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Business in Russia is dying? Crisis 2015 - How to make money in a crisis

This pressing question is of concern to manyentrepreneurs this year. And this state of affairs is quite understandable. After all, the crisis in which the country turned out to be so far seems hopeless and is not known when it will end safely. Moreover, in Russia there is a constant instability, in the conditions of which entrepreneurial activity only becomes more complicated.

Opinion of Vladislav Inozemtsev, Director of the Centerresearch of the postindustrial society, is published on the website of RBC. According to his position, this year's crisis is exclusively in the country. It is not world-wide in origin, but also scale. And regardless of the impact of the crisis on the country, the entrepreneurial stratum should be leading the way to overcome it. But the effectiveness of the actions of businessmen will be exceptional only if the state supports their undertakings and work. That yet does not happen to the proper degree.

As such, during the crisis there must be a number of important changes:

  • Getting rid of the part of companies that can not resist the onslaught of competition;
  • Changes in the structure of leadership in different areas of business;
  • Providing opportunities for a number of small and medium-sized business projects to take advantage of positions among large projects.

And nothing like this, except for the reduction in the numberobjects of business, does not happen. The thing is that the economic policy of the state destroyed the entrepreneurial initiative, which is so needed in the crisis. As Vladislav Inozemtsev believes: "Prosecutors and generals will not lead the country out of the crisis, but real entrepreneurs in the country today are probably less than in 1998 and 2008. And we will soon feel it. " He also explains that this state of affairs is specific for the country. First of all, for the reason that the crisis was easy to predict. But the previous measures he can not resist. Accordingly, the crisis in the business sphere will not be easily overcome.
But not everything is as bad as it might seemfirst glance. First, the state accepts attempts to resolve the state of affairs. So the Federal Antimonopoly Service proposed to pay special attention to the law on protection of competitive position. This means that small and medium businesses should be allowed to part of the orders of large firms. According to the head FAS Sergei Puzyrevsky, requires the creation of incentivesso that from the economic point of view it would be beneficial to work with such projects. Of course, a number of issues arise on the regulation and control of this kind of access for small and medium-sized businesses. But a step in the right direction has already been made. There is a great hope that the state will properly dispose of this opportunity, and the situation in the business sector will improve.

But there are spheres of business that persistently hold their positions even in such a difficult time for doing business. According to the brokers of the company "Altera Invest", Entrepreneurs will be able to continue working withtheir endeavor only if they show all their knowledge this year. You need to know how to adapt to the crisis. It is necessary to pay special attention to those areas of entrepreneurial activity, which are most in demand among the formed target audience. Also make a step-by-step business strategy. It helps to eliminate unwanted problems. It is important to remember that in this situation it is required to invest all your strength and time into the project, having shown entrepreneurial wit. It is necessary to approach the work responsibly. Flaws in the entrepreneurial sphere during a crisis are simply impermissible.