/ / What does the term "proper customer service" mean? What do they want and, most importantly, how can they offer it?

What does the term "correct customer service" mean? What do they want and, most importantly, how can they offer it?

I'm ready to bet that many "salespeople"from the very beginning of their work, they tried to drive into the head that the customer is always right. Well, or something like "the client is the person who pays us the salary". Accordingly, the following postulate says: the proper work with clients implies their complete satisfaction and fulfillment of any whim.

work with clients
Let's take a closer look at how the actual communication with customers, visitors and other similar people occurs. What are their relations with those who are "on the other side of the barricade"?

Perhaps someone might think that literatework with customers is a system for managing interactions with their customers. Something like Customer Relationship Management. It will remind you when someone has a birthday or an Angel Day, send you flowers by mail or postcard. So what? But if you ask yourself: is this really what the client expects from me? Maybe he is interested in something else? As practice shows, in the fight between a postcard and a one-percent discount, the discount for some reason wins ...

Specialist in working with customers
Now this question:if this category of citizens is so good and, I'm not afraid of this word, is ideal, then why does it hire specialists to carry out a task? What for gets the offered goods? Hence, the client is definitely interested in a particular specialist. That is, we have a situation where both sides of the transaction want to get a certain profit from communicating with each other. Only the first one for some reason dreams of getting to the maximum, but paying a minimum. And the second - a good specialist in working with clients - makes every effort to ensure that everything turned out exactly the opposite. Both sides are right, and you can not blame them for anything, of course.

customer management
So it turns out that working with clientsis a very difficult work. From my own experience, I know that only a couple of phone calls with a length of 10-20 minutes each, committed before 11 am, can be completely unsettled for the rest of the working day. And this is just a conversation with two people. As a result, a self-esteem that has fallen down (within reasonable limits), a somewhat depressed state of mind and a feeling that you have been beaten with bamboo sticks all day. And not only on the head. But all because of what? Because the person who pays the salary should not remain dissatisfied. He - the king, the emperor, the lord (necessary to emphasize).

Strictly speaking, professional work withcustomers means finding a balance between the two concepts "to satisfy the customer (the visitor and so on)" and "get money for it." The most important thing in this case is not to lose yourself, your "I", so to speak. It is a pity that this is not everyone can get. Some people generally tend to take things too close to heart.

Those whose work is related to people shouldit is necessary to understand that customer management is based on three cornerstones: attracting new ones, supporting existing ones, keeping dissenters. Having achieved success in each of the three directions listed above, you will feel how much your work has become desirable and necessary.