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The KavZ-4235 bus

KavZ-4235 is a medium-class bus used for urban and intercity transportation. It features high comfort, convenient maintenance and an optimal number of passenger seats.

A bit of history

The KavZ-4235 bus was launched in 2008at the Kurgan Bus Plant. He replaced the previously produced PAZ-4230. The development of this model of manufacturers led to a new environmental regulation. It has tightened the requirements for emissions of harmful and dangerous substances into the atmosphere.

кавз 4235

In 2010, the model underwent restyling changes. The appearance of the bus was changed, as well as its interior, the power structure of the body, interior heating and the braking system.

In the same year, a separate modification appeared, which was intended specifically for the transportation of schoolchildren.

In 2011, the volume of production was up to eighty units per month. By the end of the year, the six-thousandth KavZ-4235 Avrora bus came off the assembly line.

In 2012, buses began to be produced with engines belonging to the Euro-4 standard for environmental friendliness.

general description

The bus "Aurora" meets all requirementsautomotive industry, characteristic of modern transport. It combines elegant style and functionality, dynamism and economy, compactness and spaciousness. It would seem that these properties are extremely difficult to unite. But the producers of KavZ-4235 have successfully done it.

Maneuverability and small dimensions together witha large number of passengers make the bus irreplaceable for city streets. It is perfectly suited for settlements, the number of residents in which does not exceed five hundred thousand people.

bus кавз 4235

The bus of this model has several advantages:

  • Convenience in operation.
  • Ease of maintenance. Spare parts KAVZ-4235 are available for purchase.
  • The increased degree of comfort makes the trip pleasant both for the driver and for passengers.
  • Optimal number of seats for passengers for their small dimensions.

The manufacturer gives an annual warranty for its products, which corresponds to seventy-five thousand kilometers of mileage.

KavZ-4235: technical specifications

The KAVZ bus belongs to the middle class, suitable for urban, suburban and long distance transportation of passengers.

The carrier body has a wagon configuration. Its resource is eight years.

Buses of this model have small dimensions:

  • The length is 8.38 m.
  • Width of 2,5 m.
  • The height is 3,085 m.
  • The ceiling height in the cabin is 1.96 m.
  • The base is 3.6 m.

With such dimensions, the weight of the bus varies from seven to eleven tons in the equipped version, depending on the modification.

 кавз 4235 technical characteristics

The radius of the turn is only nine meters.Equipped with two doors with a door width of 65 centimeters each. The capacity is 52-56 people, of which 29-31 seats. At the rear of the bus in the longitudinal direction there is a luggage compartment with a volume of 1.75 m3.

For the convenience and comfort of passengers, a natural ventilation system operates. It is represented by windows in windows and hatches located in the roof. The windscreen is blown by the front heaters.

For interior heating, a liquidsystem with three additional heaters. The liquid heater is hidden at the rear of the bus on the left side. To heat the driver's seat, front heaters are used.

The volume of the fuel tank is one hundred five liters. By order there is an opportunity to increase its capacity to one hundred and forty liters.

Pneumatic dual-circuit braking system, equipped with ABS function. The parking brake is spring-loaded. Mechanisms of the drum type.

Power units are diesel, but their other indicators differ for different modifications.


The KAVZ-4235 "Aurora" bus is equipped with additional functional elements that give comfort to the trip. Some of them are included in the basic package, others are an additional option.

For convenience of management the hydraulic booster is establishedsteering wheel. Increase comfort and convenience can features such as air conditioning, darkened glass, audio system, electronic flight indicator, "insulated package." To attract the attention of others will help paint the body of the bus under metallic.

spare parts кавз 4235

To ensure the safety of the busis equipped with the following options: panoramic windscreen, fog lamps, anti-slip steps, seat belts, communication button with driver, video recorder (recording the situation inside and outside), tachograph.


Several versions of KAVZ-4235 are available.The engine at all is established diesel, with a turbo-supercharging, four-cylinder. Cylinders are arranged vertically in a row. The main characteristics are given in the table below.








Engine brand




Volume, l.

3, I

3, I





Power, hp






Fuel system


Individual fuel pump


School bus

KavZ-4235 "Aurora", intended for the transportation of schoolchildren, is made in accordance with the standard. Its capacity is 32 or 24 people. And two more places for accompanying.

кавз 4235 engine

The characteristics of the bus include everythingnecessary for children's safety options. Each seat has a seat belt. The step is covered with an anti-slip coating. It is easier to get on the bus thanks to an extra step.

For portfolios at the end of the bus a special rack is equipped. For communication of passengers and the driver there is an emergency communication button. And the driver has a loudspeaker.

To the traffic safety system, you can also include a sound signal when the bus moves in reverse. To ensure good visibility, the rear-view mirrors are electrically heated.

The maximum speed of movement is limited to 60 kilometers per hour. For this, a specially installed device is responsible. It also does not allow the bus to move with the doors open.