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Paronite gasket: characteristics, varieties and scope.

Paronit ring liner isa sealing product made of asbestos, which is designed to create a sealed connection in pipelines. Due to its properties, this product is in high demand among enterprises and the population.

paronit cushion


Paronite is a sheet sealing material, which is formed by pressing asbestos and rubber. Reinforcement with a metal mesh allows to strengthen the properties of the product.

paronit cushion
The main purpose of the material ismanufacturing of sealing components. At a certain pressure, the paronite reaches the fluid mass. This material in a fluid state fills all irregularities, forming thus a tight connection.
gaskets made of paronit
Paronite is quite plastic. It can be cut and shaped into a variety of shapes.

Product use

The paronite gasket is quite extensivescope of application. This is the metallurgical industry, the food industry, the oil and gas industry, the municipal and economic sphere. In the more common case, the paronit gasket is used to seal the water supply structure. Also this product is used in various pumps, in a gas-cylinder and heating system.

paronit ring-shaped liner

Advantages and disadvantages

Paronite gasket has the following advantages:

  • High heat resistance. This allows them to be successfully used in various automotive parts and internal combustion engines.
  • All these products, manufactured by pressing the asbestos fiber, are able to withstand high pressures.
  • Paronite gasket saves its properties at different temperatures. Thanks to this small detail, high reliability and stability of the pipeline system is achieved.

Among the shortcomings can be identified only the marriage in production, as well as violation and non-compliance with the instructions and requirements for the operation of this product.


Currently the following types of this product are manufactured:

- paronit pads of general purpose (PNB);

- oil and petrol resistant (MBP);

- acid-resistant (PC);

- reinforced (PA).

For a temperature of 200 ° C and a pressure of 40 bar, an unreinforced paranitic gasket can be used. At a higher pressure and temperature, this reinforced article is used.

gaskets made of paronit

Production of products

Use of precision equipment forproduction of paronit cushions allows creating sealing details for non-standard-shaped units. When using a high-level software and hardware device, it is possible to calculate the most optimal algorithm for manufacturing a part. In this case, the waste is minimal. Paronite gasket is manufactured using industrial plotter cutting equipment. This installation is quite efficient and allows producing these products in various sizes and complexity. Therefore, such products as paronit gaskets, which are manufactured in accordance with standards or according to the drawings, are quite effective.