/ How to adjust the headlights? Step-by-step instruction

How to adjust the headlights? Step-by-step instruction

From correctly adjusted headlights dependssafety of the driver of the car and its passengers. Also, the safety of pedestrians and other traffic participants depends on the properly configured optics. Let's see how to adjust the headlights yourself in your garage.

When is it necessary to do this?

Need to adjust the worklighting devices on the car is determined by the mass of various factors. The optics of the new car is set up at the factory, and after acquiring the need for any adjustments there. But in the process of operating the car for various reasons, the setting angles change and you have to adjust the light flux.

adjust the lights of the photo

Perform the adjustment of lighting equipmentis recommended at least once a year. But also the adjustment of lighting should be made before the passage of the technical inspection, before making structural changes in the optics, when repairing or replacing the front part of the body, installing or disassembling additional lighting devices. Experts recommend that you perform this operation before long trips.

The angles of inclination of the headlights are relatively high, andalso the lighting area can change when the machine is loaded. Therefore, when preparing for long trips, when the car will be fully loaded, it is recommended to adjust the headlights on the car.

Independently or in SRT?

Modern cars are equipped with efficient and brightblock optics. Incorrect adjustment may cause an emergency. To qualitatively set up such an optic and adjust the fog lights, only qualified personnel with the use of equipment can.

But far from everywhere there is such equipment.When deciding to apply to the SRT, you must first determine whether there is a device for adjusting the headlights. If an ordinary stand is used for works, then there is no sense to spend money. You can perform this procedure yourself.

how to adjust the headlights of the photo

And quite another thing, if the station has special equipment. But not the fact that in addition to the equipment there is a specialist who knows how to work with such devices.

Adjustment methods

There are three ways how to adjust the headlights. This is already the above method with car service and special devices. Also this adjustment is done on special stands and adjusting the adjustment manually.

Many are confident that such work will not be performed independently, because without skills and knowledge it will be difficult not to make mistakes. With the knowledge of regulation rules everything will turn out.

Experts say that there are three stagesoptics settings. This is the production of markings according to the schemes on the garage wall or any other suitable wall. Next, marking the position of the lamps in the headlight. Finally, the third stage is the adjustment itself.

Before making any adjustments, it is recommended to check the tire pressure, check the suspension for good condition, and also how the load is distributed to the chassis.

If the car has one of the above problems, then there is a risk to adjust the headlights at the wrong angle - the adjustment will be incorrect. Sometimes it turns out to be made worse than it was before the setting.

What do you need for the operation?

For everything to work out well, it is necessary to observesome requirements. For the work you need the most even wall, in front of which you can put the car. The distance from the car to the wall must be at least 7-8 meters. You should also prepare chalk or scotch - this is necessary for marking.

how to properly adjust the headlights of the photo

Before adjustment it is necessary to maximizecarefully mark the wall. In this case, you need to be guided by the individual parameters of a particular machine. You can use and universal parameters that are suitable for most modern passenger cars.


Before adjusting your headlightscar, you must mark the wall. The process of optics adjustment is responsible, but not complicated. The first step is to put the machine to the wall so that the distance to it is about 2 meters. The centers of the axes of lamps are marked on the wall. Then leave the wall for about 7.5 meters.

The points that denote the centers of the lamps are connectedline horizontally. Then this line is supplemented with a vertical line. The latter will connect to the point denoting the central part of the car. It will take another additional line. It must pass parallel to the line connecting the points of the centers of the lamps. It can be placed below.

Setup process

The markup is complete, and now we'll find out howadjust the lights yourself. Start by turning on the dipped beam. It is necessary to obtain the correct light beam - rotate the adjustment screws until the light is perfect. The screws can be found under the hood of the car. Most often they are on the back of the headlights.

correctly adjust the headlights

Ideally, when the light is lower than the point at which the center of the lamps is marked. In the same way, adjustment of lamps with combined light is carried out.

If the far and dipped beam are switched on separately,then they need to be regulated separately according to different schemes. Therefore, the layout will be different. How to adjust the dipped headlights, we already know - you can use the above scheme.

The adjustment of the main beam is done so that the beam of light hits the center of the marking on the wall. But it must be said that it will be difficult to achieve this without hand instruments.

Setting the optics on the VAZ with their own hands

Let's see how to apply this instruction. We will consider how to adjust the headlights on VAZ for the example of the car VAZ-2110.

Before setting up, carefullyclean and wash the headlights. Sometimes it is because of dirt that a stream of light can not find a way out. In all other cases, the cause of poor-quality light can be various defects on the glass.

adjust headlights

After the headlights are cleaned, checksurface. If there are any defects, chips and cracks, then it is not possible to solve the adjustments - it is necessary to replace the glasses first. It is also recommended in this case to change the reflector.

How to adjust the lights with your own hands? Find an even and large platform, in front of which there is a high and level wall. Then the car is put about 5 meters from the wall. It is advisable to hold this event with an assistant. He must sit behind the wheel and have about the same weight with the owner of the car.

After that draw lines on the wall, which mustpass through the center of the headlights symmetrically to the line of the auto axis. The first additional line should pass where the center of the headlights. At the same time, the measurement is made from the floor. The second line will be 6 centimeters lower than the first.

Turn the dipped beam on one headlamp, and the othercover with cardboard or something else. Check that the light matches the points and lines. If they match, then everything is configured correctly. If not, you will have to turn the adjusting screws on the headlights.

Let's see how to adjust the headlights with screws. On the body of the headlight, there are adjusting screws on the underside. The first (near the grille) corrects the light beam in the vertical plane. The screw on the right of the headlights adjusts the beam in the horizontal plane. They are rotated until the light corresponds to the markings on the wall.

how to adjust the headlights

If the headlights direct a beam of light down, then theirraise. Such work of optics is fraught with the fact that you can not see a pedestrian, especially if he is dressed in dark clothes. If the headlights are shining up, then the drivers going to meet can be blinded.

Adjust the fog

Let's see how to properly adjustfog lights. You can adjust them by rotating. The optical element is rotated in two planes. The car is placed at a distance of 5 meters from the wall.

how to properly adjust the headlights

Then the marking is done and the fog lamps are adjusted so that the light spot is lower by 1 centimeter than the center points.


In order not to blind the oncoming drivers and to see the road well in the dark, it is not necessary to visit the service station. Now we know how to adjust the headlights. So, you can save money on this.