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Customs clearance of cars from Belarus

Today, it turns out, driving a car from Belaruson the territory of Russia will cost you much cheaper than from other European countries. Of course, it was much easier to transport passenger transport from Belarus after the creation of the Customs Union, which includes both Belarus and Russia. Therefore, the customs clearance of cars from Belarus takes place according to a simplified system. And the amount of fees to be paid when crossing the Belarusian border is much less than in any other country.

Auto with the status of the goods of the Customs Union

Moreover, at the moment there ispermission from the customs authorities of Belarus on the purchase and duty-free export of cars from the Republic of Belarus to the Russian Federation. According to letter No. 03-02 / 1384 dated August 30, 2010 from the Customs Service of Russia at the Belarusian Customs to the customs committee of Belarus, the status of vehicles imported into Belarus by Belarusian citizens was determined.

So, cars that were fittedindividuals to Belarus for personal use before January 2010 from other countries and received registration numbers are defined as goods of the Customs Union. Therefore, such cars are not declared on the entire Union territory. So, they can cross the border between the Russian and Belarusian state without hindrance and duty-free. As you can see, the customs clearance of cars from Belarus, legally in the country until the beginning of 2010, is very profitable.

Crossing the Belarusian border

So that when you cross the border you do not haveproblems, it is necessary to prepare in advance all the documents certifying the status of the car as a commodity of the Customs Union. To clear the car from Belarus quickly passed, the driver who drives the car must present at the request of customs officers

  1. registration certificate of transport, which was issued before the beginning of 2010 with the registration of a car on the territory of Belarus;
  2. a note within the same certificate of registration on the removal of the car from the register in the Belarusian state;
  3. a customs declaration for imported goods issued prior to the beginning of 2010, a certificate on the registration of a car at the customs office with the goods for personal use (certificate TC-25a).

If you have all the accompanying documents, the customs clearance of the car from Belarus will not take much time.

Border with Russia

Well, now you are approaching the Russian border.How will they meet you there? How will the customs clearance in Russia? That your car was allowed to move along the roads of Russia, based on a joint order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Industry and Energy of Russia, you need your car friend to make a vehicle passport. An obligatory condition for the issuance of a PTA is the conformity of the transported vehicle to the Euro-4 class of ecology.

Is the vehicle suitable forthe European fourth standard, you can learn from the certificates issued on the car, as well as from data that are placed on the Federal sites www.gost.ru and www.customs.ru. If it is impossible to determine the ecology class of the car due to lack of certification, or on the basis of information contained on official websites, a vehicle passport is not issued.

It can also happen that an easily traversedcustoms clearance car from Belarus does not help you to freely transport the car to Russia. Therefore, when buying a car, determining its compliance with the "Euro-4" standards should be your first priority.

There is another legislative subtlety. It is possible to get a PTA for a car, even if it does not comply with the specified environmental standard, if the owner is a participant in the State program to help compatriots living abroad, in their voluntary resettlement to Russia for permanent residence.