/ / A faithful friend to those who are not looking for easy ways - Honda XR 250

A faithful friend to those who are not looking for easy ways - Honda XR 250

Model Honda XR 250 without exaggeration, you cancalled the legendary motorcycle. In 1995, it was on this bike that Hungarian athlete Juhász István set a world record for climbing with a motorcycle to a height of 6,183 meters in the Himalayas. And for today this record remains absolute. The honored bike is still in the exposition of the Ministry of Transport of Kathmandu.

honda xr 250
It is especially worth noting that the record was setwithout technical support and on a serial motorcycle. For those who imagine how the rarefied air of mountain peaks affects engine power, this record will seem even more epic. But, despite all the obstacles, Honda XR 250 coped well with the task.

Not only does this unit itselfalmost ideal, so he still has a glorious family history. Grandpa XR 250 was shot in the epic film "Terminator 2". It was on the 125 model that John Connor left the pursuit in the tunnels of the reservoir. To think - this argument about ten years ago could make most of the adolescents around the world "bring the brain" to their parents "I want it!". So the advertising campaign appears: "Honda XR 250 - Terminator approves!".

Here is such a glorious story for this at firstthe look of an inexhaustible bike. Let's see now, but thanks to what he earned it. Many especially note that the "Honda 250" has outstanding capabilities. This 250-cubic-meter enduro can confidently take mountains, which for some of their properties remain a closed area, even for equipment with more power. The reason is that the Honda XR 250 was specially designed for mototourism, so achieving a successful layout and perfect balance of the motorcycle was at the forefront.

Honda 250

The excellent maneuverability of the model is achieved foraccount of well-calculated sports geometry. Possessing a short base and an acutely installed fork, this motorcycle can literally be screwed into a turn on any ground. Management of such obedient bike brings pleasure. In mountain conditions, a motorcycle will please you with an excellent traction at the bottom and flexible characteristics of the engine. Owing to these features, it sometimes seems that he himself pulls you, absolutely not noticing that it was an obstacle. In general, if you decide to go on a holiday in the mountains, then this motorcycle is ideal for you. Quickly, without extra time, effort and nerves, he will take you to any intended goal. It is worth noting that the Honda XR 250A has not too big headlights, so if in your plans to ride at night, you should take a closer look at the model Honda XR250 Baja. She's already "peepers" just shocking in size!

honda xr250 baja

Due to its characteristics this motorcycle,no matter how strange it may sound, can compete in the mountains even with a helicopter. In general, for beginners as the first enduro-bike, you can safely recommend the Honda XR250, and as a training ground for mining skills - Transcarpathia. For a beginner, this is one of the best places for its accessibility and variability. Of course, in the Carpathians you can find very difficult areas, but the point is that these mountains are a very compact system that has various places of complexity.