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Forklift truck: specifications and photos

Technical support of a modern warehouseIt is impossible to imagine without means of loading. At the facilities serving medium sized cargoes, forklifts are used. These are relatively small cars, which favorably distinguish modest dimensions, maneuverability and wide possibilities of working manipulations. Optimal option is forklift on wheels, thanks to which it is possible to maintain large storage areas.

General information about technology

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The technique represents a variety of loadingmachines, oriented to indoor operation. True, there are also many modifications that can be used only in the open air - these are models with gasoline and diesel engines. In the standard version, the forklift truck is equipped with masts, which carry out the work operations. The driver takes a place in the cabin and manages the whole process from moving the technical equipment to the functions of the gripping units.

Models vary in power characteristics,structural design and additional equipment. When choosing it is important to consider the nature of the machine. For example, if the equipment will be used for several hours a day, a low-power device with loading functions in different modes is quite suitable - universality is considered one of the most important qualities of such technology. If it is planned to work within a round-the-clock day, then it is worthwhile to focus on high performance indicators and a strong power platform on which a forklift truck is placed. The photo presented below, for example, demonstrates an example of a successful performance of a multifunctional wheelbase.

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Varieties of technology

Wheels in general are also one of the signsclassification of such loaders. So, allocate pneumatic, continuous, bandage and polyurethane wheels. Pneumatics is considered a standard solution, providing decent cross-country ability and good depreciation properties. Solid wheels are usually completely made of rubber. This ensures good wear and durability, however, the depreciation is reduced to almost zero, which is not suitable for all cases of operation. For example, if a telescopic forklift truck is used in a warehouse with an uneven surface, any bumps or other unevenness will be given in the load securing system by serious vibrations. Also, loaders are classified according to the type of mast. There are two- and three-section devices, which can have a free running fork. There are also "carload" versions, which differ multifunctionality, but, at the same time, and structural complexity.

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Main technical characteristics

Basic technical and operational qualitiesforklifts - it's load capacity, delivery height, power, speed, as well as the parameters of the working bodies. As for the dynamics, for obvious reasons, these figures are rarely impressive - an average of 25 km / h in the premises. The maximum lifting height is 3 m, but in standard versions it varies from 1 to 2 m. Also, one should take into account the lifting capacity that forklift trucks have. Technical specifications in this regard are as follows: about 1500 kg for entry-level models and 3,000 kg for high-class representatives. With regard to the working potential, much is determined by the driving mechanism. So, even a high-performance forklift can lift a 3-ton load to a high altitude, but it will do it slowly if it has low power. The features and characteristics of power units should be considered separately.

Characteristics of the power fill

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Warehouse loaders can be equippedelectric motors, as well as diesel engines and gasoline engines. The power of electrical devices varies on average from 20 to 40 kW, although there are also models with other indicators. For example, the versions from the initial segment can be supplied with installations for 5 kW, developing a small speed of 16 km / h. A more powerful forklift diesel forklift has a power potential of about 50-60 liters. from. This is enough to handle massive and heavy loads. But the main feature of such models is the orientation to street operation. This is due to environmental requirements - there must not be any exhaust gases in the warehouse. The same applies to gasoline models, which lose to diesel technology in capacity, but it is more profitable in terms of noise insulation and ease of management.

Control system

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Operator in the process of operation may occupysitting or standing position. Controls in both cases can be key switches, levers, joysticks and other means, located individually or in a single panel. In addition to the basic attachments, the user can adjust the operation of lighting devices, send signals to other workers through special indicators, and also activate the alarm if necessary. For high-quality performance of work actions, the forklift driver must have good visibility and a comfortable fit. The more comfortable and technologically advanced the cabin, the more efficient the work process will be. For this reason, developers of compact and manoeuvrable loaders are increasingly focusing on ergonomics.

Additional equipment

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There are several categories of optionalequipment for forklift trucks. In terms of improving the characteristics of attachments, pay attention to the positioning and displacement of forks. They allow you to optimize control over the capture and movement of the working organs. The complex means of modification are separately presented. With the help of special packages, a standard forklift truck can be converted into a snowplower or a loader of furnace units. For moving large-sized equipment, special clamps are provided. Such devices allow transporting refrigerators, washing machines, plates, etc.

Manufacturers and prices

Traditionally, the leading positions in the segmentoccupy Japanese manufacturers. In particular, the company Komatsu regularly replenishes its assortment with new models, conducting restylings of the most successful versions. In the manufacturer's line, you can find diesel, gasoline and electric modifications worth 600-800 thousand rubles. The forklift Toyota, which is capable of lifting loads of up to 5 tons, is also famous for its high quality. Again, the developers produce versions with different types of engines that can be used in large warehouses and open areas. The cost of Toyota models is on the average 400-700 thousand.


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A properly selected forklift is not justwill facilitate operations with cargo for workers, but also optimize the entire logistics process of warehouse turnover. But in order to make the best choice, it is necessary to take into account many aspects. First of all, it is necessary to focus on the basic performance characteristics that the forklift truck has in its specific performance. This refers to the carrying capacity, the speed of operations, and also the lifting heights. Also, do not ignore the ergonomic properties of the hardware and security system. In order not to miscalculate with the choice of parameters, it is desirable to initially determine the tasks that will face the loader.