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Design and specifications of Honda-Civic

In the spring of 2011, the first sales of the ninthgeneration of cars "Honda-Civic". But in a year, in 2012, the Japanese presented the restyling series of the recently sold sedan to the public. The debut took place in the American Los Angeles, and already in 2013, domestic car enthusiasts can purchase an updated car Honda-Civic. Technical characteristics, the exterior of the novelty and its price will be presented in our review.

technical characteristics of Honda Civic


Changes in appearance were made bynumerous requests of car owners who complained about the poor quality of the car's assembly and on the not elegant exterior. It should be noted that the novelty has become more dynamic and has found sporting forms. Restyling sedan received a new design of the bumper - its front part is now decorated with chrome inserts, and from behind the car began to look more formidable. Most of the changes have undergone the grille, as well as the headlights of the main light. Now the radiator "Honda-Civic" began to look like a youth. The manufacturer aspired to this, because the company's plans include the expansion of the sales market (now, not only mature businessmen, but also active youth can buy a car). Photos of the restyling version of the sedan you can see below.

Honda Civic specifications

Specifications of Honda-Civic

It should be noted that in terms of technicalcharacteristics of the novelty can have a wide variety of engine models - and gasoline, and hybrid, and gas. It's a pity that there are no diesel installations. But still the technical characteristics of the Honda-Civic were, and probably will always be on top. And first, let's look at the petrol engines. The basic among them is the 142-strong engine with a volume of 1800 cubic centimeters. It will be presented not only on the European, but also on the Russian market. In top-end trim levels, a 201 horsepower engine will be available, working in conjunction with a 6-speed "automatic" or with a 5-speed "mechanics". As for the hybrid unit, it will appear only in the European market. Its power in the petrol version is equal to 110 horsepower, and the electric motor productivity is 23 "horses". In general, the hybrid is able to develop a horsepower of 132 horsepower. The specifications of Honda-Civic with this engine allow the car to spend no more than 5.34 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers of track. Completes the line of motors gas unit with a capacity of 110 horsepower. Unlike the HBO installations of different generations, this engine is capable of operating exclusively on natural gas. Gasoline does not consume such an aggregate.

radiator Honda Civic


What, the technical characteristics of the Honda-Civicwe considered, now is the time to pay attention to the price. For domestic consumers, the manufacturer has provided three sets of sedan, among which the cost of the base model will begin with a mark of 780 thousand rubles. The novelty is equipped with an audio system, climate control, electric mirror heating and heating of all 4 seats, and a large 5-inch display with an on-board computer will also be installed in the interior of each base model. The price of the top equipment reaches 950 thousand rubles.