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DVR with radar detector PlayMe P400 Tetra: reviews, descriptions, specifications

Hybrid gadgets like DVRs withradar stand apart in the manufacturers' lines. In the general mass, they are allotted 20 percent of the power, and there is an explanation for that. They are structurally complicated, and for the design of such devices, a sensible team of engineering engineers is required. In front of them is a seemingly simple but at the same time difficult task: to combine three systems in one package: a radar detector, a GPS and a DVR. And do this with a minimum interference in the quality of each individual device and organize the maximum loyalty to usability.

playme p400 tetra reviews

Today we will consider one of the brightestrepresentatives of such hybrids - a video recorder PlayMe P400 Tetra, which also includes a radar detector and a GPS navigation module. The model can be bought almost in any thematic store both offline and online at a rather attractive price for its class - 11-12 thousand rubles.

Difficulties in choosing

If we estimate, then to purchase an explanatoryDVR should put about 6 thousand rubles. In the same amount will cost and a radar detector with a GPS-module. Budgets are roughly comparable, so here it is about some personal preferences and beliefs.

Someone is not at all annoyed by the abundance of wires andgadgets on the windshield, and for others, give these kind of ambiguous hybrids with their advantages and disadvantages. One of the main advantages of this choice is the saving of space in the work area and the solution of the power problem, that is, instead of the three devices one needs to "feed" only one, which for some cars, as well as onboard networks, will be a critical moment.

So, back to our hero 3 in 1 - PlayMe P400Tetra (radar detector / DVR / GPS-navigator). Denote the strengths and weaknesses of the gadget, the main technical characteristics, taking into account the opinion of experts in this field and feedback from ordinary owners of the device. We also estimate the feasibility of buying this hybrid.

Contents of delivery

The device goes in a pretty box, decorated inLight colors with bluish tints. The cardboard is quite dense, so there should not be any transportation problems (if ordered on the Web). On the front part there are pictograms with technical characteristics, that is, a kind of graphic specification. There you will see the image of the device itself and its name.

video recorder radar

The rear part is reserved for the more familiara textual list of the main advantages of the gadget, and in the corners there are random reviews about the PlayMe P400 Tetra from the owners. Naturally, the latter have the format of dithyrambs, so you will not see the real picture here.

Inside the box are:

  • the device itself PlayMe P400 Tetra;
  • Instruction manual (including in Russian);
  • mini USB-cable for synchronization with PC;
  • charger for cigarette lighter;
  • bracket on vacuum suction cup;
  • a card reader for micro-CD-drives;
  • guarantee ticket.

The bundle is standard, and someadditional "lotions" you will not see here. Nevertheless, the device is already ready for use, so after the purchase you can immediately hang it in the car without any specific preparations.

User feedback

Some owners in their reviews of the PlayMe P400Tetra complain about the lack of an alternative to a cigarette lighter for a cigarette lighter, that is, some kind of controller for full synergy with the on-board network, but this functionality will have to be purchased separately. In all other respects, we have the usual set for devices of this class.


Call the device simple DVR language is notturns, because here we have not only abundant functional, but also impressive dimensions. Many owners in their reviews of the PlayMe P400 Tetra called it a camera, it really hurts like a "DSLR" with its specific lens.

radar detector with gps

The body material to the touch is pleasant and does not slip in the hands. The matte finish eliminates the ubiquitous fingerprints that all glossy models suffer. For this the manufacturer is a special thank you.

The back of the gadget is 2.7-inchdisplay, and on the right side - HDMI-interface and a slot for micro-CD-drives, working with cards up to 64 GB. Some people consider the last moment an obvious advantage, but do not forget that the video stream here is built in a cyclic manner, and even if you shoot the quality of shooting to a maximum, you will have half the capacity of the card.

Design Features

On the left side there are the main elementsControls: power on / off buttons, work with sound, display, radar-detector range change, volume. All keys are signed and visually decorated, there are no problems with misunderstanding of this or that element. In any case, there is an explanatory instruction, where everything on the shelves is painted for those who see such devices for the first time.

video recorder playme p400 tetra

Separately, it is worth paying attention toUSB-interfaces. To synchronize the gadget with a personal computer uses a mini USB on the recorder itself, a rather old connector for a modern device. And for charging, there is a micro-USB, located on the bracket. Reviews about PlayMe P400 Tetra on this occasion are completely negative. Users are simply at a loss: why does the manufacturer need such a pun from the interfaces on one device, while one can easily restrict oneself to only one modern micro output, and those who experience some problems with synchronization (their obvious minority) certainly took care of the adapter. It is worth the last 150 rubles and is sold at every corner.

Radar detector and GPS module

The lens of the gadget is very smartAn antenna that can detect both ordinary speed control systems (X, K, Ku, La, etc.), and more advanced, like "Arrow". In addition, the built-in GPS-module allows you to successfully work with the Avtodoriya complex, which significantly increases the chances of finding control systems.

radar detector playme p400 tetra

The device "out of the box" is set to workradar, so do not need any additional manipulation. The only thing worth paying attention to regimes "route" and "city", where the selectivity is changing. As for false positives, there are practically none, and a DVR with a radar detector will not troll the user because of the doors of shops and DPS imitations, which can often be found in budget or low-quality models.


The device easily copes with the resolution of 1920 x1080 pixels at 30 frames per second. The cyclicity of the video stream can be selected in the menu, which, by the way, even a junior high school student will understand. There you can find many useful "chips" like start recording at impact, automatically turn on the sound at a certain threshold of decibels and much more.

Viewing Angles

Camera viewing angles are standard for digitalThe technique of such a plan is 140 degrees. If someone seems to be not enough, then you can again dig into the settings and do something like a panorama. But, judging by the feedback of users, this option is no good.

playme p400 tetra instruction

The maximum that you can achieve is a similarity"Fish eye" degrees to 160. But this device has a larger angle than 140⁰ and does not need. Still, we are dealing with a DVR, for which the tunnel area in front of the hood is important, and not a survey of attractions around the perimeter of the car.


Its price PlayMe P400 Tetra pays off with a vengeance, andit is almost 12 thousand rubles. As already mentioned above, the advantages of such a hybrid is obvious: one gadget on the windshield, one power source and one display at all.

playme p400 tetra price

Of course, you can not always find such aDevice where all three devices work as it should and do not interfere with each other. But in our case, the manufacturer was able to do this, and very well. Disadvantages of the DVR, radar and GPS-module, of course, there are, but call them critical is difficult. The lion's share of users in their reviews complains of the cumbersome nature of the hybrid: a kind of "camera" on the windshield. But in another way it will not work out in any way: today's technologies do not physically allow you to squeeze the whole "stuffing" into the thimble and present everything on a holographic screen.

As for the specific modules and instruments of ourgadget, then there are no questions to them: the quality of shooting is very good, the detector detects speed control systems as it should and does not bother with trifles, and the GPS module warns about stationary posts and helps to find the way in an unfamiliar place. A competent alert system is finely tuned and you will not be bothered by outside warnings, if they are not needed.

We add here a relatively large diagonaldisplay, a good bracket for mounting the device, as well as an intelligent and, most importantly, intuitive menu - and get a very good car gadget, as they say, for all occasions.