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"Grant wagon": characteristics and features of the model

One of the most popular models of the company"AvtoVAZ" today is LADA Granta. She came to replace the family Samara. And quickly became popular and bought. In many respects due to its good appearance and low cost. After all, even at the development stage, the model was called Low cost, which in translation means "low cost". However, everything is in order.

grant universal

Problems in production

The model "Grant wagon" in the world never came out.It's because the plan for new cars was corrected by AvtoVAZ. As a result, the "Grant wagon" did not fall into the lineup. In the same way as the modification in the body of the crossover.

The production of SUV and station wagon wasconceived even under Bu Andersson. Which a year ago left the post of general director of JSC AvtoVAZ. As a result, the plans changed - the new management decided to cancel the production of the above modifications. And there were reasons for this.

The fact is that the AvtoVAZ lineup is simplywould not fit "Grant". Universal Largus, like the Priora in this version, surpass it in quality and convenience of equipment. So the production of the Granta model would be simply inexpedient from a commercial point of view. But since many motorists were waiting for this car, the producers left their hope for its coming out. Having said that the development is frozen for an indefinite period.

viburnum universal grant


Yet, despite the suspended processdevelopment, "Grant wagon" deserves attention. From a sedan it is distinguished not only by increased capacity and dimensions. Design developers are also somewhat modified. What can be judged if you look at the photos of the model. The designers decided to make the back part not only elongated, but also upbeat. Such a design could provide an opportunity to safely transport even large-sized items.

The front part is also slightly raised.This would have a positive effect on handling and patency. After all, the absence of low overhangs allows you to move comfortably both along city streets and off-road.

Disappointment of people who learned that the "Grant Universal" will not be published, you can understand. After all, the modification in this body was the result of painstaking work of designers and designers.

ladder of the grant the versatile person of a complete set

Vehicle Features

The designed, but frozen model of the Grant Wagon, the photo of which is presented above, would surely become popular. And at once for several reasons.

It was expected that the novelty will pleaseimproved cross-country ability and high ground clearance. This modification in the body sedan could not boast. Also, the model was planned to equip the chassis optimized for freight transportation, roomy and spacious interior, enhanced safety system and auxiliary comfort options.

It was assumed that according to the characteristics andparameters "Lada Granta wagon", the complete set of which remained unknown, will be similar to "Vesta". But not the volume of the luggage compartment. Vesta has a capacity of 480 liters. Universal "Grant" was supposed to have a trunk in 650 liters.

General characteristics

Well, that's all the information aboutfrozen version. Now you can say a few words about the car "Lada Granta liftbek". The wagon will have to wait a long time, but other versions are available now.

They are offered with three engine options. Which produce 87, 98 and 106 horsepower respectively, with the same volume of 1.6 liters. The dynamics and flow rates are different for them. However, the most popular cars with a 106-horsepower engine under the hood, so that they should be considered in more detail.

Such a "Grant" can be accelerated to the maximum181 km / h. Mark of 100 km / h arrow speedometer reaches after 12.3 seconds after the start. The expenditure is moderate. For 100 city kilometers, the model takes 9 liters of fuel. And on the highway - about 5.2 liters.

By the way, only models with a 106-strong unit are offered with both "automatic" and "mechanics".

 grant wagon photo

Problem of choice

It is interesting that many people, wishing to acquirea capacious car of Russian production, can hesitate for a long time in terms of its solution. Most of them torment the same question. What is better - "Kalina wagon" or "Granta liftbek"?

Identify difficult. Both one and the other model has a bright design, and also has a number of technical advantages. They are similar, but there are differences. The fact is that Granta represents a new family of cars from Avtovaz. Traditions of the 90's, in turn, continues the "Kalina Wagon". "Grant" is bought more often, but only because it looks more original and fresh. Today, budget cars are in high demand among young people, and for them, design and modernity are of considerable importance when choosing a vehicle.

And from an object point of view, "Kalina" is inferiormore new model. In her salon there are too many flaws and shortcomings from the past. And in the "Grant" they are almost none. In terms of technical capabilities, the models are the same. Differences are noticeable only in rich trim levels. In which Granta is distinguished by a wider list of aggregates and attractive high-speed indicators.

kalina station wagon or grant liftback


Granta in existing modifications is offered with a wide range of equipment. Most likely, and the unreached station wagon had the same equipment.

In the basic version there is an airbagdriver, rear door locking, child seat anchorages, EBD, immobilizer, ABS + BAS, 12V socket, adjustable steering column, factory toning, audio system and stamped wheels.

In the maximum configuration for everythinga few more options are added to the above. This is a front passenger airbag, burglar alarm, fog optics, active rear head restraints, on-board computer, folding rear seat, speed change guide, power steering, air filter of the passenger compartment, parking sensors, rain and light sensors, electrical package, heating function and much more.

frets grant


Finally I would like to say a few words about the price. The unavailable station wagon was supposedly offered to potential buyers for 600,000 rubles. It is comforting that the modifications implemented to date are cheaper.

The Granta sedan in luxury configuration and with a 106-horsepower engine is offered at a price of 520-570 tons. A basic version with a motor for 87 liters. from. costs only 340-390 tons of r.

On liftback set higher prices. But still they remain acceptable. The most inexpensive model will cost 365-415 rubles. A "charged", with the best engine and equipment will cost about 535-585 tons of r.

This is all useful information that concernsmodel LADA Granta. Of course, it is a pity that the station wagon never saw the light, but, as one could be sure, sedans and liftbacks are also good cars from a technical point of view.