/ / BMP "Kurganets". BMP "Kurganets-25": specifications and photos

BMP "Kurganets". BMP "Kurganets-25": specifications and photos

"Kurganets" (BMP) is the future of the Russian infantry.The technique is a universal caterpillar platform, designed by engineers of the Russian concern "Tractor Plants". Experimental models for testing were released in 2015, and mass production is scheduled to begin in 2017. The models will have to replace the BMPs in service with the Russian army.


When designing an infantry fighting vehicle (BMP)"Kurganets-25" engineers focused on the creation of a modular design, which will facilitate in the future the repair, modernization and re-equipment of machinery. The armored personnel carrier itself is a unified caterpillar platform - it is planned to create several variants of military vehicles on its basis:

  1. The combat vehicle of the landing (BMD).
  2. Caterpillar armored personnel carrier (GABTU).
  3. Self-propelled artillery installation (ACS).

The engine is located at the front and slightlyshifted to the right. Here is the transmission. This arrangement of the engine-transmission compartment allows to create an improved layout of the machine, which allowed placing 8 people in the landing. Their disembarkation is carried out through the ramp at the rear with an additional door.

kurganets bmp

"Kurganets" (BMP) is managed by three memberscrew. Protection of soldiers is carried out by the passive armor system in conjunction with the active protection module installed on the tower, and to increase the safety inside the ammunition and weapons are placed in a compartment isolated from passengers.

Good cross-country ability is provided by a hydropneumatic suspension system with the ability to adjust the ride height.


Depending on the type of combat vehicle,the main armament of technology. So, the automatic control system on the basis of the described technique is equipped with an anti-tank gun (125 mm). But to equip other armored personnel carriers - BMP "Kurganets-25" and BMP "Boomerang" - a combat module is used for radio control of the BM "Boomerang". It includes an automatic cannon of a caliber of 30 mm with selective power supply based on two boxes, a machine gun (7.62 mm) and two dual installations of the anti-tank missile system "Cornet".

bmp mound 25

The feature of the combat module is the possibilitycontrol it with the help of computerized electric motors. This possibility exists with the commander of the machine and the gunner. Moreover, the complex is able to independently monitor the crew member's goal, to fire until the enemy is completely destroyed. To expand the survey, "Kurganets" (BMP) is equipped with outdoor video surveillance cameras. The landing party can also fire to defeat by means of an observation slot in the rear door of the vehicle.

Prospects of the Russian Army

Along with the development of the machine "Kurganets" (BMP),a new BMP "Knight" is being designed. It is created on the basis of MT-LB - a multipurpose light-armored conveyor - the "Arctic", which since mid-20th century serves as the main military equipment in the polar regions of our country.

Many believe that the "Kurganets-25" and the promisingBMP "Knight" are similar. In fact, they have a lot of differences. The first is the type of engine used. On the "Knight" is planned to install a diesel gas turbine power plant, which has proved itself in low temperature conditions. The second is in the design. It is reported that the last model will have two links - directly a tractor and a "trailer", equipped with various weapons.

The machine will be maximally adapted forperformance of combat missions. Secure the crew members is capable of massive armor, reinforced by mine protection system, as well as on-board information management system.

Update of the military park: T-14 "Armata"

The Government of the Russian Federation adopteda decision that has already entered into force, on updating the fleet of military vehicles of the army. We can say that the task began to be realized from 2015, when the modern heavy heavy tank "Armata" was introduced in May.

Armata and Kurgan 25

"Armata" and "Kurganets-25" are modernRussian developments. Despite the fact that BMP and TT can not be compared strictly, there is a certain connection between them, which consists in using the BM-Boomerang combat module by both machines. Thanks to the same complex, it was possible to create an "uninhabited tower" - the targeting of combat assets is carried out remotely and can be automated.

T-15 "Barbaris"

The new BMP of Russia "Kurganets-25" does not promise to becomean exclusive infantry machine in the Russian army. Its "rival" in this field is BMP "Barbaris", which is the world's first heavily armored ground transport. "Barbaris" is based on the crawler platform "Armata" and was presented all in the same year 2015 on the Victory Parade.

the new bump of the Russian Kurgan

Combined protection of equipment providesthe safety of the landing force and the crew not only from bullets, fragments, but also from tank shells. Another feature is the 4-launch rocket unit, which can release shells with a delay much less than the active protection period of enemy vehicles, thus ensuring 100% defeat of the target.

BMP "Boomerang"

In 2015 (the same year, the firstthe prototype of BMP "Kurganets-25") together with the tank on the basis of the unified heavy caterpillar platform "Armata" the boom "Boomerang" was presented to the public at the victory parade. Its main difference is the use of conventional wheel pairs, rather than a caterpillar drive.

kurgan 25 and bmp boomerang

The wheel platform can be equipped withvarious means of conducting fire. But the main armament is represented by the already familiar robotic module "Boomerang". The layout of the equipment differs in front of the engine, which allows landing from the stern. The machine's passability is provided by a four-stroke diesel engine with a capacity of 510 horsepower.

These are just some of the representatives of modernfighting vehicles of the Russian army. Experimental operation of the presented equipment began in 2015. Serial production is expected to begin in 2016-2017. This only shows that in the foreseeable future we are expecting a complete renewal of the military-technical park, which will include "Kurganets-25" - the best BMP in the world and equipment based on "Armata" and "Boomerang".