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"Skoda" - crossovers and SUVs: a lineup, photo

Skoda - one of the companies of the Volkswagen concernGroup. Until recently, it produced high-quality and inexpensive sedans and hatchbacks. But at the end of the first decade of the new century, I released the first car with off-road characteristics, which opened a model line of this direction.

Skoda Yeti 2009

Skoda Yeti crossover, named so for surebehavior on the snow-covered road, in 2010 was named the family car of the year. It is ideal for traveling with children. Crossover "Skoda Yeti" differed original appearance, which was recognized by the public not immediately. They were even called the ugliest in their class. Roof rails made the car visually higher. The length of the car is 4.2 m, the width is 1.8 m, and the height is 1.7 m. It was heightened by a road clearance of 180 mm.


Luggage compartment five-seater and five-door compactcrossover capacity of 405 liters, and with the rear seats folded - 1760 liters, could accommodate more than a half-ton of cargo, which can also be fixed safely with the help of a whole set of grids. The crossover was planned in front-wheel and all-wheel drive versions. He had a gasoline and diesel engines, with a capacity of 105 to 170 liters. with., automatic or manual transmission.

Skoda Yeti 2014

The company "Skoda" crossovers, who found their niche,updated five years later. The term is long enough, but the Yeti came out in two different ways. The city car became elegant and stylish, and dedicated to the country trips Yeti Outdoor connoisseurs called a spirit filled with adventure. The off-road variant is supplemented with a body kit that is characteristic for crossovers.

shodda crossovers

Both options are perfectly managed both on urbanstreets, and on country roads. Externally, the restyling version differs mainly in the design of the front, bi-xenon headlights. Inside, the front panel changed, electronics became more, a rear-view camera and a car parker appeared. The salon became more spacious and more convenient, more modern materials for its decoration.

The power unit can be petrol, power105, 122 on the front-drive and 152 liters. from. Or diesel, with a capacity of 140 liters. from. on the all-wheel drive version with robotic DSG gearboxes six or seven-speed. Very soon there will be a completely updated Skoda Yeti on the modular platform MQB.

Skoda Yeti version for Russia

At the end of 2015 at the hockey tournament in Moscowwas presented to the public created specifically for the Russian market Skoda Yeti Hockey Edition in the Ambition package. This model is distinguished by an original black-silver pattern on cast seventeen-inch wheel disks, silver roof rails, door sill plates and nameplates and stickers on a given topic. In the interior, the upholstery of the seats has changed. There was a new wheel with three spokes of a trapezoid shape.

The list of equipment includes a control systemnear and main beam, fog lights with cornering function, rain sensor, rear parking aid, two-zone climate control and many others. There was a limited number of cars. They could be equipped with any power unit from the engine of the standard Yeti. In general, this is not exactly the new "Skoda", crossovers "Yeti" is no longer a rarity, but only a pleasant variety for Russian drivers.

Skoda Octavia Scout

Familiar "Octavia" in 2009 replenishedmodel range of SUVs "Skoda". Crossovers with the prefix Skout - a four-wheel drive five-door with high clearance (171-180 mm) cars. They are stable, fast and safe. The length of the car is 4.6 m, width is 1.78 m. Metal overlays on powerful bumpers visually increase the width of the car. Powerful (152 hp) petrol engine volume of 1.8 liters was replaced with a more environmentally friendly and economical two-liter diesel. Its capacity is 140 liters. from. The volume of the trunk of the compact station wagon is 580 or 1620 liters.

soda crossovers model range

The updated version of 2014 changed a littleappearance. There were protective covers for the wings, improved fog lamps, seventeen-inch wheels. "Octavia Scout" can pull a trailer weighing up to 2 tons. The corners of entry and exit increased: 16.7 ° and 13.8 ° respectively. Became more powerful and engines. Gasoline, volume of 1.8 liters, produces 180 liters. with., and diesel two-liter - 150 and 184 liters. from. They work with six-speed both manual and DSG. All engines comply with the international standard EURO-6. With a diesel engine, the crossover can accelerate to almost 220 km / h.

