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Modern VW Phaeton - luxury car

The modern VW Phaeton is a four-doorLuxury sedan, which belongs to the class "Lux". For the first time the model was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2002. Currently, it is exported to the European market and to some Asian countries. The exception is the United States.

Externally, the Volkswagen Phaeton does not stand out particularly - restrained, not bright and rather conservative.

VW Phaeton

The car was created on the basis of the Volkswagen D1 platform, and manual assembly is carried out in Dresden.

But the proprietary feature of VW Phaeton isthe presence of characteristic bi-xenon headlamps and LED daytime running lights, a stylish front bumper and grille. The body is decorated with modern taillights.

Although the most significant in VW Phaeton isinside. For a relatively small amount the owner will be able to get real luxury. First of all, it is necessary to note the highest quality of interior design. The interior is trimmed with the finest natural leather and valuable tree species. Each, even an insignificant detail of the interior deserves only admiration. In general, the model is made in the firm sound quality of the autocorporation VW.

Volkswagen Phaeton

The interior of the car is huge.The rear and front seats can be adjusted in eighteen directions. The salon is equipped with four-zone climate control, due to which the possibility of fogging of windows is excluded.

VW Phaeton differs in media "stuffing",which, of course, fully meets the requirements of the "Lux" class. It includes modern high-tech developments. It is necessary to distinguish the presence of an eight-inch touch screen with navigation, adaptive head light, a sign resolver, a rear view camera and so on.

Vw Phaeton reviews

Let's dwell on technicalcharacteristics of the car. The model features a full drive, active air suspension, ACP (five- or six-speed). In the line of engines there are three petrol and one diesel variant. The complete sets differ also by a wheelbase. Therefore, everyone can choose their VW Phaeton.

Reviews about the car are only positive.Owners of the model noticed that on the road the car is capable of providing comfort and peace for passengers. For the driver are provided: optimal visibility of the road and travel conditions, a confident and powerful move, as well as a large number of auxiliary and thoughtful devices that facilitate the management of the vehicle.

On-board computer allows you to monitor the operation of various mechanisms of the car. The navigational system will, in a few seconds, be able to set the optimal route to any point of the globe.

For the safety of the passenger and the driver of the cara number of programs respond. We are talking about the system of exchange rate stability, modern ABS, electronic distribution of braking force, as well as traction control system "TCS".

Thanks to a respectable appearance and excellent equipment, the model described can compete with the world's leading manufacturers of luxury cars in this market segment.