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Halogen lamps for cars: features of choice

For a long time, motorists around the worldused ordinary vacuum incandescent lamps. However, progress on the spot is not worth it, and the halogen incandescent lamps have replaced the obsolete devices. What is the advantage of the new devices over the old ones?

Common lamps have many disadvantages,which is tungsten, settling on the walls of the bulb, resulting in a significant decrease in light output. In addition, most of the energy is converted into heat, and only a small part of it is spent for incandescence. Manufacturers solved these problems by releasing halogen lamps.

This type of vehicle lightingflasks are made of quartz heat-resistant glass, they are filled with a mixture of 20-25 halogens of gases. This allows the tungsten particles to be returned to the spiral from the bulb. Thus, the loss of light energy is virtually eliminated due to the contamination of the glass. Another advantage of halogens is their long service life.

Halogen lamps for cars are also different fromordinary in that the flasks contain inert gases with halogen vapor (bromine, iodine, fluorine). These substances make it possible to produce a slower emission of tungsten filament. Therefore, the service life of these devices is about ten years. A quartz glass of high quality, used for the production of a flask, is able to withstand high temperatures and maintain inertia when exposed to an aggressive chemical environment.

Halogen lamps for cars give a very bright streamlight, and this allows them to be used in various types of automotive light sources. According to statistics, more than half of all accidents occur when the street is dark, so ensuring good illumination of the roadway is especially important.

Which types of halogen bulbs to choose froma huge variety of species and producers? Of course, the efficiency of light delivery depends primarily on the design of the device, and only then on the type of light used. The recognized leader manufacturing halogen lamps for cars is Philips. The lamps from such brands as IPF, Osram, MTF, CATZ, KOITO, PIAA, Evo, Bosch proved to be very good. But, in any case, the final decision in choosing halogens will have to be taken by the driver.

In the market there are different types of lightingdevices. Halogen lamps for cars are standard, all-weather, with increased flow of light, with visual improved comfort, as well as increased power.

All weather halogens have interferencecoating, improving the contrast with poor visibility, due to the phenomena of the atmosphere (fog, precipitation, etc.). Lamps with light amplified flow are devices that have a third or even a half more radiation intensity than standard instruments.

Halogen lamps for cars with visualincreased comfort perfectly reproduce daylight. It is very convenient for trips in the dark at night, because such light affects the driver's eyes less and they do not get so tired, while the devices better illuminate signs and road markings.

However, from the whole set of lighting devices, one has to choose the one that best suits the conditions of the car's operation and personal preferences of the driver.

The choice of lamps largely affects the safetymovement, which depends on the illumination of the road, especially this is important in the winter when it is dark before. Halogen lamps for cars can improve the head lighting, which will avoid an accident.

The fashion also includes xenon lamps, which have excellent characteristics and recently compete with halogen lighting fixtures.