Expected New Products

If Octavia Scout is a class "C" wagon withoff-road qualities, then "Yeti" is a real SUV car of the company "Skoda". Crossovers, which are being prepared for release, are on the level of lower and higher Yeti.

big crossover shoe

Lovers "Skoda" waiting for the update of the averagecrossover "Yeti", the emergence of a large seven-seater car with a name not yet fully defined, but already presented to the general public. The most miniature is called "Polar" (Skoda Polar), which was postponed for 2017.

Senior model

The new large 7-seat crossover "Skoda" has already received a new name, under which it will be produced. By the way, this is the third name that the project carries.

7 seat crossover Skoda

The concept of a large SUV was developedunder the name "Skoda Snowman" (Skoda Snowman). The world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show, which took place in March 2016, was held under the name of Skoda VisionS. And the series will go Skoda Kodiak, which is expected to be presented to the public in Paris in the fall of 2016 on the motor show. The new "Skoda" is a big crossover. Its dimensions: 4.7 × 1.91 × 1.68 m.

Experts describe the appearance of the conceptualcar as a combination of Czech cubism and the traditions of Bohemian glass, sharp lines and sharp edges with the play of light and shadows on skilfully outlined curves. The crossover looks expressive and mysterious. The model, which was presented at the motor show, is equipped with a mixed power plant. The 1.4 TSI petrol engine develops 156 hp. from. and works with a 54-liter electric motor. from. The engine on liquid fuel through a six-step robotic gearbox DSG transfers torque to the front, and electric - to the rear axle.

Intelligent all wheel drive system, notrequiring mechanical engagement, controls the front and rear axles of the vehicle independently of each other. The engines are interconnected, the driver can switch from electric traction in different operating modes and charge a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 12.4 kWh. The designers placed it in front of the rear axle. The creators promise that the car built on the modular platform MQB will be equipped with several power units, the power of which varies from 150 to 280 "horses" with multi-mode all-wheel drive transmission. And it will be released both in the seven-seat and in the five-seat version.

The younger model of crossover "Skoda"

Crossovers, the model range of which is presentedonly medium and large cars, will replenish the line in the smallest class "Skoda Polar". Little is known about the car so far. It is created on the platform of the new Volkswagen Taigun. The fact that the novelty of the company "Skoda" is a crossover, the photos show unambiguously. Most of the photos and scoop available information.

shodda crossover photo

The characteristics of the useful space must bemodest. Design will be made in the corporate style of the concern, as, indeed, and the salon, which will become ergonomic. The engines will be small, three-cylinder, with low fuel consumption. The output is expected only in the front-wheel drive version.

New "Skoda Fabia Kombi"

Company "Skoda", crossovers and off-road carswhich until recently were represented by a single model, became the leader in the transformation of existing modifications in the model SUV class. This is the station wagon "Octavia", and a completely new version of "Fabia Kombi", known since 2008. Skoda Fabia Combi Scout Line has become an all-wheel drive car with protective plastic fittings, sixteen-inch wheels (17-inch wheels are installed for a fee), additional underbody protection under the overhangs.

sudo crossovers and SUVs

In the design of the model a lot of silvery color. This railing, and protection of the bottom, and the surface of the side mirrors, and fog lamps. These parts are shaded by black plastic skirts, door sills and wheel arches of the same color. Designers even thought about the rugs in the cabin, which are protected from off-road dirt by a special coating. The novelty will have both a 1.2 liter petrol engine and a diesel engine with a volume of 1.4 and 1.6 liters, corresponding to the EURO-6 standard.

Skoda has many plans. The model line is replenished with both updated earlier and completely new developments. They are united by traditional quality, reliability and relatively low prices. It remains only to wait, that even the newcomer will be represented by the company to the court of lovers of crossovers and SUVs in Europe, Russia and China.