman. This is a company employee who has extensive driving experience and can drive the car to any specified point.

Many people in St. Petersburg know the address of the street. Sofiyskaya, 4A. "Astoria Motors" is a well-known auto show, which will not be difficult to get to. Problems arise for customers who first came to the northern capital. For such buyers, a special escort service operates. The employee of the salon will help you get to the Ring Road, orient in the right direction. And then the navigator will come to the rescue.

Registration of a car in the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate

The first thing you need to do to a happy ownera new vehicle, this put it on the record in the traffic police. This is necessary for legal and safe movement around the country, as well as for state accounting of taxes. At first glance, it may seem that the design of all necessary documents is a fairly simple task. In fact, all the manipulations are reduced to carrying out a huge amount of time in queues. Save time will help the company Astoria Motors.

Customer reviews show that registrationthe car in the traffic police specialists is done quickly enough. If you make a deal before lunch, then in the evening you will be able to pick up the vehicle with all the documents. It is very convenient. After all, an independent registration can take up to three working days. Employees of the car dealers have the necessary exits in the traffic police, which allow to register in a short time.

Technical Center Astoria Motors

Any car can last much longerwith competent care. Well, if the service is carried out by a qualified specialist who knows all the technical features of a particular car. Astoria Motors owns its own service center. The combination of high professionalism of staff and the latest multifunctional equipment does its job. Here you can bring to the diagnosis of any cars, including those that were recently purchased in the showroom.

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The plus is that in the client basefixes all the failures that they had to face. That is, at the subsequent reference the expert already will know, on what first of all it is necessary to pay attention.

The technical center is equipped with the necessaryequipment for repairing cars of those brands that are offered by the salon. The repair specialist conducts diagnostics, indicates the existing breakdowns and calculates the work. The client already knows the forthcoming financial costs. If you want, you can contact another technical center. Although this is not necessary. The reviews show that the repair work at Astoria Motors is carried out at affordable market prices.

Installation of additional equipment

A car for many is an expensive pleasure,attracting the attention of ill-wishers. Therefore, every owner of the machine must take care of its safety in advance. Official dealer of Renault "Astoria Motors" offers to install additional equipment that will ensure the safety of the vehicle. Car alarm today remains one of the most reliable means of protecting the car from encroachment. Astoria Motors offers a wide range of security systems in various price categories. Here you can not only buy anti-theft equipment, but also immediately install it. All works are carried out by qualified specialists.

For an inexperienced driver, check-out for crowdedstreets are a real stress. The most complex parking is considered. To feel more confident and not afraid to damage your own or someone else's car, it is worth buying a parking sensor. Parking sensors warn of approaching fixed objects, allow you to more successfully put the car in a parking lot. Specialists of "Astoria Motors" will help to choose a parking aid for a particular model of the car.

Multimedia panel - another irreplaceable thingin a modern car. A multifunctional device can be used as an assistant for the car owner or as a means of entertainment. Rear-view camera, navigator, player, parktronic - all in one device. In the showroom "Astoria Motors" you can pick up a multimedia system in accordance with the brand of the car.

Recycling and redemption of cars

It often happens that the car owner simply does notknows where to put the old vehicle on the go. In this case, the machines for a long time stand in residential areas at the entrances, worsen the environmental situation or simply interfere with the tenants. Meanwhile, not many know that since 2003, there is a law prescribing to fine owners for storing dismantled vehicles that are not in operation. For such a violation you will have to pay a fine of 2000 rubles. In addition, you will have to undergo compulsory disposal of the old car.

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Avoid trouble, but also getcompensation for the old machine will be possible for those who turn to the salon Astoria Motors. The official dealer of Chevrolet conducts a free evaluation of the car. All you need to do is deliver the old vehicle to the Salon at ul. Sofievskaya, 4A. When the car is recycled, the compensation will be up to 90 thousand rubles. If there is an old truck, it will be possible to earn up to 120 thousand rubles. The amount of payment will depend on the condition of the old machine.

The recycling program is popularold cars from the salon Astoria Motors (St. Petersburg, Sofiyskaya, 4A). Customer testimonials indicate that any vehicles are accepted by the salon. In this case, the amount of compensation can be taken in cash or used as an initial installment of a loan program.

Dealers can also be bought cars alsoand in good condition. Employees of the company know the price of a second-hand vehicle. Therefore, everyone can sell their car on favorable terms. Credit vehicles are not a problem. The salon can pay off the customer's debt to the bank, while the car is put up for sale. All procedures for the Trade-in program are conducted in one working day.

Customer Testimonials

Motor show Astoria Motors reallytrusted by customers. This can be judged by the numerous positive feedback on thematic forums. The ability to exchange an old vehicle, low prices, loyal loan conditions, an individual approach - all this works to attract customers and long-term cooperation. People with different financial capabilities will be able to buy the car. Both economical models and VIP class cars are offered.

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Like any other company, Astoria Motorshas also negative feedback. Some of them can be heard from people who have used the services of competitors. There is an opinion that the price for service in the cabin is a little too high. It should be taken into consideration that the technical center uses high-quality equipment, work with which can not be cheap.

In general, most of the reviews about Astoria Motrs are positive. It is no coincidence that the number of clients of the company is growing rapidly.